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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Artwork upgrades and sculpts :)

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Its update time and even though we are only about 8 weeks into the post production phase we are making good headway with little to stop us :)

So we thought we'd do a quick update to show you some of the progress, it's still early, but there's always a few bits we can show.


As mentioned in the last video update, most of the time has been spent finishing the artwork and moving it from prototype to finished game. The terrain has always had the finished artwork as that's what we do best so that was all prepared, just tweaks here and there. We also needed to finish the artwork for the terrain items we made available while the KS was running... that shuttle was never planned, but somehow it just happened as the project progressed :)

Other components in the game were only about 75% finished artwork wise and that was by design. We wanted to see how the feel of the game developed in genre style and play before setting the artwork in stone, now we are tackling that phase and are very happy with the results.

These are the already nice Character Cards we used to develop the game
These are the already nice Character Cards we used to develop the game


We've tidied them up and now they look all shiny :oD
We've tidied them up and now they look all shiny :oD


Here is a close up of Arianna's card, this is bigger than 1:1, but just so you can see it clearly :)
Here is a close up of Arianna's card, this is bigger than 1:1, but just so you can see it clearly :)


You may notice that on some of the cards there is a symbol in the lower part of the character picture. This is centred right where the die-cutting tool will cut the space out for the armour. When the character is not wearing armour this part of the card stays in place and the character will get that bonus.

For example Arianna above get a 1+ to any manoeuvre she makes as she is fast, agile and trained for combat, but when she's wearing armour, it's lost as this part of the card is removed and the armour token replaces it. 

Gak has a close combat skill allowing him to add extra dice to his attacks, this represents the fact that he has four arms, however when he wears armour, often human armour, this restricts his ability to unlock his quad arms, he gains protection, but at the cost of movement... and so on for some other characters...

Some other very large characters might not be able to wear armour at all, because they are just too large, but they will probably already have a pretty good natural armour... let's wait and see ;o)

Miniature sculpts

Here is another area we are very happy with... the miniatures are coming along very nicely. We already had all the minis designed, sculpted and produced for the game before launching the Kickstarter and many more were done ready for stretch goals and others sculpted while the KS was running. For those that were unlocked and still needed sculpts that's what we've been doing.

Left to right... Ooma, Sondar and Joel :)
Left to right... Ooma, Sondar and Joel :)


This takes time as each mini needs to be sculpted with many phases for each one. There are the basic form and details, then adjustments are made based on the original sketches and also what can be actually be achieved in casting along with many other factors.

Minis should never be viewed this close up... but what the hell... EXTREME CLOSE UP WERAHHHHHHHH!!!
Minis should never be viewed this close up... but what the hell... EXTREME CLOSE UP WERAHHHHHHHH!!!


Here's some more characters on the sculpting table now :)





Once these are done we will also be cutting and keying the minis. This is the process used where some of the minis have a part removed so they can be moulded and cast, then reassembled in the factory ready for you so you don't have to assemble anything. Can't wait to get these to the factory for casting :oD

Rules and game mechanics

We've also been hard at work with the rules testing new events, weapons, advanced rules and similar.

Backerkit Pledge Manager

The pledge manager's nearly done, we've been taking our time, making sure everything is present and correct and the Byzantine shipping rules work. We know you guys tend to prefer to get the pledge manager near pay day so we'll probably send the invites out towards the end of this month. 

Also, for the first time we'll have a pre-order page for late backers, that means you can just jump in without having to email us. If you've already emailed us about late backing you're on you're own special list so will get an invite along with the regular backers.

That's about it for now, just wanted to keep you posted on the progress. It's a long way until November, but we are working night and day to make sure we get ahead of ourselves... after 5 years of KS's we know what's needed to deliver on time... which we have so far on ours... Terrain, minis and game components... BRING IT ON!

Until the next update

Colin and Wayne :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      John Hutton

      The new artwork is undoubtedly more polished. I’m going weigh in on the side of the old style though, because the dynamic style isn’t as fitting for a profile picture. It looks great on the box cover, but I’d rather see a casual picture of the character at ease on the ID card. Like a photo you would find clipped into their personnel file.

    2. Tim Stobbe on

      I like Edwards Burkes idea a lot! You have done a lot of work ( I think so) in creating these art pieces , why throw them away ? :) also the persons stand on the older cards more passive. On the newer ones more active. Nice contrast. A civilian not always is shooting, sometimes they do weird things :D I must truly say, if you ask me I like the old ones more ;) after all this game is awesome - I like the fact I will get it in the future;) also a big thumbs up for Collin and Wayne, can believe that this much work only for two guys is really a lot to do! Its nice to see that you really care about our backers. Big thank you for that. Nice weekend to all!

