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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Call to Arms!!!

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Happy New year all, 2018 has started and Core Space is coming this year :)

Okay, now down to business. We need your help to make Core Space part of a special shortlist of games on Board Game Geek.  This will help us stay in focus through the development of the game and its launch to retail once we have fulfilled your rewards.


What do I need to do?...

It's simple, just click the link below and give Core Space a 'thumbs up'. It will ask you to create an account if you don't already have one, please don't let that little stumbling block hold you back, it only takes seconds.

This will keep us in the top 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2018. Then in a few weeks we vote again to get in the final 20 games shortlist.

How does it help?...

Keeping us on this list and in the eyes of the public will help drive the retail side of Core Space, this means larger exposure and more popularity for game expansions and community support. Basically a stronger Core Space galaxy.

Currently we have 274 thumbs up and are just in the running for the top 50. However the vote closes on Saturday and with 1500 plus backers we could really smash the target and be in the final top 20 vote.

You've supported the KS and we would be very humbled if we could get you all to help us here too.

Anything else?...

Well, it's very early in the new year, but we already have some prototypes coming... so I'll just leave you with this photo :)

Thoman, Pi, Hoskins and Teelac :D
Thoman, Pi, Hoskins and Teelac :D

Until the next one...

Colin & Wayne :)

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    1. Jason J on

      Final voting for the top 20 Anticipated Games of 2018 is now OPEN. We finished 29th in the top 50, but with the support of the backers, I'm sure we can do better and get the game into the top 20.
      You'll need to login to BGG to vote, and then follow this link
      Core Space is nominated in 8 categories :-
      Crowd Funded
      Please vote for Core Space in each category, but especially the Overall. To cast your votes simply click the check box to the left of the game in each category, scroll to the bottom of the final category, and you'll see a Vote button. Click that and you're done.

    2. Lindon Paxton on

      @"DUMP". We only need to be in the top 50 for this initial round (which ends today I believe). It is the second round of voting that we need votes to get into the Top 20.

    3. "DUMP" on

      We are currently at #26 with 398 votes, we need at least another 50-60 to put us safely in the top 20 so get it in gear folks!

    4. MidnightBlue
      on my zeal to help this project, I nearly un-thumbed it on BGG!

      I'd forgotten that I'd thumbed it way back when.


    5. Missing avatar

      René Krause on

      The right One looks wierd, was is he doing?

    6. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Outstanding! Come on people your thumbs up are needed.

    7. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Thanks, Jason. I'll look again.

    8. Jason J on

      nice looking sculpts - all seem to be good representations of the previous art/renders we saw. Little details like the movement in Pi's jacket and the buckle details on Hoskins' clothing will really make these pop when painted.

    9. Jason J on

      @Last - you may need to scroll down. Core Space is entry number 371.

    10. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t see Core Space anywhere on that link page nor do I see anywhere to give a thumbs up. Instead I see the previous winners and a Most Anticipated of 20XX with some dates below but no links.