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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Who's Who - The Purge

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne (Collaborator)

Hi, guys, here's the second of the occasional Who's Who updates, this time it's the Purge.


The Purge are a semi-sentient race of humanoid machines whose sole task is to harvest worlds. They have a hive mind, much like insects and almost no sense of self preservation.  

They were designed to be the main antagonists of the game, controlled by the AI and there to make the player's lives as difficult as possible! 

The inhabitants of Core Space give the Purge names by type but otherwise know very little about them. Purge technology is very rare, destroyed Purge start decaying on deactivation leaving nothing but a puddle of common polymers.  

The Purge are paradoxically both scary and a bit pathetic with their small heads and expressionless faces. Much like the 'mediocrity of evil' where the foulest acts in history were performed by people who looked harmless and were just 'following orders' the Purge's very blankness and lack of emotion would make them far scarier in real life.  

Of course the Purge aren't evil, they're driven to perform their tasks and have no free will but the people of the Core Space universe would find that deadness to the soul even more horrifying - and that's the nub of the Purge, they are the villain that keeps people awake at night, the bogeyman under the bed, so little is known about them that the rumours are almost as scary as their acts.  


The Harvesters were designed to be relentless and a bit overwhelming putting the player's under constant pressure. Harvesters get in close and when there's enough of them they swarm. 

There's an element of the Terminator about them but also something alien. Whereas the Terminators were like pod people (with something not quite right about them triggering the uncanny valley) the Harvesters can't be mistaken for human except as a silhouette in a doorway... something no one wants to see. Essentially their motives are mysterious, inviting the primeval fear of capture or being eaten alive.

There were several designs based on the human skeleton.
There were several designs based on the human skeleton.



Devastators are built like tanks and just as subtle, their job is to destroy, not to capture. They were designed to make the players think twice about head on assaults and consider other tactics. Also, they're a great way of stopping player's dawdling and wasting time!  

As they are nothing but a weapon they are equipped with the bare essentials - arms without hands, a face with a single large eye. A monster in robot form.  

At first we were going to make the Purge modular so the early concepts look very much like Harvesters.
At first we were going to make the Purge modular so the early concepts look very much like Harvesters.



Assassins are infiltrators, able to target individuals in the heart of enemy territory and remove them. They are are semi-autonomous and able to make decisions when away from the group. This doesn't mean you'll stumble upon one reading a paperback, but rather their intelligence is geared towards the most efficient means of killing. 

They are hard to stop and have to be annihilated, a clean head shot means nothing as like all Purge machines the Assassin's 'head' is actually a sense cluster with the brain housed in the chest cavity.

The Assassin is designed to put pressure on the team captain in particular. The original colour scheme resembled a black ninja but the details were hard to make out so we opted for a bone white and carbon look, the synthesis of skeleton and machine.  

The Assassins are sleeker, more complex machines and not mass produced like Harvesters.
The Assassins are sleeker, more complex machines and not mass produced like Harvesters.



The only organic Purge ever encountered the Live Ones are both commander and scout. They control the other Purge but also double as infiltrators using their holographic tech and intelligence to mingle with other races.  

Live Ones are intelligent but no more open to reason than a Harvester. They were born for one job and they do it and nothing else. They are self aware and can think and feel but they're no more free than their brethren. The Purge are essentially a slave race.  

We came up with several concepts for the Live Ones and most of them centred around a mysterious 'hooded one'. The cloak was envisioned as a weapon in itself and was cut into mobile looking strips. The Live Ones don't eat or drink but recharge from a socket in their back, the extent of their cybernetics is unknown as like all Purge they rapidly decay upon death.  

Although organic the Live Ones were artificially created.
Although organic the Live Ones were artificially created.


Hope you found that interesting.

Cheers :)

Wayne and Colin.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders

      I'd imagine that this Kickstarter is part 1 of what will be an on going project.

