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A First of its Kind Stone & Steel Watch! Made With Genuine Stone Bezels/Links cut from Granite, Slate and Quartzite!
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Test Shipments Are Complete! Who's ready?

Posted by Lexell Watches (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Well, the final batch of test shipments have arrived and everything went smoothly.

Drum-Roll Please...

We will start shipping the first batch of Kickstarter orders at the end of this week. The time has finally come for you to get your watches.

Shipping this many orders at one time can be a very tricky process. We are going to work tirelessly to fulfill everyone of your orders in a timely manner. We don't foresee any shipping problems, however if something does happen please contact us immediately. We will do whatever we can to get it sorted out.

Once we ship your order you will receive a tracking number for your shipment. 

Our goal is to get all of the watches shipped over the next two weeks. We are working as fast as we can to get you your watches.

Any final notes?

Last chance to change your address or clarify any special instructions regarding your order. We are finalizing the lists with our fulfillment center this week. Please get these in within the next 48hrs.

Last week of pre-order pricing. 

Now that the watches are in stock we will be raising our prices to actual retail level starting next week. We know how much you are going to love your watches so now is the time to pick that second one up.

We look forward to seeing these watches all over the globe. When you get your watch make sure to share it with us on social media.

Let the good times roll.

You are all a founding member of the Lexell Family. We are super excited about growing this brand together.  We have a brand vision blog over at So check it out to see all the cool badassery that is Lexell. You're the brand ambassadors of a new generation of watches.

Women's watches and travel cases will be finished next week. We will update you further once we can more accurately give you a timeline for their delivery.

As always, if you have any questions, or just want to say hello, or maybe tell us a joke, please feel free to shoot us an email at


Lexell Team

We'd love pictures of our awesome backers and your watches once you get them! Share anything and everything you'd like with us!
We'd love pictures of our awesome backers and your watches once you get them! Share anything and everything you'd like with us!


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    1. Nancy House on

      Waiting for mine! Looks so awesome

    2. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Great work with hitting deadlines guys. Very impressed with all the communication and level of excitement from you guys as well. Can't wait to get my watch.

    3. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Everyone - Thank you very much for the excitement and compliments! Hitting our deadline was an absolute must. You all were the best backers a project team could ask for, and deserved to be treated as such! We can't wait to see what you guys think and have you share your excitement with everyone you know :).

      As far as the travel cases and woman's watches - In order to limit the amount of steps (to keep errors to an absolute minimum) we'll be waiting until we have your full order before sending it out. We apologize that it may add a little bit of time to your delivery date, but we really appreciate the patience! It will be worth it, we promise!

      Thank you again Team of Lexell Founders!!!!!

    4. miguel on

      i cant wait go ahead and over night them to me lol

    5. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      great work guys, this has been an exceptional KS campaign right from the start.

    6. Jeremiah Hill on

      First KS project I've backed that shipped that kept a tight deadline and met it! Congrats!

    7. Keats on

      Way to go guys! And within your projected deadline as well! That is a rare, rare thing on Kickstarter. Congratulations, and can't wait to receive mine!

    8. LionNFC on

      If we have a woman's watch in our order, does that mean we'll have to wait longer or will you ship the other ones first? I'm in no hurry. Just very excited :)

    9. Martijn on

      Very happy to read that the waiting is over. Cannot wait to show my new watch to the public.
      I have the same question as Jonathan, if we ordered a men's and a women's watch, how will they be shipped? Separately or will you wait until both watches are ready and ship them together?
      Good luck with the shipping!

    10. Kamil Małecki on

      Great job, thanks for the update! Can't wait!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan P on

      I'm very excited these are going out. As others have said the fact that you are meeting your timeline is very impressive. You mentioned that travel cases should be done with the women's watches next week. For those of us that ordered the travel cases will the whole order go out together when it's all ready or will the watches come first then the case? No problem either way, just want to know what to expect. Congrats again for running such a great campaign and seeming to do it right.

    12. Lars H on

      I am so excited to get my watch. :) And I agree with Kris, you did a really great job in keeping us informed and meeting your goal. Please in inform us about further projects you guys do.

    13. K.C. on

      Hey guys thanks for the update. I just wanted to say on a side note that you have been really awesome in not only keeping us informed through the whole campaign and production, but also in setting your timeline goals realistically and meeting them. Kickstarter campaigns don't always meet their timelines, so I want to give you extra props for staying on top of everything so well, especially with such a high bar to meet with production for over 1,300 backers.