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A First of its Kind Stone & Steel Watch! Made With Genuine Stone Bezels/Links cut from Granite, Slate and Quartzite!
A First of its Kind Stone & Steel Watch! Made With Genuine Stone Bezels/Links cut from Granite, Slate and Quartzite!
1,374 backers pledged $221,826 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Graeme Pang on

      i originally purchased 2 of these watches thinking they were quite intriguing and different, back during the initial pledge period. Just thought as I go to get the batteries replaced, that it might be worth writing a brief review, although i don't seem to be able to find their website and the facebook page looks like it hasn't been updated in a while.

      I originally purchased the myriad grey granite and myriad slate. The latter has held up reasonably well with white marks around the slate areas from use. The granite on the other hand has been a rather large disappointment. First there is a small chip on the inner aspect of the granite bezel it is noticeable when you look for it, but not completely massive. the problem is it occurred very soon after receiving it and i thought maybe i hadn't been careful enough with the new product.

      There are pretty large chips on the granite links on both lugs of the watch which makes it seem more like a design or manufacturing issue, they're definitely placed in a manner that I can not see could be caused accidental damage and have not dropped or had any forceful impact either. All in all, probably not one of the most satisfied watches i've ever made although they did have a very nice aesthetic impact on friends when i first purchased them

    2. Olivia Chiu on

      Team said they have sent out the replacement thrice now but I have not received anything. Also mentioned a lengthy story about the same thing happening to an Italian. Too many excuses and delays, and watch is still not wearable. If product cannot be produced right, the least you can do is not piss your customers off. Happy to share the rude emails I received from them as well if anyone is interested.

    3. Olivia Chiu on

      Clasp has been popping open since I received the watch. The guys at Lexell have been replying my emails intermittently since the. saying that they have sent out replacement clasps thrice although I received nothing, and that's because of some fault of USPS? This is ridiculous, I paid good money for a watch I expect to be able to at least wear and lies and empty promises is what I get. If anyone is considering getting this watch, I strongly urge you not to. Don't be fooled by the marketing, it's a cheap made in China watch with even lousier customer service.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sakib Sadat on

      My lexell is fogging up with condensation in the crystal. i have email your support over three weeks ago and i have to receive any response. Needless to say, I am not happy with the service. Still waiting for instruction to get a replacement. Cannot wear the watch as you can barely tell the time.

    5. Deze man

      hai lexell team, my watch was returned back to you for replacement but never made it back to me.. Have you given up on your backers from this project..

    6. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Hunu - We have emailed you. We'll get you figured out ASAP!

    7. Missing avatar

      hunu- on

      Hi! Is there any information about my watch? It haven't got any notification from the mail that it has arrived and i cannot get any info from the tracking site.

    8. Danny Van T Land on

      I want to thank you guys for delivering the watches in time for my girlfriends birthday! She was very happy with the watch and so am I!

    9. Diana Calder on

      Love the look of my white ladies watch but the clasp is terrible - it simply won't stay closed. I see a few other comments about the same problem - any suggestions to fix the problem? I did order the plain white leather band but hate to switch to it as the quality is nowhere close to as high as the original band and it's not nearly as attractive either...

    10. ismav on

      From a kind suggestion from a fellow backer from Germany (Thanks Lars), i did follow the said steps and voila, i have the watch on my wrist now. It was not as complicated as some backers below make it sound (at-least not where i am). Things needed when walking to the customs :
      1. ID proof
      2. Snapshot of your pledge(you can get a nice snapshot when you go to backer history and click on the project).
      3. Printout from your amazon payments (at for the project.
      4. the documents the guys left for you (from the post office)
      5. enough cash or card money and your willingness to pay.

      I think most countries in Europe should have the same process and documents needed, differing in the level of trouble they might want to cause though ;)

      In my case, it was just a short wait and paying the VAT and then i had the parcel in my hands. I didn't have to prove anything particular other than the documents i stated above.

    11. Matthew on

      Finally made it home to see the watches, all three are amazing. They look even better in person!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      I forgot to thank you guys for going above and beyond to help me fix a problem for free that you weren't really obligated to. You guys are great.

    13. Matthew Bufford on

      @Arthur: the crown turning is not an issue. It's water resistance is provided by O-rings on the stem. The diving watches have a crown that screws on because they are designed to withstand higher pressures.

    14. Martijn on

      Hi Guys!! Finally received my two watches in the Netherlands. It was a long wait, but definitely worse it. My better half loves her watch! Thanks for the perfectly executed project. Please keep us updated with any future designs. Thanks!

    15. Vit Schwarzbrunn on

      @Rami Happened to me also. I had to send them my transaction from bank and also I sent them screenshot of the KS page with pledge reward chosen..
      Explanation of KS, as there is no buying of goods was not any useful.

