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Current Space Community Darkroom will include classes, workshops, lectures, photo club, critiques, field trips, and member exhibitions.
Current Space Community Darkroom will include classes, workshops, lectures, photo club, critiques, field trips, and member exhibitions.
76 backers pledged $5,342 to help bring this project to life.


Hi Everyone! 


Thanks so much for your contributions to the Current Space Community Darkroom. It wouldn't have been possible without you! All of the work on the darkroom has been done through volunteerism so it's taken a little longer than expected. That being said, we plan to open June 1st and will be having an opening party May 31st from 7-9pm at Current Space 421 North Howard St!! Please join us! If you signed up for darkroom hours, I will be contacting you soon with more information. Other rewards will ship out at the earliest in June. 

 Speaking of rewards, scroll to the bottom to check out images from the Good Light Catalog! 

Some of the extra money raised is going towards photo exhibitions and making classes and workshops a little more affordable. One part of our new photo programming, that we are very proud of, is our solo photography exhibition program in the Project Space. We had our first exhibition last month, which highlighted the work of Elle Perez. She is a MICA graduate and will be attending Yale for graduate school in the fall. Check out the press release, exhibition photos and catalog below: 


And then they said, “Being infinite sounds beautiful” in a letter, before heading back into the woods. 


Elle Pérez’s series "Into the Wood" dismantles gender binaries through their images and experiences in the utopian society of IDA, a safe space in Tennessee. Following in the footsteps of communes that have come before them, IDA drifts towards a divine state, but is not without flaws. This rural farming community allows people to come home to their ideal selves. They take on new names, exist freely, connect to nature, and have the opportunity to learn farming skills. In this place people are able to break away from the societal bonds placed on their bodies. Individuals can let go of their physical and emotional history and open up to themselves, others, and nature in a more fluid way. Pérez is able to document the visitors and residents after they’ve shed their protective layers and begun to explore their eternal spirit. "Into the Woods" is Pérez longest running series on queer culture. Still in progress, they have made yearly pilgrimages to IDA since 2011. 


Elle Pérez (b. 1989, Bronx, NY) is a photographer who works and lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Perez's work focuses on themes of gender-based identity, queer self-awareness and youth culture, and has been exhibited at galleries such as Conner Contemporary Art (DC), Spattered Columns (NYC), and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. In 2011 Perez was awarded the Jane Meyer Traveling Fellowship to produce a new body of work titled "The Outliers: Regarding the Space(s) Between Genders." Perez has previously taught photography at the Educational Alliance Art School, a NYC based non-profit program with a focus on accessible art education for youth. Perez received a BFA in Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art." 


Our next solo exhibition opens on the 25th and features the work of Kyle Tata. Kyle is also a recent MICA graduate and a Current Space Studio Member. Facebook event: 

Assembly Affect

Kyle Tata

Current Gallery’s Project Space

Opening: May 25th, 2013, 7-10pm

On View: May 25th – June 16th

Gallery Hours Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm 

“To create an Architecture is to put into order.
 Put what into order?
 Function and objects” -Le Corbusier 

Current Gallery is pleased to announce Assembly Affect, a solo exhibition of new work by artist Kyle Tata. In conjunction with the exhibition Current will be releasing a catalog of Kyle’s work. Assembly Affect features photographic work that explores Modernism and its relation to contemporary domestic living. Citing influences that range from Oscar Niemeyer to IKEA, Assembly Affect plots a nonlinear line through history to connect the dots between abstraction and domesticity. In addition to the subject matter, the photographs in this exhibition contain both digital and antiquated printing processes as a way to conflate contemporary and historic approaches to photography. 

Kyle Tata (b. 1990) is a Baltimore based artist and recent BFA graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. His work addresses history, urbanism, and architecture through photography, artist books, and other printed matter. Tata has also written for numerous art blogs including Humble Arts Foundation in New York. His work has been featured at galleries and institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland Art Place, The Light Gallery (MD), the George Segal Gallery at Mont Clair University, The D-Center (MD), Petrella’s Imports (NYC) and a forthcoming exhibition at the International Print Center of New York. Tata is currently on the faculty at Baltimore School for the Arts. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the lady behind the Current Space Community Darkroom consider attending THIRTY this Wednesday at Maryland Art Place. Ginevra Shay along with Station North's Rebecca Chan, and Charlotte Keniston who's created a program to get healthier food to people in Pig Town will be lecturing about the importance of community organizing through art in Baltimore. Facebook Event: 

OK, I've saved the best for last a few images of the darkroom before and after. The Current Space Community Darkroom has been over two years in the making now. Finding the space, getting equipment donations, going through the equipment, drawing a building plan, raising money, and figuring out what our programming will be was very time consuming. Sometimes I felt like I was in the Herzog movie, Fitzcarraldo, trying to pull a steamboat over a mountain to build an opera house in the Amazon. We started this project with absolutely nothing but a basement space filled with junk. A cage completely packed with old tvs and monitors that no one was using. Now there is a clean, beautiful, functional space where we as a community can keep these wonderful analog photo processes alive through practicing them and sharing them. This Darkroom is here now because it was a needed, and through it’s use we are preserving an important thing. 

I couldn’t be happier with Current Space. I really believe in Current and their mission statement: "Current Space is an artist-run gallery, studio, and a headquarters for cultural production. Current is committed to showcasing, developing, and broadening the reach of artists locally and internationally." 

