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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Backerkit invites sent :)

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hi, guys, all the invites to our Backerkit pledge manager have now been sent. If you haven't received yours please check your junk folder, it's probably hiding in there. If it's not just email us at and we'll send you a direct link instead.

Also, if your pledge failed for any reason during the Kickstarter it would have been cancelled but if you want back in you can still join as a late backer. Speaking of which...


Normally we manually add late backers but we've now got this spanky new automated system. If you know anyone who wants to be a late backer and we haven't already set them up just point them to this link:


The lockdown date is Saturday 31st March which is when your debit/credit card will be charged for shipping and add-ons (Paypal payments are instantaneous).  

Any problems just drop us a line at and we'll sort it out.

Cheers :)

Wayne and Colin.

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    1. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Cool :) - Wayne.

    2. Mike Welch on

      Wanted to let you know that I thought the pledge manager worked pretty well

    3. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      I just wrote this over in the comments:
      There is no comprehensive 'all in' because of the different pledge levels but let's have a try. The closest to an 'all in' is the Titan, it already comes with two add-on packs, Outbreak! and Shootout at Zed's. As the Titan's a core set it also comes with a tonne of minis and terrain as free stretch goals including all the traders bar the crew of the Yamato. To get at least one of everything i'd suggest:

      Add-on T - Miniature Mega deal (includes the Yamato)
      Add-on J - Particle Transmitter
      Add-on AC - Get to the Shuttle!
      Add-on AG - Purge gatherers
      Add-on AF the Shuttle Bay (which is actually the Arrivals Bay from Sci-fi II so you might already own it).

      Extra add-ons you might consider for really big games:

      Add-on O - Cyberpunk game mat
      Add-on G - Harvesters
      Add-on H - Purge
      Add-on I - Dice
      Add-on N - Dashboards (x4 if you want all 6 trader teams fielding at once!)
      Add-on P - Galactic Corps

      If you've pledged for the core game you also get a tonne of free stretch goals so follow the lists above but you might want the two add-ons, outbreak! and Shootout at Zed's. - Wayne.

    4. Missing avatar

      Craig Parent

      That is very helpful. Thank you so much!!

    5. Juanti Lourens

      @Craig This is a big question. Obviously there are two pledges, core and titan. The titan pledge includes 1) The cyberpunk terrain, 2) Outbreak! 3) Shootout at Zed's and 4) It's own mission.

      I just wanted to start with that before I mention what is missing from the core pledge, and what is purely extra.

      The add-ons not included are:
      - Shootout at Zed's
      - Outbreak!
      - Miniature Mega Deal
      - Get to the Shuttle!
      (These 4 above get you extra missions)
      - Purge Gatherers
      - Shuttle Bay
      - Particle Transmitter
      (The above are new enemy and new terrain)
      - Frontier Terrain
      - Galactic Terrain
      - Outland Terrain
      - Gothic Grawler Terrain
      (These are terrain packs that can be bought for more variety in the areas you are visiting)

      Everything else is included. You must decide what you need for you games. For example, I didn't include the Cyberpunk terrain in the above list because technically that is the terrain from the core set, but if you have two of them they can connect to form one massive, magnificent base. Or you could order the game mat in order to increase the size of your missions with the use of the stretch goal terrain.

      Last piece (This is becoming very lengthy), you need to decide how many friends you'll be playing this game with. The base game comes with 8 dashboards. This is enough to play two teams of 4. You could add extra dashboards and have 12 (3 teams of 4 or 4 teams of 3) or an extra two and have 16 (4 teams of 4) in order to include more friends.

      Hopefully this helps.

    6. Missing avatar

      Craig Parent

      Any chance you can give a list of what Add-Ons are not included in the Core pledge? I'm trying to figure out what I need to add to get what is not already in my pledge and it's pretty daunting! Thanks!

    7. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Hmm. My time machine has caused a temporal loop! - Wayne.

    8. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      I'll just get my time machine :) - Wayne.

    9. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      I'll just get my time machine :) - Wayne.

    10. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Oh yeah! filled mine out. Any chance you can get mine out the door this weekend?