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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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Great start, we're very happy :)

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne (Collaborator)

Good morning / afternoon / evening or good night (depending on location :)

CORE SPACE!!! CORE SPACE!!!! Core Space!! core space! (echo)
CORE SPACE!!! CORE SPACE!!!! Core Space!! core space! (echo)


Thanks to every one one of you guys and girls for giving us a great start. 576 backers in the first night, thats nearly 200 more than we've ever had on any KS campaign. We are used to running terrain Kickstarters with very low funding goals so to be this far into the funding already (640 backers as I write this) is amazing. Keep spreading the word, you're doing great.

Chatting through the comments with you guys everyone seems pumped for the game and the gameplay which is perfect and just what we wanted. A few questions were asked and to save you looking through the endless comments here's a summary. :)

The game can be played Solo, competitive, cooperative and even a combination of all of those through a single mission or campaign.

The game will have a character generator and we plan to have extra character boards. These will have blank titles, etc. so you can name and field your own characters.

We also plan to allow you to field the AI characters in the game as a team too. So if you like the Gangs, such as Zed and his crew (you've not met them all yet) you will be able to play them as your crew for missions and campaigns. Even the Galactic Corps if you like, wait till you meet the Juggernaught :D

Director Zool's Galactic Corps
Director Zool's Galactic Corps


Droids? (I think Lucasfilm own that word). Let's say synthetic life forms and robots... are coming. In the main video you see Mac and also in a Let's Play video coming from Beasts of War.

Mac has no particular affiliation, he goes with the flo  :)
Mac has no particular affiliation, he goes with the flo :)


Jace and Arianna's crews are not the only ones we have, we have more planned and will show you these soon. We would like many crews and crew types to populate this galaxy and also to continue to grow over the next few years... We love our sci-fi :D

Terrain and packing the game away. The game comes in a nice box (think CMON box style) It should all pack down flat back into the box, even the terrain. Minis are in trays and generally it's a nice packing system. Of course, as we fund the box and how bits are packed will change so we need the final mini count (as one example) before we finalise the size and shape.

There was also a question regarding how the minis scale with others. Here's a quick shot of two of ours with some others. There is not a great deal of difference between these, some are 32mm and some are 28mm.

Left to right. Hasslefree 28mm, Warpath 28mm, Core Space, Core Space, Zombicide 32mm, Walking Dead AOW, not sure if they are 32mm or 34mm :)


As you can see we use a more realistic style of stance and pose for our minis, looking at the more real world everyman for our trader characters and this was our aim right from the start.

Anyway, thanks again for a fantastic start and let's see how far we can expand the Core Space galaxy :)

Colin & Wayne.

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    1. Aymar on

      Just one question, appart from a combine shipping what would be the advantage of taking any set as an add-on? The content and price seems to be identical to the regular price?

      Anyway good luck, I will certainly boost my pledge!

    2. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      lol. You're right Webkeeper

      AWolenkaiser - I keep seeing Baymax too.

    3. AWolenkaiser on

      Must be coincidence then. It kind of resembled a skinny updated version. Anyways, now that I've seen it it's stuck on my head, so it will end painted red and white :)

    4. CK Lai on

      Lucasfilm/Disney doesn't own the rights to the term "droids" as it was used in SF long before Star Wars came out.

      What SW did was popularise the term.

      Then again ... we live in an era where the words "space" and "marine" can't be used in the same sentence without certain lawyers in a certain games company getting all antsy, so who knows?

    5. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      lol. Not had that ref before... it must be the eyes :)

    6. AWolenkaiser on

      Love your ideas and concepts, I want to see what you have planned. Also, it's only me or Mak looks like Baymax cousin? ;)