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A micro-folding desk for typing while walking on a treadmill at the gym.

Why CardioDesk?
As a writer and programmer, I spend hours and hours in front of my computer. Several recent studies have shown that this is not so great for my health. That, combined with the fact that I get my best ideas while walking, prompted me to design something that would let me walk and work at the same time.

You’ve probably seen full-sized treadmill desks online or on television. Those don’t work for me. They're huge and ugly. I live in a small house and work from home or in coffee shops. I wanted something portable, something I could take to the gym so that I could be around other people sometimes.

After a month and a thousand dollars in plywood and power-tools, I came up with a patent-pending prototype (the ugly one above, not the beautiful one you'd get): the CardioDesk, adjustably angled and tensioned to fit most treadmill rails, with an anti-skid laptop surface and safety straps.

How Do I Use It?
With the CardioDesk you don’t need to own a treadmill. That’s the whole point! Take it to the gym, set it up on a treadmill, put your laptop on it, and go. It’s that easy. Imagine being able to walk while you catch up on email, shop online, write, code, or do whatever you tend to do on the computer.

What will my CardioDesk look like?
Kickstarter backers will get the thinnest, smallest, foldable structure capable of supporting a laptop on a treadmill for typing, while keeping the wrists relaxed at an ergonomic height and the mouse-arm stabilized for accurate cursor movement. Check out our CAD-rendered drawing below.

Your CardioDesk will be handcrafted from attractive wood veneer in California by an expert woodworker (not me!) and guaranteed to be the best-looking object in the gym.

Remember, the “CardioDesk” is just the right size: small enough to tote with your laptop, yet large enough for keyboard and mouse. If you want to see someone using it, check out the video at the top.

Why Kickstarter?
Lots of people at my gym wanted prototypes like the ugly one in the video, but I wanted to prove and improve it as a product. This Kickstarter campaign will allow me to pay an expert to build the new version of the Cardiodesk as well as pay for upgraded materials and shipping. If enough people are interested in the Kickstarter edition of the CardioDesk, then I will invest in injection molds to make a more utilitarian version made of plastic.

Someday there may be a cheaper plastic version, but only if enough people try and enjoy the wooden luxury model now. Will that be you and your friends?

Non-us shipping is more expensive (e.g. $35US extra for Britain/Europe/Japan).  For  any questions at all, please be in touch. Thanks!

Tech Specs:
Dimensions:  11” x 11” x 1.25”
Weight:   approximately 3 lbs
Materials:  Hardwood-veneer plywood.


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