    16. Rami Nasra on

      Hey guys. Got my 2 watches yesterday and they are STUNNING. However, there is a major comment:
      - There was a value of $200 marked on the outside of the box (shipper). Customs here refused to hand over the box until they saw an invoice. After trying to explain Kickstarter and how there wouldn't be an invoice, they opened the box, found no invoice, and decided to send the box over to what they call the "Valuation Department" where they will 'at their own discretion' decide the value of the items and tax me accordingly. Not cool. For future projects, do what others do and mark it as "gift" or "prototype".

    17. Vit Schwarzbrunn on

      So finally today I got my two watches. They are so nice. Also I am quite lucky as they fit me as they are.
      They were held by customs here for almost a month.

    18. Missing avatar

      ZzmadzZ on

      Arthur, the crown will keep turning no matter what. Its ok. Just pull out once to change the date and fully pull it for the time. Push the crown all the way back in and you are done. However, that said the crown will still be turn-able when fully pushed in but it will do not anything.

    19. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      @Arthur not sure what you mean by the crown turning, but that doesn't sound like it is right.

      as the stone ring around the sapphire glass on all my watches, none of them turn at all.

      You might want to message Lexell at

    20. Arthur on

      Hi Lexell, can you please answer my question about the crown or maybe someone from the backer community answer my simple question below?
      Best regards, Arthur

    21. Missing avatar

      Tom Paridaens on

      I have a slate infinity and after 2 days of wearing, the black is already gone in some spots on the link where I rest my hand so be careful.
      For the rest I do like the watch very much, it looks magnificent. But I would never buy it for the current price on the website, it is just not worth that amount of cash seen the quality of the used materials, I think $150 is the sweet spot here.
      What I would love: a higher-end version with swiss internals and high-quality materials for the links and case, I'm thinking $500-1500 dollar. With stone in your watch you want to focus on the higher-end, to avoid that people wear it in situations where damage is possible.
      BTW: one hell of a support team, keep the good work up!

    22. HMC

      Whatever happened to?

      @ Lexell Watches on Mar 28
      We'll make a video update very soon to show how to remove links on your watch.
      But to answer quickly -- the link's pins can be removed by a Pin Punch tool. They are not screws.

    23. ismav on

      in Germany, delivery attempt unsuccessful, no receipt left.. hmmm now i have to run around.. Will wait till the weekend before i start going berserk ..:)

    24. Missing avatar

      Fredric Åkerman on

      My three watches arrived a couple of days ago. I'm impressed with the build quality and they are stunning to look at. 5 out of 5, great work

    25. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      all 6 watches arrived, perfectly packed, opened up 4 that i am keeping, and they are exquisite, slate, black/gold white quartzite and the grey granite are stunning.

      none of them look cheap or tacky, all are very high quality, great work Lexell.

      still yet to open up the other 2, as i am giving them as gifts, will let you know what they think of them.

      my favourite has to be the slate myriad, i think that one is going to get worn a lot.

    26. Arthur on

      Hi guys, the watch finally made it. Little fee to customs, 15,88 taxes and 13,00 for handling.. okay okay.. let's open this box! First I adjusted the time. Because it's water resistant till 5 atm.. I was wondering, before getting this thing into the shower, the crown can be turned indefinitely. Is it supposed to work like that? My former watches had always some endpoint or screw like crown. Please let me know.

    27. Tante Es on

      Received my White Lady...awesome watch! Can't wait to see what you guys will bring in the future.

    28. Adrian Apps on

      Just dropping in to say watches were received a couple of weeks ago and they are beautiful :D Thanks heaps and congrats on making a wonderful product!

    29. Chris Tufano on

      Thanks guys. Just so everyone knows, UPS had changed my delivery address from what I filled out to be my old condo. I was able to get the watches and Lexell was quick to respond and provide support. Got watches and theyre beautiful, very happy

    30. Lexell Watches Creator on

      @Chris - Messaged you back

      @Ben - Could you please email into, thanks.

    31. Benjamin Buehler on

      Hi, I received my watch the other day. This is a great looking watch! I love how shiny it is! The only issue is that the movement doesn't line up. When placed exactly at noon the hour hand and minute hand are not aligned. Is there a way to fix this?

    32. Chris Tufano on

      Hope ya'll can get back to me on my message. Not sure where my watch was shipped, cuz it def wasnt my current survey address? :(

    33. Lexell Watches Creator on

      We'll make a video update very soon to show how to remove links on your watch.

      But to answer quickly -- the link's pins can be removed by a Pin Punch tool. They are not screws.

    34. HMC

      Yes - how do you go about changing the wrist size?

