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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
1,655 backers pledged £195,457 to help bring this project to life.

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Core Space Unboxing

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

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It's On Its Way!

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hey everyone!

It’s time to start counting down the days – Core Space is on its way! That’s right, production is finished and the games have left China. In case you want to follow it every step of the way, you can track the boat here:

The boat is scheduled to arrive in the UK on March the 5th – slightly behind schedule, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth it when you see what’s coming 😊. From there it will take up to a week to be unloaded and taken to our fulfilment centre, so we will begin shipping from the second week in March.

Our second container was unfortunately held up at the port and will be arriving around a week later. With this in mind we will ship all of the orders we can as soon as the first container arrives – this includes all boxed game pledges and a few of the add-ons. We should then be ready to move onto the remaining pledges as soon as the other container arrives.

We will post more updates to keep you posted on the shipping progress and any other questions nearer the time. Thanks for bearing with us.

Now it’s time for a sneak peek at what you’ll be getting…

Production Samples

The final production samples of the game have arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. We will be doing an unboxing video or two very soon to show you the game in all its glory, but in the meantime here are some teasers:

Facebook Group

With the game so close, we wanted a place where people could meet to chat about it – showing off their paint schemes, scenery builds, gameplay tips, and anything Core Space related. Luckily, some of our fans have set up the Core Space Universe group on Facebook. You can find it here:

If you’re on Facebook, please join the group – we’re really looking forward to building a great online Core Space community. We will also use the group for semi-official announcements from time to time so it’s useful to keep up to date with the game too.

That’s it for now, we’ll be back with an even more exciting update next week...

Until then, happy gaming!

Production Update and January Sale

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great festive season.

Just a quick update to let you know that production is going well. We had the last of the production miniatures in last week - the Annihilator and Gatherers, and they're looking excellent.

Aren't they cute!
Aren't they cute!

These guys will be making their debut in the Purge: Outbreak campaign. This won't be hitting retail until later in the year, but backers will be sent a digital copy of all the missions as part of their pledge.

Purge: Outbreak
Purge: Outbreak

Miniatures aside, we've seen and approved the samples of all the printed components and we've tested all the trays. All that's left to do now is make some final tweaks here and there, and get it all put into boxes and onto a boat! Chinese New Year is fast approaching, but our manufacturer is confident they can get it all over to us on schedule. We will post another update as soon as it's on a boat, at which point we will have a concrete delivery date for you.

January Sale

You may have seen that over on the Battle Systems site we are having our first ever sale! This is the perfect chance to pick up those things you've been meaning to buy for ages at an awesome discount. Our sci-fi terrain is all completely compatible with Core Space, so you could grab an Outlands bundle and set your games in a planetary desert outpost, or a Galactic set for some epic multi-level action.

There are also great deals on our Fantasy and Urban Apocalypse ranges.

With Core Space on its way very soon, it will be hitting retail shortly after we get all of the pledges shipped to backers. We have therefore made the retail edition of Core Space available for pre-order during the sale. If you know anyone who's kicking themselves for missing out on the Kickstarter, please send them over to our website for a great deal.

Of course, the deal isn't as good as the one that backers got, but that's the benefit of getting in early! :-) The website pre-order is for the retail version of the game, whereas your pledge comes with additional crews, Purge, NPCs, scenery, the deluxe rulebook, and more, lots of which won't hit retail for many months (like the Purge Outbreak expansion above).

Thanks again for your support with this Kickstarter. We can't wait to get your rewards to you so people can start playing.

Happy Gaming!

Core Space production update :)

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hi, guys, a few things to talk about, Core Space production, Core Space day, and our January sale :)


Above all else we must give you the production update we promised. There is so much to show you, like the rule book proof, that we can't possibly fit it all in the update text so... its Core Space Video Update time :)

This video is a whopper sorry, but its packed with cool stuff so grab a mince pie, some mulled wine and let me show you all the cool things that have been arriving.



Much merriment was had on our first official Core Space Day. This Saturday just gone we set up shop at Board in Brum a game shop in Walsall not far from Birmingham.

The Titan style set up :)
The Titan style set up :)


Our volunteers Ian and Drew played demo games of Core Space, Ian with the beginners and the more brave trying the multi-level set up with Drew. Colin ran a Titan set up that players were able to join in and leave as they wished (each player took on a single character rather than a team so it was mega flexible).  