On to the darkroom… 

There are four distinct spaces for the darkroom. A dry area, a film processing room, enlarger station room, and print processing room. Photographed is the space after all the junk was removed and demo was almost complete. In the new images is the completed dry area with the entrance to the darkroom and photograph viewing wall (with new track lighting!) and the enlarger station with equipment being organized. 

Thanks again everyone! Please like Current Space on Facebook and keep and eye out for the Facebook event for the Darkroom Opening Party. We're in the process of creating a new website for Current Space which will make information about upcoming classes and workshops more easily accessible. 

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Wow! This is totally amazing! We are at $3,800 in less than 24 hours!

Thank you to those who helped the Current Space Community Darkroom reach and surpass it's funding goal. We're so happy to be a part of such an amazing community that shares a love for traditional darkroom processes and photography. With the money we raised we will be able to complete our darkroom and begin having classes and workshops in the spring!

Since we reached our goal so quickly we decided to have a NEW GOAL of $5,000. This new goal will help us update some of the equipment we have, make our facilities sharp, fund our photography programing and give the Current Space Community Darkroom security and the possibility of growth.

We have big plans, like a digital lab, a zine library, and a darkroom residency program. With your donations we can make this happen!


Bi-Annual "Good Light" Slideshow and Lecture series


Good Light is a bi-annual photo slideshow and lecture series that takes place in the Spring and Fall at Current Space. Good Light includes a limited edition publication of the photographers work who exhibit in the slideshow. This program gives photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work in a gallery and brings the Baltimore Arts community together to recognize excellent photographic work, socialize and hear an esteemed lecture speak about their work.

The first event took place in November and featured the work of 30 Baltimore photographers and a lecture by photographer Alex Heilner. The first Good Light poster was designed and printed by photographer and artist, Salvatore Farina. The first catalog includes the work of: Alex Heilner, Salvatore Farina, Liam Quigley, Kyle Tata, Andrew Eargle, Suzanna Zak, J.M. Giordano, Josh Sisk, Eric Helgas, Patrick Galluzzo, Elle Perez, Brian Henry, Patrick Joust, Kim Llerena, Jennifer Mizgata, Lynn Silverman, John Zimmerman, Jules Hamann, Ginevra Shay, Liz Donadio, John Jones, Tim Castlen, Elizabeth Green, Jay Gould, Mary Ancel, Andrew Laumann, Michelle Gomez, and Rachel Ad Lowing.

Introductory Darkroom Class 

(Available on Kickstarter)

The Introductory Darkroom Course is for those who have no experience or little experience in the darkroom and would like to learn the ins and outs of the darkroom. This class will cover introductions to traditional black and white film processing and printing. Students need to provide their own camera, but all other materials are provided by the darkroom for the class. Classes will consist of formal instruction in use of the camera, film processing lab, and printing in the darkroom. There will also be classes where the students will print with the instructors there to answer questions and guide them. Mid Level Darkroom  

The Mid Level Darkroom Course is a continuation of the Introductory Darkroom Course and for those who have more experience and do not need the entry level course. This class will mostly focus on printing techniques and exploring the photographic image as part of a series. A brief tutorial will be provided during the first class to refresh all of the students’ memories, but students are expected to have a working knowledge of the ins and outs of darkroom printing and film processing. This class is geared towards students who wish to hone their printing and general photography class. There is no guiding principle and students may use negatives already shot or produce new ones of the class. The class fee includes use of the facilities and paper and film. Advanced Level Darkroom

The Advanced Level Darkroom Course is a continuation of the Mid Level Darkroom course and is geared at helping the students perfect skills in their particular areas of interest. This class is designed for students who have taken the Mid Level Course or have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the darkroom. Instructors will be on hand to consult with the students regarding their work and techniques. This class will again mostly focus on in class printing sessions, but the students will have the opportunity to talk with instructors one-on-one about their work and their ideas. The class will also look at the work the students produce and engage in a critique session.

Free Printing with Instructor

The Printing Sessions with Instructor will be offered several times a month and are designed to either refresh a student’s memory of the printing processes or help hone in on the skill set. These are not for students who have had no or little experience with the darkroom. These times are great for students who have specific questions about their technique and need assistance in reaching the next level.

Alternative Process Workshops

The darkroom will also offer a variety of alternative process workshops. The workshops will focus on a specific process, which will be taught to the students. These workshops will vary and will be a shorter duration than the courses offered. Examples of workshops offered would be a cyanotype workshop, pinhole photography workshop, a photography book workshop, lith printing workshop, among others. Some of the workshops would require previous knowledge of traditional black and white photography processes. For those who have no prior experience you will need to take the Introductory Course to prepare for these workshops.

Experimental Instant Film and Transfer Workshop

Taught by Impossible Project peeps Jonathan Campolo and Josie Keefe. A weekend workshop that will explore the many possibilities of instant film and transfers.

History of Photography Class

We have two History of Photography Classes lined up for 2013 one covering The History of Photography from the 80's - Today taught by J.M. Giordano and a History of Photography from 1840 - Today by Liz Donadio.

Please help us by continuing to spread the word. We're so excited to get the Current Space Community Darkroom up and running and couldn't have done it without you!