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Strawbees, a fantastic prototyping toy for makers of all ages. Build huge mechanical objects from standard straws and cardboard!
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New year, new stuff!

Posted by CREATABLES (Creator)

Hi backers!

We are working like crazy to get Strawbees to the world outside of kickstarter and it's all very exciting as it's been a fantastic year thanks to all of you. A lot of things have happened since our last update so to avoid turning this update an essay we will only touch on some of the most important ones.

Firstly we have a new CEO, Erik Bergelin. Erik was headhunted straight from McKinsey&Company for his skills in scaling up businesses. He is a great guy and has begun building the organization Strawbees needs to spread playful learning across the world. If anyone feels they can help us as an agent, distributor or global production partner please contact

Secondly, because of our choice to have Strawbees open hardware, the wonderful Kids Hack Day team that Erik Torstensson has worked with the past years have created a fantastic add-on to the system. So we hope you join us in welcoming the first new spinoff product, the Quirkbot, a microcontroller toy that anyone can program. Just like the Strawbees it uses inexpensive commonly available materials like regular drinking straws, LEDs and hobby servos to create a wide variety of hackable toys. You just squeeze on regular electronics components with the help of straws and the result is a very unique starting point for robotics and a great tool to build tons of fun quirky creatures. 

One of the wonderful interfaces this makes possible is the drinking straw pressure sensor that makes your Strawbees structures, like our old fish, come to life by simply squeezing a straw. Quirkbot will go up on kickstarter the 20th of january 7 pm GMT+1 (or 1 pm EST), so make sure not to miss the early bird specials. Until then you can check out the teaser video

Thirdly we are almost finished with the new retail version of the Strawbees kits and will get back to you with a great discount program in time for the product launch as a thank you for helping us get started.

And last but not least we are in the middle of developing concepts for educational fun instructions for the Strawbees. One problem we have had in making instructions is that there is no single sequence you need to follow to build your structures. That's why we're trying something different, hopefully making it an interesting challenge at the same time. Please check out the early concepts of our single sheet instructions in the linked pdf:s and feel free to get back to us with any ideas you have to make it easier to understand or better in any way.

Once again, thanks for all the support!

/The Strawbees team

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    1. Lisa Clark on

      I still haven't received my "Try before you buy kit" (ordered over a year ago).

    2. Martin Wande on

      Love the "Single sheet instruction" idea and would like to help you guys out with feedback. So if you need the opinions of an expert in visual information feel free to include me in the process some how.

    3. Amir Soltani on

      The Strawbees posters instructions are great keep more of them coming!

    4. Alan

      How many earlybirds will there be? I'm not sure I can set an alarm for the middle of my work day just to TRY and be one of a few earlybirds. I know they are a great way to get people signed up early, but missing them always feels like a letdown. One thing that I liked that I've seen some Kickstarters do, is open up a pledge level for a specific time period (usually the first "day") and then close it so that no one else can jump in during the rest of the Kickstarter. That way, the earlybirds get a nice perk, but we don't have to be sitting at our computers, hitting F5 every three seconds, only to STILL miss it, just because we blinked too long.

      Oh, and PLEASE make sure to send out an update here to remind us just before the new Kickstarter opens up. That's usually the best way to get everyone on board.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Lin on

      hi Strawbees team! appreciate the guides and updates~! as an educator, would really appreciate more guides for the students as they find it rather confuses at the start after they receive strawbess for their project. hence i find that having afew instructions would be a great tool to start them off and have a feel of strawbees before they start to do any creative with their kit!