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Chad Neidt's Debut Album Could Actually Happen. Help Please?'s video poster

We reached the old goal, so here's the new one: $7,000. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Music
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This project was successfully funded on October 31, 2012.

We reached the old goal, so here's the new one: $7,000.

Los Angeles, CA Music
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About this project

Hey.  Hi.  Hello. 

Friends, family, fans, acquaintances, and strangers--Yes, this is for real.  After 3 years of posting videos on Youtube of me playing music in my bedroom, it's time to record a legit album.   

Up 'til this point, I've been the one who records and mixes all the music you hear.  But in case you haven't noticed, the sound quality is no Rihanna CD...yet.  With your help though, we can get to Rihanna status. 

The Story

For the last 5 years, I've been developing an arsenal of music.  While I usually showcase my comedic songs, that's only a sliver of of the musical pie I've been baking.  As much as I want everyone to think I'm this funny-cool-singer guy, it's just not the whole story; I have songs about dealing with post-college angst, containing hulk-like jealousy, and escaping the pessimistic prison I build around myself.

So I want to execute something that every record label and marketing analyst would strongly discourage--a two-faced album with a total of 12 songs--6 comedic songs (like this one) and 6 acoustic rock songs (like this one).  It's basically 2 separate EPs packaged together.  It will be a collection of the best songs I've written over the last 5 years.

I plan on recording the album with Troy Hardy, the same guy who recorded and mixed the same song you heard in the video above.  Yes, he's the dude in the video flipping the bird to the camera.  My goal is to have everything laid down and ready to be released by February 28th, 2013.

The Money

You might be thinking, "$4,000?  Rihanna's albums cost WAY more than that to produce."  Well, for one thing, she gets paid to breathe, so that adds up.  Second, I'm not using a full band for this record--the CD will be just me and my guitar, with select tracks that include mandolin and beat-boxing.  $4,000 will only cover 2/3 of the final cost, the remaining 1/3 being a price I'm prepared to pay if need any and all donations will be an immense help.

REMEMBER, If I don't reach my goal of $4,000, I MAKE NO MONEY FOR THE PROJECT, YOU DON'T GET TO HEAR THESE SONGS AND...I will probably just try this whole thing again...but STILL, let's get it right on the first try, yeah?

IF I'm so fortunate to surpass my funding goal, the remaining funds will be devoted to the overhead I mentioned above and making many more kickass music videos like the one you just watched.  Those things take A LOT of time and money for being just two and a half minutes long.

*I know the song above stated that the album would feature mashups, but that lyric was written before I thought about the hell it would be to get the rights to all those songs.  SO INSTEAD, I've decided to give away all my mashups as a reward for supporting this effort.


I've come so far in my journey because of everyone who's followed and supported me along the way, and I am extremely thankful for every fan--friend or stranger.  If you aren't in a position to donate at this time, I understand.  All I ask is that you share this video with someone who you think will enjoy it : )

If you do donate or are thinking you might, you are helping me climb to the next tier in a dream that is SO close I can almost hear it.  I promise you will not be disappointed with my effort and can't wait for you to roll down all your car windows and scream the lyrics as loud as you can until you're at a stoplight and other people can hear you.


Chad Neidt




This video would not have been possible without the HUGE help from one of my best friends Jeff Nixon who directed and edited the entire thing with me.  Props to Jeff.  Thanks dude! :)

Also, thank you to Meredith Nixon for putting up with me and Jeff inheriting her living room on multiple nights to edit.

Lastly, thank you to my amazing girlfriend Lauren for contributing some great ideas to this video and supporting me throughout this odd career choice.  I love you!

Risks and challenges

Once I get the funds for the project, the plan is simple: RECORD. All 12 songs are written and ready to go. The challenge will be getting the songs to sound exactly the same way I hear them in my head, but thanks to Troy (the sound engineer), I have complete confidence we can make it happen.

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    You get this song! Enjoy a small sampling of what an entire Chad Neidt album could sound like...Thanks!

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    This song + 2 previously unreleased tracks about strippers and breaking up...Thanks!

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    Digital download of the album + all of the above...Thanks!

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    6 B-side tracks that have been featured on youtube or Myspace from the last 3 years + All of the above. Thanks!

    B-sides include:

    1. Explode Into Blood
    2. Now That's What THEY Call Music
    3. Blackberry Destruction
    4. Slap Chop Rap Cover
    5. All He Does is Win Cover
    6. Graduation to Adventureland

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    A compilation of the 10 One Minute Mashups* Chad has logged thus far + all of the above...Thanks!

    *Mashups available in October

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    4 tickets to see Chad performing live on (live video concerts). There will be one online show a month leading up to the album's release. He'll perform songs from the upcoming album, mashups, and requests. Annnnd of course, you also get all of the above...Thanks!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    7 backers

    2 skype guitar or singing lessons, or if you just wanna pick my brain for an hour, so be it. This + all of the above...Thanks!

    *Skype lessons available in November, album in February. Other rewards released as listed above.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $250 or more

    3 backers Limited (1 left of 4)

    I will create a mashup of your choice and upload it to my youtube channel. You will also get a copy of it for your listening pleasure. + all of the above.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer All gone!

    Chad's nylon-string guitar, signed by him with a fat sharpie. This was Chad's 3rd axe ever--many a song written, guitar nugget conceived, and chord strummed on this beauty.

    + All of the above.

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    I will write a song about anything you want + an Executive Producer credit for the album (Thanks Mom!) + All of the Above.

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    Pledge $4,000 or more

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    Congratulations. You are the miracle on 34th street and have funded this entire thing. I'll play a show for you anywhere in the United States (Anywhere in the world if you're paying, which let's face it, you probably could)

    + All of the Above

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