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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Posted by Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne

Well, we are into the last 5 days of the campaign and it's all going very well indeed. We're still unlocking cool stretch goals quickly and the pledge value is getting truly mighty :)

Let's see if we can add even more value, this time in the add-ons...  


The crew of The Yamato are in a small mining town on a pickup. A fire fight breaks out between the local gangers and the Galactic Guard. Also caught in the crossfire are innocent civilians and two local security cops. Protect the civilians and help the local security restore order! Will Ellen be able to control the Beast or will he run rampage?

The Miniature Mega Deal has 12 original miniatures including a brand new trader crew, a new Mission log and 5 NPC specific Event cards all for the piffling sum of £35 :)  

(RRP if bought separately would be £48 for the miniatures alone!)

A whole new trading crew and a bunch of guys :)
A whole new trading crew and a bunch of guys :)




Weis served the military of his homeworld faithfully for thirty years but was retired against his will due to cutbacks. Feeling betrayed and lost Weis struggled to adapt to civilian life. Knowing only how to be a soldier Weis took over the command of the Yamato although the ship itself is owned by a small trading conglomerate.  


Wild and reckless Alecia was fast heading for trouble. Running with a gang she realised she wasn't cold or hard enough for that life. Weis took her under his wing and although she would never admit it she sees him as a father figure.  


As a mercenary Ellen sold her skills as Beast and Master, controlling the 'beast' via a neural network patched directly to her bracelets. In reality the relationship is far more symbiotic and over the years the Beast has become almost a part of her personality.  


Large and powerful, from a species known as the Merg, the Beast has an intelligence on par with a higher mammal or lower primate. He accepts Ellen's control and without her guidance would succumb to the destructive nature that caused his species to be hunted to near extinction.  

The crew of the Yamato are also available as an add-on separate from the Mega Deal. Speaking of add-ons we've also made Zed's Crew available.

I'd avoid a pub with these guys propping up the bar!
I'd avoid a pub with these guys propping up the bar!


If you're a core backer you already have them as FREE stretch goals, they're available for those who have a Terrain only pledge or just want more Zed! (I know there's plenty who want to paint Evangeline in two different outfits). 

What else have we got coming in the last 5 days...

One thing we've been asked for many times is the ability to be able to create your own characters within the Core Space universe. We've been working on a system that will allow you to do just that. It will provide you with generic physical versions of the Character, Class, Ship, Civilian and NPC Boards. Also some blank equipment tokens so you can even make your own weapons. More on this in another update :)

Purge back up...

So what happens when the Purge are struggling to defeat you, maybe you're fielding some very experienced crew with all the best weapons and teaming up with your fellow player's to fight back the normally unstoppable onslaught...

Classified for future update! :)
Classified for future update! :)


We have two new Purge NPC's coming soon that will turn the tide of battle again, will you be able to stand your ground when they enter the board? Both will bring new challenges to how you approach a mission and even the most advanced and brave traders will think twice before charging in...

Restricted for civilian viewers! :)
Restricted for civilian viewers! :)


Civilian and Ship Boards...

Finally we are working on some ideas with the Civilian and Ship Boards that will allow more flexibility, both in game and between missions. It will open up character and civilian options as well as aid you when hiring new or replacement crew members... More in this over the last few days. :)

So until the next update...

Colin and Wayne.

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    1. John L Vogt

      Thanks for being responsive to your backers. I have no choice but to throw more money at you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders on

      Well that's an extra £35 you've just gotten out of me, I can't wait to see what you guys add next? :3

    3. Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne Collaborator on

      Daniel, it can be added later but it won't help us towards stretch goals. Bryan, U is the Yamato crew :) Matthew, nope as eracer said we'd go bust! Also, we're looking at bigger mats but not for this KS.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel McCluskey on

      Can this be added at a later date or does it have to be now?

    5. Bryan Creehan

      Just curious - I see Add-on T (Mega Miniature Deal) and Add-on V (Zed's Crew), what's Add-on U? Or is that redacted...

    6. eracer68 on

      @Matthew. I'm pretty confident this is not included in the Titan pledge. They would likely lose money on such an offer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Webster on

      Great stuffs guys! Will everything now be included in the Titan pledge? And would you folks ever make the 2x2 playmats in a 6x4 so we can make.mega games?

    8. Benjamin Jelley on

      Oh yes....

      Oh yes indeed

    9. Sebastian on

      Great stuff guys!!

    10. MidnightBlue

      It is a very good thing that you censored those images as from what little I can see they are just filthy and not appropriate for proper gentlemen and ladies!

      How dare you dare you?!?


    11. eracer68 on

      Now I'm going to have to go through my couch cushions for loose change. That's a very tempting add-on.

    12. Jack