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Every time your story intersects with another person's story, perhaps it's more than a coincidence.

Sacred Intersections is a soon-to-be-released book about enjoying a more meaningful life.  Here's the starting point:

There is a game I sometimes play. Often, I do it while waiting alone in a busy environment – an airport lounge, a crowded freeway, an auditorium before a concert. I take notice of someone else sitting nearby or walking past. Then I reflect on the fact there were countless decisions, experiences, and other factors that brought that person to be in proximity with me at that moment in that place. And then I consider that not only his own decisions and experiences brought him here, but the decisions and experiences of his parents and grandparents and multiple generations back to the beginning of time brought him to this moment. I marvel at the complexity of all that. Where he is at that moment is the culmination of a very long story, and now his story is intersecting with my story and all its intricacies. 

Mind boggling. 

Should we just write it off to chance, this intersection of our stories? Or, is it possible that there is more to it if we just pay attention? Sometimes, I stop the game there, and it ends up feeling like a purely random encounter. But sometimes I go further, and nearly always when I do, I find it much more enjoyable. As I use the opportunity to somehow appreciate and validate that person, it is no longer just a game. It becomes a sacred intersection.

This book is an invitation into a way of being -- a way of living that is relational and restorative, that reintegrates one's life in connection with God and other people, and that makes life consistently more enjoyable and meaningful.  

The central question is What if we lived as if God actually loves us?  The reality is that most of us don't. But when we do, it brings a level of freedom that helps us move beyond our innate fears, our faulty assumptions, and our ingrained tendency to judge.

I have created a free preview of the book -- a pdf of the preface and first two chapters -- that you can download by clicking here.

I have finished writing the book and have had several people give helpful input to the project. If you would like to read some of their comments and stories, you can find them at my website at

The book is now ready for the final pre-press production: the final professional edit, along with the design and layout of the print and e-book versions. Your pledge will help to fund this, along with the initial print run of the book.  

I would greatly appreciate your partnership!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the project or about what you have read in the preview of the book.



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