    2. magisystem on

      Sorry to say, but that doesn't work for me. If a movie leaves questions unanswered where there are seveeal possibilities, that's fine by me. But if a movie ends with question marks, because some parts of the story simply don't make sense, that looks like the plotwriters were too lazy or dumb to think it over and realize their mistakes. That's not my impresdiin of Battlesystems, so I am sure they thought about it. If you don't want to know it, you don't have to read it, but I want at least to know that there is an explanation that makes sense. Even if this explanation is only uncovered during the gameplay, but if there is no consistent explanation available, that would make for a major plothole that would (at least for me) prevent immersion and destroy the atmosphere. In TV series plot hooks and cliffhangers work because you get the answers later on. If you watch on, and the series ends without solving the riddle, you'll most likely be dissappointed. Just my 2cnts

    3. MidnightBlue

      But Jason that point Cthulhu will indeed awaken...and then promptly hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

    4. Benjamin Jelley on


    5. Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne Collaborator on

      He knows too much! Keeeeeeeelll him!

    6. Benjamin Jelley on

      Liking the back story. I agree with others that not knowing the “reason” makes it more interesting. Actually frustrating too, it’s how TV shows draw you in with story arcs. With this I feel motivated to play because of the questions. I won’t find the answers in game, but feel compelled to play to try and get the answers.

      I think that means BS just used engrained TV psychology to sell a game. Does that make them the Purge? Are the harvesting us? Are we backing a game, which is actually the game played by the BS overords? Are they eating HobNobs and drinking tea while dressed in a purple thong laughing at their pieces frantically throwing money at them?! Aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh!

      I’m good. Sorry. Head trip

    7. Jason J on

      I like the fact that we don't know why the Purge do what they do, precisely because the characters in the game don't know why the Purge do what they do. This gives scope for further instalments of the game that will, over time, explain more and more until one day, the horror of the real threat becomes clear.
      It's called being held in suspense.

    8. AWolenkaiser on

      I think something is scarier when you don't know all the answers. When you know it all you can try to compensate the motivation to do something and to do it the way it's done, but when something is out of your comprehension "why do they do it?" And "Why do they do it THIS way?" It creates anxiety and uncertainty. I don't mind knowing it all, but the best stories always leave something in the dark.

      And heck, their masters are damned aliens, perhaps the strangest you've ever (not yet) seen, so don't try to understand them, humans! ;)

    9. Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne Collaborator on

      The Purge also harvest raw elements by destroying worlds and snuffing suns but they can (and do) harvest asteroids. They harvest LIVE biomass for a very specific reason. The Purge could create living organisms but why not just harvest them? There's a whole galaxy of living beings ripe for the taking.... (mwha ha ha!)

    10. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Ah... the story unfolds... who are they, why do they do what they do... in the way they do it... where exactly are they from :)

    11. magisystem on

      I was hoping for an update about the Purge. But either I misunderstood that race, or I am still missing a major information:
      As far as I understand, the Purge harvests organic material a.k.a. living beings. But WHY are they collecting biomass? It would make sense for an organic swarm as resource to create more dones and expand the swarm. But for machines that reason would make them miners, not killers. So what do they need the biomass for?

    12. Paul Inman on

      Do one about the Augmented. I really want to more about it. It's very reminiscent of Biotics in Mass Effect. Also, and this is probably a bit nerdy, let's hear a bit about the ships and space travel. How do ships navigate the galaxy? Is it just the galaxy or has humanity expanded beyond the Milky Way?

    13. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      So the question is why harvest? For a machine race that breaks down into polymers with only one type(we have seen so far) that is flesh, why harvest biological units this way? This is a very inefficient way to harvest worlds for an artificial intelligence. It seems for an AI, there would be a logical reason why individual AI units would harvest separately. Just some thoughts about your story line. I am looking forward to the game. I just wonder about story specifics and back information.

    14. TheEnemy on

      Good stuff. Background on the Purge makes them a lot more interesting. They and the form you present them in remind me a lot about the XCOM game (which is not a bad thing) :-)

    15. Daniel perez on

      Great stuff here! Enjoying this anticipation!