Core Space on the Galactic set... lots of G-Corps on this one :)
Core Space on the Galactic set... lots of G-Corps on this one :)


Most of the people who turned up were backers of Core Space but many of them dropped in just to take a look and they weren't disappointed. Everyone enjoyed the game and the whole day had a relaxed and cheerful vibe, it is definitely something we will do again.  

The demo table for warming up :)
The demo table for warming up :)


Also on hand was Scott from Deathstroke Miniature Painting Studio who was demoing how he paints miniatures and had some of his work on display.  

Scott showing how to paint the many glorious tones of 'Tan" :)
Scott showing how to paint the many glorious tones of 'Tan" :)

The co-owner of Board in Brum, Simon Coldrick, is a backer to our previous campaigns and indeed had the idea of a Core Space day. Board in Brum hosts open gaming three times a week and welcomes everyone.  

Just two of the tables set up before we opened :)
Just two of the tables set up before we opened :)


Anyone who owns a game shop or similar venue can contact us at our usual address if they're interested in hosting a Core Space day.  


For the first time ever we're having a sale. Normally we reserve special deals to our shows and Kickstarters but we've decided to have a bit of a sale on our webshop. It's a first come, first served deal so don't sit on your hands, we actually expect to sell out of some stock (luckily we have reprints on the way in the New Year). We've pencilled in 7th January as the start of the sale, we'll let you know if that changes. The webshop address is

Well just time for us to wish you all a merry Xmas and while we're here a jolly happy new year too.

Until the next update... Happy Gaming

Colin, Wayne and Stew :)

Core Space gaming event just 7 days away... :)

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hey space traders,

So Core Space day is just 7 days away and now its getting close here’s what we can confirm is for the day. It's your chance to play Core Space, meet and chat with us, learn from our painting workshop and pick up a goody bag with exclusive rewards inside!


It will be co-hosted with Board In Brum in the West Midlands, a great games store filled with hobby enthusiasts and run by gamers :) Address at the bottom of this update.

The set up is now confirmed as the following.

• X2 Demo Tables - So you can play a few rounds to get that Core Space feel.

• A big participation game on a 4ft x 2ft table (Titan style) with 4 crews and up to 12 players

• A full multi-level game of Core Space using our Galactic Core set, yeah!

• All the above games will be using fully painted miniatures thanks to some very talented painters, Deathsroke, Hotdrop Studios and Board In Brum’s very own Jez ☺

• Painting Workshop - Meet our Purge Painter Deathstroke and see how it’s done. We will also have some Harvesters there for you to paint too, grab a brush and practice ready for the when your Core Space goodness arrives.

• Artwork from the final Deluxe Rulebook, Master Resin Miniatures, Original Sketches all on display for your fingers to flick through. Also production components – See the Annihilator and Gathers and how their new unique character cards work… as just one example.

• A goody bag with exclusive rewards.... We are giving away free for all that come (while stocks last) a goody bag with some terrain inside and an exclusive 3D printed Galactic Credit Turn Counter. Don’t worry faithful supporters we will make this counter available at various events going forward.

Basically it’s a full day of Core Space goodness! Drop us a comment below if you know you’re coming ☺


Fear not, if you can't make it this time we are looking to host more Core Space Days over the coming months and years hopefully in multiple areas and countries, no gamer left behind. If you want a Core Space event in your local store, ask your store manager to get in touch with us at and we'll try to set something up :-).

Also we have some cool production updates coming very soon. This week lots of nice shiny production samples have been landing on our desk almost daily and we’re are dying to share them with you all ☺

He's just some of what we have to check through :)
He's just some of what we have to check through :)


Follow our Facebook page to stay in the loop with all the details.

Use the Facebook event page and if you’re attending click the ‘Going’ button.

Want to be a trader too? Due to someone dropping out we are looking for 1 or 2 of you guys and girls to help us on the day and run some demos. We will look after you as always with some additional treats. If you can help email us at to volunteer... if you dare :oD

If you can’t make the event don’t worry

Thanks for the support and as always... Happy Gaming :)

Colin, Wayne & Stew

Core Space venue address:

BOARD IN BRUM - The Harmony Care Building, Bentley Lane, Walsall, WS2 8TL. 10am to 5pm