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The pen just got mightier! A bronze steel sculpture meets an ergonomic pen. Redefining a 220 year old instrument. Only on Kickstarter!
An advanced ergonomic pen designed to truly fit your hand. Intriguing and intuitive form, a work of art for your desktop. Redefining a 220 year old instrument.
An advanced ergonomic pen designed to truly fit your hand. Intriguing and intuitive form, a work of art for your desktop. Redefining a 220 year old instrument.
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    1. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hey Owesome!

      We're currently electroplating the interior of PenUltimate's stand, quality testing the manufactured pens before shipping them and mapping out our fulfillment strategy. So we're in the home stretch!

    2. Owesome on

      Any updates?

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith Burston

      Very long tme since any activity. What is going on?

    4. Gunner

      No worries, patience propels perks...
      Innovations usually involve many compromises to reach the desired goal.
      Many thanks for the prompt update on current progress.

    5. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hey Gunner!

      Hope all is well! We're waiting on our manufacturer right now to get the final version of PenUltimate X1 out the door, our first shipment is currently in production.

      The main cause of the delay has been redoing our original prototype. Optimizing the design for a larger production run came with some unexpected challenges and costs. The first manufacturer we worked with gave us some lackluster samples and wasn't able to deliver on quality, we're really happy with the outfit we're working with now and I'm confident the final product will be worth the wait.

      I'm happy to announce that our Kickstarter backers will be receiving extra ink cartridges as a sign of our appreciation for your patience and support. Additionally, our next update will include some images of the production model of PenUltimate X1 along with a delivery window so you'll know when to expect it. It's been a long road so far, and we really appreciate you all sticking with us.

    6. Gunner

      An Update on current progress would be appreciated...

    7. Missing avatar

      J. Elliott-Smith on

      Not that I'm of the mind it was not prospectively entirely in your best interest to do so, thanks for the relatively prompt clarification. Still looking forward to making use of your applied design at some point as soon as feasible insofar as prospectively adding the pen to my stationary collection. This entirely clears up this issue on my end at this time in my life. I hope any sorrow you may still embody accordingly abates quickly!

    8. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hey all,

      Sorry if the update was unclear (perhaps I was a bit too hasty in writing it)! Allow me to clarify: Yes! You will be able to get refills elsewhere, there's quite a few short-form refills that'll do the job. We wanted to make our own refill in an attempt to make a superior product for a more competitive price than what was on the market. We hope you enjoy them, if not, there's other options available.

      Hope that clears things up!


    9. Missing avatar

      Morag MacKay

      Can you please confirm whether the pen will allow existing refills on the market or I will be stuck purchasing specialised custom refills, as that was not what was described when I chose to support the campaign. As per the previous comment I would like clarification on the most recent update.

    10. Missing avatar

      J. Elliott-Smith on

      This latest update makes it sound like the pen will no longer accept refills unless and only unless they are custom made by your company, contrary to what was promised in your campaign offer, because of your design changes!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Keith Burston

      Any updates? Been a while.

    12. Dan Brady Creator on

      Thanks to everyone who's supported the Thunderclap campaign so far! We'll be announcing the Giveaway Winners on January 25th. We're almost at out of spots, so if anyone wants to sign up and participate I'd recommend supporting the Thunderclap campaign soon!

      To support the campaign, click the link below and click one of the red support buttons. Thanks!

    13. Dan Brady Creator on


      Thanks for checking in!

      We have an interesting update coming early this week. It's going to contain a call to action for our backers and will be the most important update we've sent so far. Please be on the lookout for it! Your input and participation is going to help us make PenUltimate X1 the very best it can be!

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Jackson on

      Since it’s been about a month, what’s the latest?

    15. Dan Brady Creator on

      Great timing! We have an update coming tomorrow to catch everyone up.

    16. Missing avatar

      Catherine on

      Any updates for us?

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      As has been asked before but looking for some clarity.
      Is there any other refills apart from the lamy one that will fit the pen?

    18. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Just sent a new update with some new photos! Check it out!

    19. Dennis Comeau on

      It's been quiet lately. Anything new?

    20. Missing avatar

      J. Elliott-Smith on

      What happened with the testing of the Parker refills?

