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A meditation book composed of Sacred Geometry art paired with abstract metaphysical poetry- self-published! Preorder now!

Recently I channeled a collection of metaphysical writings, and had the thought to create a chapbook. Later I figured to include some Sacred Geometry art to accompany and amplify the text, and make a few dozen copies to distribute. This project has since evolved into a sizable compilation of abstract geodesic designs and stream of consciousness writing. The intention behind the piece as a whole is to engage the reader into meditative transcendent headspace.

After months of preparation, the manuscript is finally finished and the first edition of 60 books in currently in production, to be completed before 2013 arrives. I decided to put this project onto the kickstarter site to allow folks to preorder copies of the book before it comes out. For only $15 you can reserve a book, to be delivered by mail or hand as soon as I get them from the printing press. More fundamentally, however, your preorder contribution will cover printing costs so that I am able to put out this book in the first place!

For further information, please feel free to contact me at garrettspear2 (a) gmail (dot) com

or visit for examples of art and writing styles

Thanks for looking! - Garrett

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All challenges met- after months in the making, this project has culminated in the production of a first edition of 60. The book is already being professionally printed at a press, and will be complete and ready for distribution before January. I will send out preorders by mail as soon as I am able!


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