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It mounts to walls. Snaps SmartCover to the back. Provides the perfect grip. Protects your iPad. Order now

Funding has ended on Kickstarter, but you can visit to order MagBak and more!

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What the press is saying about MagBak: 

Magbak is the world's thinnest mount for iPad.  It's so thin, no one would ever guess it's a mount. It inherently mounts to most metal surfaces without adding any significant bulk or thickness. 

Mounts to most metal surfaces. For non-metal surfaces, use the metal O-Ring (included). 

The SmartCover Snaps neatly in place to the back of your iPad.

The silicone texture feels great to touch and its outline is designed for your fingers.


MagBak grips your iPad to the surface it's on and prevents drops. 

At 1/2mm thin, MagBak raises iPad just enough to keep the back protected. 


Shipping in six different colors to match with your Apple SmartCover.

For non-metal surfaces, use the metal O-ring with 3M adhesive backing (included). It allows the iPad to be mounted in portrait, landscape, or any angle in between. 

A pair of Metal Arches will also be included in each box if we reach our 70K stretch goal. So if you know anyone who might be interested in MagBak, share it with them. (

What is great about MagBak is that the stuff that does the mounting is inside MagBak on the iPad's back. No need for bulky mounting frames on the surface you want to mount to. 

Future accessories to mount a car's head rest, dash, etc. can be a very simple design. This makes MagBak easily expandable to future mounting surfaces. 


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We know Apple will eventually release a new version of the iPad. When they do, we'll study to see if our current design still works. But our backers (you) shouldn't have to worry about that. When the next generation iPad comes out, we'll give you the option to buy the next generation MagBak for just $9 + shipping. We call this the "upgrade path". When ready, we'll send out a coupon code to our backers so you can get the latest at this special price.

This project would not be possible without YOU, who support people like us that love to build and create stuff. We put a lot of hard work, time, and effort into MagBak. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. 

It's amazing handing people an iPad with MagBak. Telling them it's designed for their hands. They love the feel of it. Its simplicity. But what really gets them is when they see it's a mount. They're just blown away. 

And that is what we wanted to create. A product that doesn't just delight, but makes you go "wow, that's crazy!".

Colin Havey-Video production 

We're tested both Verizon / At&t 4G iPads with MagBak, and have not noticed any difference in reception / speed. We did not see a difference in any of iPad's functionalities.  Compass / Wifi / Bluetooth all work without any issues. This is because our magnets are located in the same vicinity as iPad's SmartCover magnets, so we believe iPad was designed to work with magnets in these areas. 

MagBak for iPad Mini is currently in design. Pledge $1 for MagBak for iPad Mini to get the latest updates and design info.

MagBak is Patent Pending. 

Like most ideas, it all started with a couple of problems. First, I was constantly getting frustrated with the Smart Cover as it would not stay put to the back when I would use the iPad. It would just hang and flop as I maneuvered the device. Secondly, one day as I was rushing to get into my car with papers and an iPad in hand, the iPad slipped out and hit the ground. Most people would get a bulky case to protect the iPad, but I wanted to get to the root of the problem. The iPad is too slippery! So I started sketching some ideas. A good grip with embedded magnets to help hold the Smart Cover to the back would solve these problems. As the idea evolved, I came across something really big! The solution to these problems unintentionally resulted in a great feature. The "magnetic grip" I had came up with could also be used as a simple and lightweight mounting system for the iPad. The key design principles I wanted to follow were that the solution has to be very thin, light, and not ruin the aesthetics of the iPad. Here are some of my initial sketches:

...and after several iterations in CAD, I finalized the outline of MagBak.  

Once I had the CAD design complete, I worked with multiple vendors over several months to produce different versions of pads, magnets and adhesives to come up with the best functional prototype.

June 2013

  • Received Fully functional MagBak samples from Manufacturer 
  • Received Metal O-Ring samples (late June)

July 2013

  • Complete packaging design and confirm vendor
  • QA of Metal O-Rings

August 2013 (if MagBak is funded)

  • Manufacture production molds for silicone pads (2 weeks) 
  • Start die cutting tool for final O-Ring design (2 weeks)
  • Magnet production starts (2 weeks)
  • (Mid Aug)  Silicone Pads production starts (1 week)

September 2013

  • Ship MagBak!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project has already come a long way and we believe we are past the most challenging obstacles. After several iterations we've finalized the design and found vendors. We have even gotten prototype molds made. With these molds, we've made fully functional samples. Once funded, we will move from prototype to production molds.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the packaging design and are finalizing the best method to conveniently apply MagBak to any compatible iPad.

We will also refine our metal O-Rings by testing other thicknesses and textures. We have several samples, and are currently working with various manufacturers to iron this out.

Lastly, our choice of adhesive tapes has been finalized with 3M, and the appropriate resources have been lined up to be ready for production.


  • KickStater gives only 2 options for shipment prices. US and International.
    For Canada we understand $15 is a bit much, so please add $10 instead of 15.

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  • We're working on a MagBak Mini version. If your interested in getting updates and info on this, please pledge $1 on this campaign or check back here regularly. You can also follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates

    We will only announce the MagBak Mini once it's ready for prime time. It is coming soon. We appreciate your patience.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we use 3M double sided tape. Your iPad will NOT be damaged. The tape leaves some residue, but can be removed with a damp paper towel or Goo Gone.

    The MagBak isn't designed to be reusable - because in the process of taking off the MagBaks , they will get stretched and damaged. We choose to make the tape very strong so the MagBaks do not start peeling over time. Also to guarantee that the magnets inside MagBak cannot start to peel off MagBak.

    Last updated:
  • We're keeping an eye out on Facebook and Twitter. If your Twitter handle is completely different from your name on Kickstarter, just send us a message and we'll note it down.

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  • We have plans to expand beyond just O-Rings. See our section on expandability.
    Our current O-Rings do not mount easily to dash boards or the back of head rests. The short answer is: Not at this time.

    Last updated:
  • At the end of our Kickstarter campaign we will send out a survey to all backers requesting shipping information and color choice.

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  • Contact me directly for distribution opportunities in the US and other countries.

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  • Just add $9 for each additional ring you need and we'll make sure to ship them with your order.

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  • Apple is very secretive about their product releases, so don't know if MagBak will work for the future ipads?

    But we can do something for our first 1500 backers :

    We announced that our first 1500 backers will get a special right to upgrade to the next generation MagBak when the new iPad does come out for $9 + Shipping. You pay the $9 when you order the next generation MagBak on our website (we'll give a 1-time coupon code valid for 1 year)

    That's our way of saying thank you for backing us. I really don't like it when companies screw over early adopters - and it happens a lot, so I set out a goal to take care of ours!

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