    21. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hi Gunner!

      Thanks for your support and for pointing that out!

      We originally had international shipping set at the same price across the board. We lowered our other pledge tiers to $11 for Canada when we realized that was a bit high, but we couldn't edit the early bird pledge after it was backed.

      Rest assured, we'll reimburse excess shipping costs if we can get it to you for less.

      Thanks again!

    22. Gunner

      I'm a bit surprised to see the shipping charge to Canada is higher than the actual cost of the perk (I'm a Super early bird backer)?
      Is this the best shipping costs to Canada?
      What happened to the original shipping charge of $11.00? (It's now $17.00)?

    23. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hi! For anyone interested, we just added our first stretch goal to the updates section!

    24. Mihir Patel


    25. Dan Brady Creator on

      Hey Mihir!

      We've been refining our stretch goal over the past week, there were a few options we wanted to consider. Our intent is to announce a stretch goal at the halfway point of the campaign, so very soon! Thanks for your interest!

    26. Mihir Patel

      When are you informing us about the stretch goals?

    27. Dennis Comeau on

      Hey Dan -

      That's super cool of you, to test other refills. If you find that Parker work, it's possible that Fisher Space Pen Bullet size refills may as well. They're short.

      Interested to hear more about your ideas for the cap.

    28. Dan Brady Creator on


      At your suggestion, I did some research on the parker refills. We just ordered a couple to experiment with.

      Also, I agree the pressurized fishers are fantastic! The challenge for us is finding slightly shorter form refills that suit our design.

      And as far as the cap goes... stay tuned we have an exciting update coming soon!

    29. Dan Brady Creator on


      That's a great question we foolishly didn't answer! YES, PenUltimate X1 is designed for both the right and left-handed. Great catch! I'm going to add that into the description.

      Also, I want to briefly thank all of you for your comments. This is the first campaign I've put together and the comments / messages received in the first 48 hours have already contributed to the design of this product. The amount of creativity found in the Kickstarter community will never cease to amaze me and that creativity is a tremendous resource. Please keep commenting and writing to us! Feel free to email, message or leave comments below.

    30. Branson Reagan on

      Will PenUltimate work for people who are left-handed? You may have already answered this, but I am not finding it anywhere.

    31. Dennis Comeau on

      Hi Dan -

      Glad to hear there will be refills. I looked up the M22 options on Amazon and the reviews seem poor.

      If there are alternatives that match your design tolerances, you might consider those. Parker refills seem abundant, reasonably priced and to be considered of good quality.

      And of course the pressurized Fisher space pen refills would be great.

      I do wish there was someplace on the device to affix the cap, to keep it from getting separated from the pen. I expect you've thought about this but don't have options that preserve the desired ergonomics.

    32. Dan Brady Creator on


      Currently, the plan is to go with an m22 refill cartridge. What are your thoughts on that?

    33. Mihir Patel

      I would absolutely support any of yours or the community's selected stretch goals. But pencil one is particularly interesting for me.

    34. Ivan Andriyovych Collaborator on

      Thank you so much Christine! We certainly welcome all suggestions and ideas. Definitely considering a stretch goal with updates and variations for the future

    35. Dan Brady Creator on


      That's a great idea! It looks like we may very well end up doing a stretch goal! Ivan, Sam and I were actually experimenting with a pencil version of PenUltimate a few months ago. For a stretch goal, we'll probably go with either a "pencilultimate" (great name by the way!) or a stylus cap that can work with your touchscreen devices. What are your thoughts on that?

    36. Missing avatar

      Christine Fitzgerald on

      Really cool product! Made a Kickstarter for this!

      Also I like the Penciltimate idea below! Canyou make that happen?

    37. Mihir Patel

      Do you think there could be a Pencilultimate as a stretch goal after your campaign is funded? I am an Engineer and like other occupations we use a pencil more than a pen.

    38. Dennis Comeau on

      Talk to us about ink refills?

    39. okester on

      So, have you all seen the design of the Pen Again writing instruments? They've been around for a while:…

    40. Dan Brady Creator on

      Thanks Mihir!

    41. Mihir Patel

      Hohoohheehehaaha! I am first and also good luck on the campaign!