    35. Sven Schirmer

      Received my two watches in Austria today. Unfortunately with 40 Euro taxes and fees. Urrrgghh. But this is absolutely nothing to blame Lexell for like others did...

      Watches are great, no buffs, no issues so far. Cannot wear them because I cannot remove the links. Lexell, please send me information or post it as an update for all like you did for Neill (way below this post). I have no time to go to a watch shop and want to do this at home like I did for my other watches. Is it a small screwdriver I need? It's too small for me to discover (bad eyes... ;)

      In summary: GREAT DEAL !!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mohammed ALRoumi on

      Got mine about a week ago, it looks great. I just need to find the time to resize it...

      Thank you !

    37. Flex D on

      Got mine today. Very nice!

      My granite bezel still had the cutting grooves on it though, I'd have liked it polished smooth like the quartzite.

      Thank you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sonjay on

      My watches arrived yesterday and they look great!

    39. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      @Matthew - it doesn't actually seem that many considering lexell had 1,374 people to ship watches out to.

      I would hazard a guess that the majority are absolutely fine.and it is probably no more than 2-3% that had a few issues. If there had been a massive issue, i would say this comments area would be closer to 2000 comments and not still under 1000 comments.

      As the saying goes, if people are happy with what they get they tend not to say much or anything at all,

    40. Missing avatar

      ZzmadzZ on

      Opps forget to add that I have been wearing my quartzite daily for at least 6 hrs aday for close to 3 weeks? Not a ding or a scratch. Still looks as if it's brand new. The sapphire glass is really gorgeous too :)

    41. Missing avatar

      ZzmadzZ on

      Guys relax. This is my second watch from lexell. My first watch came in perfect condition even with very little protection.

      The second watch came heavily protected, however as my shipment was misplaced, mishandled, abused And gotten lost by DHL I'm thinking that it is one of the reason why it came to me so banged up with chips on bezel and totally broken links.

      This is all solely due to DHL's fault and this is one of the issues we have to deal when we ship items from overseas.

      However I'm sure that lexell will not disappoint me and set things right :)

      Waiting for their reply!

      Note my first watch was a quartzite that was undamaged.

      Second was a slate.

    42. Matthew on

      Why are so many watches getting damaged during shipping? How are they going to hold up to everyday use? Hope I finally get my three piece set today without any damage.

    43. Martijn on

      My watches are still stuck at customs. Almost a month since the first backers got their watches. :-( Hope watches will be OK and no links are broken. Any idea how it was possible that links are broken?

    44. Missing avatar

      ZzmadzZ on


      My slate came! However one of the stone links closest to the watch face is broken. I do not know how to remove it:(.

      Please advise!

      Already emailed you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Shaun Zimmerman on

      I received my 5 watches in Canada yesterday :D They all look amazing! But there are a few problems I have noticed so far. I will send Lexell a private message when I get the chance, unless they want to message me first. I decided to wear my White Quartzite Myriad first, which looks great. All of them look better than expected, and I expected them to look wonderful! Excellent job Lexell!

    46. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      my watches are sitting at customs waiting for the value of the customs charge, would expect it to be close to £100.00. Which equates to $160.00.

    47. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      @Matthew probably a customs charge, more than an extra shipping charge, sadly Lexell can't predict what charges customs would charge us.

      As a company they probably lost money on every shipment outside of the US, by charging just $20.00, especially if someone ordered more than one watch.

      Normally the delivery charges by most watches manufacturers on here are around $40 - 50.

    48. Matthew on

      An extra $53 for shipping?!?!? On top of the $20 I already paid for shipping.

    49. Matthew Bufford on

      I received all 5 of my watches today. They are beautiful in every way. I went over them with a fine-tooth comb looking for any flaws or defects and found nothing of the sort. Packaging was excellent and all parts were well protected.

      I had the three I'm keeping for myself sized today, and my jeweler loved the watches too. He made the comment that if you guys would put Swiss movements inside, you'd be ready to compete for their shelf. Unfortunately, I have a tween wrist. I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 links out. Two feels too loose to me, and 3 is too tight: but this is an issue I've had with every metal band watch I own.

      The face is nice and large on my wrist, and the weight of the watch is in the perfect range of being noticeable but not overly heavy like many of the omegas or citizens.

      The movement is quiet and I'm not seeing any second-hand bounce. I'm not snobbish about my watches, so I could care less about it having a Japan movement.

      Overall, I'm as thrilled about these watches as I expected to be. Well done gentlemen, and I look forward to seeing you on my local shelves very soon!

    50. Eric Mansky on

      Got my white quartzite and granite myriad watches plus travel case today, and all I can say is wow! They look even more gorgeous in person and the heft makes them so satisfying to wear. As soon as I opened the boxes I heard Paul Simon's "Love Me Like A Rock" I can't wait to see what you guys roll out next!

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