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In Lore: Aftermath the player in controls a massive war machine called a MAV and fights for control of territory & resources on Earth

‘Lore: Aftermath’ is the follow-up to the cult classic, 2005 IGF Finalist game "Lore - Invasion". In this updated and more intense sequel, the player is a mech pilot who is involved in a viscous war that has escalated out of control for the last precious resources on Earth in the year 2163.

Small unmanned weapon platforms and conventional military equipment has been replaced by Mechanized Assault Vehicles (MAVs) as the weapon of choice in the theatre of war. These massive 35ft tall, armored, walking machines are more weapons platform than robot, equipped with enough firepower alone to level a small city.

Only the bravest and most skilled soldiers are chosen as MAV pilots, strapped into machines that have been made for one purpose alone, MAYHEM!!!! As the elite of the elite, MAV pilots are the heroes of the battlefield who are both the hammer of the assault and the last line of defense against a relentless opponent seeking to claim territory for their own.

Wage a futuristic war in Lore: Aftermath, head to head in free-for-all arenas for glory and honor or with a squad of your closest friends, as your blast your way through various battlefields and combat environments, utilizing the latest firepower available in your Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) to achieve victory and claim dominance for your faction.

Game Information

  • Online Multiplayer for 2 to 32 players
  • Single player game mode
  • 8 unique battlefield environments to play in.
  • 4 different MAV types to choose from and customize.
  • 32 different weapons and spec items to equip onto your MAV.
  • Dedicated server support
  • Persistent backend tracking of stats, achievements and unlocks for players along with an ever changing online battlefield map.

Why we are here on KickStarter...

Lore: Aftermath is not a "pie in the sky" game concept. It is actually a completed commercial game that was released on the now defunct online game portal. With the demise of this portal our game found itself without a home which meant all the hard work and effort that we had put into it was gone!

Our goal is to re-release the game through a variety of online e-distribution sites, but to do this we need to perform a few small updates to the game, which is why we are turning to the KickStarter community.

What is the money for...

We have several items on our “to-do” list in order to get Lore: Aftermath back online and in the hand of gamers again which includes:

  • Develop a player login system to replace functionality lost from the portal
  • Develop a cloud based system to store player statistics such as kills, ranks, unlocks, achievements, mech configurations and more.
  • Develop menus and other UI items to access to the game features that were previously accessible from the portal.
  • Update our existing Lore – Invasion persistent world tracking system for Lore: Aftermath. This will provide new functionality that will allow each mission to be tied to a control point on a world map. The faction/side that controls the point will gain access to unique item unlocks.
  • Tweak and modify the mechs, weapons, items, player customization options and other effects to do a small update to the visual appearance of the game.
  • Allow for player run dedicated servers.
  • Allow for modding support so that players can contribute new maps, missions and more!
  • Create a mobile app that will allow players to access select game content and participate in a strategy game that is tied into the persistent game world while on the run.

We are really excited by the possibility of bringing back a great game onto the market for a genre that is underserved. All we need is your support to make it happen!


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