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Strawbees, a fantastic prototyping toy for makers of all ages. Build huge mechanical objects from standard straws and cardboard!
1,743 backers pledged $91,660 to help bring this project to life.

Strawbees successfully funded!

Posted by CREATABLES (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

Thanks to 1743 of you Strawbees successfully raised $91,660 - more than 4,58 times our goal, wow!

Thanks to a nice parcel arriving from the wonderful people at sustyparty we celebrated the successful campaign end with a fractal building session using their beautiful recycled paper straws.

We still can’t believe the amount of support and inspiration you backers have given us. These past weeks have been fantastically intense and chaotic on all levels and we are so proud to have you join us in this new toys development. 

For those that have backed us as the first project ever (you are many and we are very proud of this) we have some information for you. 

You will be receiving a survey from us sometime the next two weeks to fill in your shipping information and any other information we might need. 

Did your payment fail? 

If the payment method you selected when you backed Strawbees was not processed successfully, you have received an email from Kickstarter giving you instructions on how to fix the issue. 

If you’ve received the notification that your payment failed, please log into your account on Kickstarter. There should be a “Fix Payment” button on the banner at the top of the page – with this you can update your payment information. This video explains how to fix payment issues: How To Fix Your Pledge On Kickstarter – Vimeo

To confirm that your payment was correctly processed on your Backer History page on Kickstarter, simply click on the “Strawbees” project and a pop-up will appear. If your payment was successful, “Collected” will appear next to your $ pledge amount.  

Please do this as soon as possible if your payment has failed. If you wait too long, Kickstarter will simply drop your pledges and your order will not be placed!

Once again, thank you all for your incredible support. 

Let’s get creative! 

-The Strawbees team

PS. All of you interested in geometric construction play should also check out the wonderful project flexure. We believe these wonderful kits can be a great shoe-in to increase finger/hand dexterity, spatial awareness and then they can proceed to build HUGE things with the Strawbees. DS.


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