    3. thequietfalcon on

      thumbs up on Edward Burke's idea.

    4. eracer68 on

      I like the new cards (but I also liked the originals). I think Edward Burke's suggestion has merit as well. The PCs should be exuberant and the civies more subdued.

    5. Missing avatar

      Edward Burke on

      @Collin I do like the new artwork a lot as it is action packed and heroic. In contrast the old artwork (which I also like) has a more quirky and "civillian" feel. Because of this I was wondering if it would be possible to change the Civilian side of the character card to the old artwork and have the newer, more heroic artwork for the playable Trader side?
      All the best

      Edward Burke.

    6. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Don't worry the rulebook will have full pictures of most of the characters so it will be fine for painting.

      U = Use Skill as opposed to Just skill in general as this particular stat indicates the amount of times you can use skills in a single mission :)

    7. Steve Billups on

      I wasn't going to say anything, but since others brought it up - I also prefer the look of the original cards and the borders. There was something about it that drew me into the game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brett LaPrairie on

      If H = Health, A = Action and C = Career, why does U = Skill on the new cards?

    9. Mike Welch on

      I like the earlier ones as it shows more of the character which might help me with painting, but really both are pretty nice.

    10. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      lol. All you peeps loving the original holding art makes us feel like better artists. We're are feeling good about ourselves tonight :oD

    11. Pietro de Martino on

      Really nice. Hope in Pm You'll make paypal available (to split my purchases)

    12. Missing avatar

      Bryan Ostrand on

      The new cards are nice, though I like the older cards more as well! The border situation makes total sense but I definitely like the older character art more. Thanks for the great update!

    13. G.Bueno on

      Great update! I truly appreciate the fact that you guys are improving the game, even though you could have just let it stay as is. That speaks volumes to how awesome your company is and especially how much you care for your community. Extremely excited for the PM.

    14. Missing avatar

      Grant Tebo on

      Wow! You guys are busy. Great update! Thank you.

    15. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Cool feedback cheers :) The card charges were needed for a number of reasons. Firstly as much as we love our own artwork (we also like the smell of our own farts) the new characters are much better and done by a professional that only has to focus on these. The backgrounds are exactly the same in both the old and new cards. lol you just see little more due to removing the boarders. These boarders need to go to free up space and let the cards breath, also having boarders is a nightmare for the die cutting process. Our die cuts are the best in the business, however they will still be off by a mm here and there and this is an acceptable tolerance in die cutting. With the boarder being 2mm if the cut is out slightly this would be exaggerated by the 2mm boarding having 1mm on one side and 3mm on the other. Without the boarders its almost invisible. Those boarders were too post apocalyptic too :oD

      Greg. Yes is you watch our last update I explain this in full and don't worry about wear and tear on the card, we've been doing this for the last few years on our terrain with pop out doors so it all safe and sound. :)

      I preferred Gak's original colour on the original cards, however his designed changed slightly over the corse of development before we launch and we felt having him a skin colour made him look too much like a mutant instead of an alien... and Gak is full on alien baby!!! :oD

    16. thequietfalcon on

      I like the new artwork also. If anything you could tone down the background a little but they look good as is.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Wilson on

      Poor Gak, it’s because he’s blue isn’t it?!
      I like the new artwork, gives me something colorful and busy enough too look at while I wait for my gameing buddy “General” Bob to make up his mind on his turn. I prefer the added colors and the change to the action poses. Considering the nature of this game and it’s thematic I think things should look a little busy. It’s the future, it’s busy, it’s crazy, and ohhh the shiny lights. I can only imagine what zeds looks like on a busy night! They give me a slight comic book feel and It’s going to be dark, hot, and crazy on these stations and ships so the color will remind me there’s hope to be had and my traders just might survive another adventure and see the stars one more time.

    18. Missing avatar

      Greg Joynson on

      I actually like the new art better, particularly as the sculpts seem to be leaning towards more action poses. I do agree that the backgrounds might need toning down a touch though, its a bit busy right now.

      I'm not sure I understand the die cut armour symbol thing. Are you sdaying that these symbols get punched out and we pop them in and out depending on what the character is equipped with? Wouldn't that lead to wear and tear?

    19. Sebastian on

      I also prefer the older style cards. The new ones are even more cartoonish, mainly the characters. But both have too much going on, lose the space background and go for a plainer/clearer background. Basically make up your mind, (simplified) space background or grey wall background. I also prefer the full names, but small point. I do prefer the alien in purple than brown.

    20. kontuz on

      I agree with Andrew, understated is better. Great update through and through, especially the peek at burst fire in action. And thanks for thinking about our pay checks! :)

    21. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Outstanding stuff, thanks for the update. Not going to lie prefer the older style artwork for the character cards :) and the borders 👍