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A First of its Kind Stone & Steel Watch! Made With Genuine Stone Bezels/Links cut from Granite, Slate and Quartzite!
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Watches Are Being Shipped. Time To Get Excited.

Posted by Lexell Watches (Creator)

Hey Founders,

As I am sure most of you are aware, watches are currently being sent out to backers. At the end of last week we had sent out a total of 200 orders. We're moving as quick as we can to get the orders sent out. Our timeline is get all shipments sent out in the next two weeks.

Any Problems?

As you know this is the first time we've sent watches out. If there are any problems at all with your watch when it arrives, please contact us right away at and we will get you taken care of ASAP.

In the meantime we filmed a quick little update that shows you what to expect when the watches arrive and just how unique each of the watches are.

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Share Your Pictures

When you get your watch don't forget to share your pictures with us. @lexellwatches

You Guys Rock!


The Lexell Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adrian Vasallo on

      Got mine bit left a white scratch on it with my nail. Be delicate with it guys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Nevitt on

      Was really hoping to get mine before my Vegas trip. Disappointed but looking forward to a surprise when I get back I guess.

    4. Joanna Chia on

      Juz received my watches and I loved them.... Gonna get them on soon after I do the adjustments.. Thanks!

    5. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Danny - Glad you're excited, we look forward to getting them to you! Since women's watches were not finished at the same time as mens (stretch goal) they are still headed to our fulfillment center. We'll make an update when they arrive. After that your order will be sent out immediately!

      @Tom - We're sorry that we are taking the shipping process a little bit slow. Kickstarter presents an interesting predicament for new businesses. Traditionally a new business scales gradually and this allows them to iron out any problems easily as they grow. With a project like ours, we have 2000+ watches to send from day 1 and without correct preparation it can lead into a lot of potential issues. We were lucky enough to have great advice from other successful projects as well as a great fulfillment center. This allowed us to start delivering within our expected ship date (which less than 10% of projects do). We truly do appreciate ALL of our founders and are working non-stop to make sure everyone gets their watches in a timely fashion. Which is why we have very specific reasons as to how we're shipping.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Paridaens on

      @Danny: It will not be in the first 2 coming weeks
      US customers are apparently more important...

    7. Danny Van T Land on

      Any idea when they will arrive in the Netherlands? Can't wait! ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Russel Fleming on

      Just received my watch, looking very sharp. I plan to go at lunch to get it sized across the street from my work.
      For once, on Kickstarter, living in China was an advantage as it was not built here, shipped to the USA and then slowly shipped back.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Yin on

      Thanks for the update, and thanks for being so transparent on the progress!

    10. Xuntar on

      Sorry for not replying earlier, but I see you managed to find and reply to my mail. Thanks!

    11. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Xuntar - Can you please also message us with the email you sent from? Looked through our inbox and couldn't find anything. Would like to assist you asap.

    12. Travis J. Hansen

      Eewww. Hopefully someone gets a discount on those half licked watches.

    13. Deze man

      The gift sent out, was received quite well.. My friend cant stop staring and showing it off already.. ;) Usage review coming as soon as i get one from him.

    14. Matthew Bufford on

      Woohoo!!! I'll certainly be supplying a full review once I get mine.

    15. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Xuntar - We are truly sorry about that. Please send it one more time and we will get you taken care of right away. Thanks for your patience.

    16. Xuntar on

      Hi guys, I've sent an email to support a couple of days ago, but I did not yet get a reply. Any idea what went wrong?