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The most startling and amazing innovation in golf, permitting millions of newbies and novices to enjoy golf courses inexpensively. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 4, 2013.

The most startling and amazing innovation in golf, permitting millions of newbies and novices to enjoy golf courses inexpensively.

About this project

What is a Drutter?

For golf newbies – as well as some oldbies – the patent pending Drutter is the most amazing innovation in golf. As the video shows, it consists of a sturdy slingshot on top of a telescopic shaft to shoot the  golf ball forward from tees and fairways, and a putter head at the bottom  to putt when you reach the greens.

Today new and younger players consider golf equipment expensive, the game is not fun for them, and as a result, the number of active golfers is down by 4 million. The Drutter invention will reverse the trend.

Inexpensive: the Drutter club is the only club one would need on the golf course vs. up to 14 traditional clubs that most golfers carry in their bag, most costing over $100 each, such as drivers, woods, irons and wedges.

Fun: No one will need to practice for several years – as with the above clubs - to shoot straight because with the Drutter, the golf ball will fly straight for over 100 yards, from the first shot and every shot. So no more hooks or slices, and no more angst and agony, the usual aftermath of playing with traditional clubs.

Inexpensive Fun For The Family: We have designed the Drutter so that entire families can share one Drutter during a golf outing, eliminating the need to buy separate sets of men’s, ladies’ and junior clubs – saving a large amount - because the height of the Drutter’s telescopic shaft can be adjusted quickly for the dad, the mom and the kids, and the slingshot band can be adjusted quickly to the muscular strength of each member.

Further, the Drutter will also appeal to 

- Those who up to now have been intimidated by the confusing choice and the high cost of the club equipment
- High school and college students for the fun element
- Seniors and ex-golfers who cannot swing a club any more
- Those with bad backs since there is no bending to tee the ball, or to pick up the ball, or to repair divots, and there is no swinging of a golf club
- Spouses of golf devotees, who can now play with a Drutter alongside their partner and not be corrected incessantly for the wrong stance, faulty follow through etc.

Fun Quotient: With the Drutter one may play the newly invented game of Walkolf which has only one objective: to maximize fun for you when you are on the golf course, while still maintaining the etiquette and dignity of the traditional game. It has one page of simple rules which you can view at (vs. 100 pages for USGA Rules of Golf book).  


We hope to raise $ 2,000 by May 4th, 2013 to finalize the production model of the Drutter and to purchase light manufacturing equipment for the disabled Americans who will help us build and test some of the Drutter parts (see below), during the project and beyond.


Specifically, we need to finalize the design of the components and materials: which parts should be fiberglass, aluminum or plastic? The powerband: standardize on rubber or latex? What should be its resistance? Which putter head among many is best suited for broomstick style putting, now done with a pole rather than a traditional thin putter shaft?

Our budget: approximately $ 400 for purchase of slingshot materials and testing, $300 for power band materials evaluation, $500 for evaluating telescoping pole and putter head assembly, and $800 for the following:

We have made a well-received Drutter presentation to Kevin and Erin, both managers at a non-profit social service agency in a nearby town (Joliet, IL) whose mission is: “Helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives.” We will use your funds to supply table-top equipment and needed materials to their service, and train the disabled to build Drutter parts.

Specially when the project ends, we plan to build the Drutters at a controlled manageable pace (walk before we run) and pass as much as possible of the the purchase price to Americans, providing them with jobs here - and not the Chinese there.

Risks and challenges

Owner/operators of golf courses that have played with the Drutter prototypes first hand have universally welcomed it. They see it as helping to repurpose their courses (without any expense on their part) to bring in additional players, especially young adults, which translates into more greens fees. However, the Drutter is clearly too radical a club to be approved by the PGA and may not be permitted by owners of PGA sanctioned golf courses, while public and municipal courses as well as youth programs in thousands of cities across the US will welcome it.

Pressure on golf courses may come from (a) golf club manufacturers to ban the Drutter, which they may view, in the long term, as adversely impacting sales of traditional clubs or “cheapening” the game itself (b) seasoned and serious golfers who may have spent years practicing their swing, and now find it upsetting that even newbies in the group in front of them can fly the ball absolutely straight - that is no hooks to the left, slices to the right - and therefore may dislike the Drutter concept viscerally (c) golf purists who may feel the sanctity of their centuries-old game disrespected – in their mind - by Drutter/Walkolf, which does not require the skills of a “Tiger Woods” for a family to enjoy a pleasant golf outing.

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    We will send you a commemorative Drutter Power Band with a Thank You note from the team which assembled it for you. You may be able to convert it into a fun handheld slingshot of your own. This tier will help us set up production at multiple facilities for the disabled.

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    This tier is for those of you who believe and wish to support the thesis that innovation creates jobs, that some innovations should be encouraged and nourished simply because they are “good” for the society: in our case, we are hoping that the Drutter will pull some young adults away from their single-shooter video games to enjoy camaraderie with their friends outdoors on golf courses. For your support we will not only ship you a Drutter, but also send you a Numbered Certificate naming you a Founding Member of the 'Drutter Club' Club.

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