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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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January update and BGG

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne (Collaborator)

Hi, guys, Christmas and is now out of the way and we're back to burning the candle at both ends (how we like it!) Here's Col to tell you what we've been up to:



It's now the final vote for the 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2018. Only a few days left as the voting ends Sunday January 28th (that means I will finally stop hassling you!)

Remember, if you've already voted it was for the nomination only so you'll need to cast your vote again! (don't quote me on that, BGG is very confusing!)

First you'll need to login to BGG to vote (it's painless to sign up) and then go to this link: 

If you scroll down the page to the poll you'll find Core Space is nominated in 8 different categories:

  •  Overall 
  •  Original/Innovative 
  •  Crowd Funded 
  •  Cooperative 
  •  Solitaire 
  •  Strategy 
  •  Thematic 
  •  Sci-Fi

Click the check box next to Core Space in each of the above categories, scroll to the bottom of the final category and hit the vote button; after a few seconds it shows you the current poll results.

(Thanks to Jason for chasing this up in the incomprehensible jumble that is BGG!)

Bribe time!

If we make the final top 20 we'll give every core backer an extra 2 unique cargo crates (re-skinned in in a cool orange colour). 

That means that the Core game will come with 4 large cargo crates instead of 2. Of course, you'll also get those extras in your stretch goals so it's actually 4 extra cargo crates in total FREE.... Shiny :)

If every backer votes we would do that easily, so go on. Go on, go on, go on. Are you still here? Why aren't you voting?? :)



We're still dotting the J's and crossing the P's on our Backerkit pledge manager, as Col said it should be good to go within the next four weeks or so, we'll give you more info closer to the time.



After five happy years we're moving from Wayland Games to Games Quest. That means from February 2018 Games Quest will handle the distribution for our webshop and deal with our future Kickstarter fulfillments.

How does this affect you? Very little. We anticipate a short delay in posting out webshop orders but otherwise the move will be seamless. We will be doing it at the end of January/early February; we'll post details on our webshop of any possible delays.

Until the next update...

Cheers :)

Wayne and Colin.


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    1. magisystem on

      I can only say good things about waland and haven't heard much negativity aboutr them so far, but I am among many backers across several KS campaigns that have problems with gamesquest. You just have to look at their facebook page…
      to see the current problems with them. Can't remember that waylands facebook page ever looked like that...
      Just my 2cts

    2. Steve Billups on

      I like the functionality of the armor slot in the character portrait, but if you don't have any armor on it's not very pleasing aesthetically with a giant white hole in the image. I assume there will be the default token of just the character artwork that will be there until you find armor?

    3. Missing avatar

      John Hutton

      What about using "civilian" crew members as a mechanic to replace killed crew members during an ongoing campaign? Roll to randomly determine which of your unused crew models get placed on the map as civilians. Then any crew with less than 4 crew can try to recruit them as replacements to get back up to full strength.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Hutton

      You could also introduce a Suppressive Fire mechanic to chew up ammo.

    5. Missing avatar

      Grant Tebo on

      Great update! Thanks.

    6. Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne Collaborator on

      I've got a sneaking suspicion no one's reading the updates! What a waste of my honeyed words :D I think we might have to do a Facebook post just to snag some last minute votes.

    7. Devin Brackett on

      Just votes! Come on everyone! Lets get Core Space all the way to the home plate!

      Thanks for the update!

    8. Jason J on

      pretty much everything said about Gamesquest was said about Wayland when we first knew BS was using them, and yet Wayland have (afaik) done a sterling job for BS these past 5 or so years, packing thousands of KS pledges with a ridicuously low error rate and managing and also fulfilling the online store.
      I've not encountered Gamesquest (tbf, I hadn't encountered Wayland prior to BS using them either) , but I have enough faith now in Colin and Wayne to know that they'll have done all the checks and balances they feel they need to be happy with the new service, and I'm sure they will monitor things closely as well.

    9. magisystem on

      I hope the change to gamesquest will work out well, but my experiences so far:
      - Very late delivery (more then a month after estimated delivery date)
      - Very unresponsive customer service (if they answer request at all, it can take up 28 days to receive a reply)
      - bad packaging results in damaged goods

      And looking at the Unstable Unicorns comment section (their EU pledges are handled by gamesquest), that still seems to be their usual business practice...

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben Rackley on

      Ps: I have voted for you guys of course in all the catagories.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben Rackley on

      Great update. Really excited for this project. Not my first kickstarter with you guys so I'm very confident it will go smoothly for all parties.
      Enjoy those cocktail Thursdays and keep up the good work.

    12. Jack

      Loving the double sided Civilian / Trader cards with armour slot! Can all civilian cards fit into the trays and be used as NPCs that can upgrade weapons and such

    13. eracer68 on

      Unfortunately I don't think 29th is its position in the poll, just its order in the Geeklist. If you look at the "overall" category, Core Space currently only has 235 votes (2.6%). As of 1/23, the game at #20 had 578 votes. C'mon people, get out the vote ... please. :)

    14. Timo Lemburg

      Already 29th... :-)

    15. Doug Winters on

      Love the update. The ammo and inventory changes sound like fun!

    16. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders

      So what do we get if you make the top 10??? :3

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert C. on

      No not games Qwest nearly wvery order from them has been damaged. I will have to rethink how much i order. I am sure the card will be fine but the miniatures and the game box.

    18. Benjamin Jelley on

      More video updates. That was great to see everything you’ve been working on.

      Also, can I say a big “hoo-ya!” for double sided character cards and the armour slot. Absolutely fab.