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Jellyfish Brigade is releasing their debut e.p. "Gills and a Helmet", 6 fantastical tracks of self discovery rapped and sung over ethereal bangers.

Hello to all our fellow baton twirlers, loving kin, friends, fans, acquaintances and random kickstarter page surfers. We, Jellyfish Brigade, have finished our debut e.p. "Gills and a Helmet" and are ready to release it into the universe. Though we have the capabilities of releasing it via the internet, we would also like to create physical copies of the e.p., but will not be able to do so without you.

After a year of late night recording sessions , mixing tracks while waiting for the sun to rise, thinking of lines on walks to the grocery store, and growing/dealing with the situations that inspired the lyrics to the album, we feel we have created a beautiful piece of art ready to be shared with others. We are both extremely proud of these six songs and feel they capture an important period of our lives thus far.

In order to release the album in its physical manifestation, we have to pay for album art and the replication of copies. As broke artists, we are not able to do this on our own. This is where you, good sir or madam, come into play. With kickstarter, you are able to donate money that will be put towards the artwork and physical copies of "Gills and a Helmet". In return, we will hook you up with some cool, exclusive Jellyfish things as a huge thank you. If you look at the right side of the page, you will find such rewards as free downloads of past The Great Mundane albums, Jellyfish Brigade stickers, lyric booklets and even brand new Jellyfish songs written and recorded just for you.

This is the way it works. If we reach our goal of $1,000, we will be able to fund the last couple steps of the album. If we come even a penny short of the $1,000, we receive no money. You will not be charged for your donation, but you will also not get any of the cool, exclusive Jellyfish things and we will not be able to pay for the album artwork or put out physical copies of this project.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and pledge to/support our cause, even $1 helps. If you are strapped for cash and unable to lend any assitance in that realm, simply posting this site to your facebook page, tweeting it, or telling someone else would help spread the word and make it possible for us to reach our goal. Once again thank you immensely from the bottom of our stomachs.

-Jeff and Lucas

Check out a song from "Gills and a Helmet" titled Dance in the Dungeon by jellyfish brigade

Thanks again.


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    Thanks for the support! Remember to check out some music at

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    Receive a Jellyfish Brigade sticker for you to put on your car, bike, guitar case, lamp shade, notebook, coffee table, toilet bowl, etc.

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    Receive an advance digital download of "Gills and a Helmet" one week before the release date.

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    Receive offers 2 and 3 plus an autographed physical copy of "Gills and a Helmet".

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    Receive offers 2-4 plus digital download of The Great Mundane's albums "Humdrum" and "When Falls Arrive"

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    Receive offers 2-5 plus lyric booklet for "Gills and a Helmet". The booklets will each be typed on a typewriter with their own original design, meaning they will kind of be like snowflakes!

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    Receive #2-6 plus a poem written by Lucas Dix. You will get the handwritten original, a decorated, typewriter typed copy and a download of an mp3 vocal version

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    Receive #2-7 plus prints of "Gills and a Helmet" Artwork

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    Receive #2-8 plus a short Jellyfish Brigade song (chorus/verse/chorus) recorded for you. Lyrics by Lucas Dix and music by the Great Mundane

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