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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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    1. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator 11 minutes ago

      Damn... all this gaming night talk makes me realise what I miss running a games company. lol

    2. Onus Bray about 15 hours ago

      @drewbag, which characters have you used

    3. Onus Bray about 15 hours ago

      When your DM apologizes for killing you off, and texts the next day to make shore no offence has been taken.... i know we've gone soft, me be beer and pretzels are the way forward over tea toast n smoke lol.

    4. Drewbag
      1 day ago

      @Jason Absolutely. Currently our most played game is Mythic Battles: Pantheon so PvP isn't an issue with us!

    5. Jason J 1 day ago

      that's precisely what Hypnocat did to me Drew. We've been mates over 30 years so I expected it (and would have done the same in his shoes) but it still had me spitting feathers. Of your gaming group is very much a beer and pretzels type gang, you're going to love this game in a big way.
      This is co-op with switchblades.

    6. Drewbag
      1 day ago

      @Onus Funnily enough I was thinking just this morning how much of a bad-guy crew you could make yourself if you were willing to screw the other players over. Other crew claim the objective? Get between them and their ship and threaten to grenade their arses to hell and back unless they hand the loot over!

      I've so far only played one "standard" mission then spent the following night prepping the mission I'll be demoing at UKGE so I've not had much opportunity to cause chaos.

    7. Onus Bray 2 days ago

      My group is used to Co-op games and its all a bit friendly,and English, core space looks like it may shake us up and get the evil going lol

    8. Onus Bray 2 days ago

      I want gloom haven. But it's a big comittment,and Im still on the fence about legacy style games,so instead I backed gloom haven lite...... Folklore the affliction,

    9. Jason J 2 days ago

      that's BGG for you. People vote things up (or sometimes down) whether they own them or have played them or not. You can mostly take the ratings system with a pinch of salt.

    10. Drewbag
      2 days ago

      *not getting released, even. Bloody autocorrect

    11. Drewbag
      2 days ago

      I've never played Gloomhaven and after having spent a couple of evenings playing Core Space, I can confirm that it is fully deserving of such a high rating but the fact that Core Space is already getting ranked is strange given that it's not getting releases for another six months.

    12. kontuz 2 days ago

      I've only played Gloomhaven solo, and it's a great game even so. I don't see CS and it fighting for the same niche. If they were, my money would be on GH. :)

    13. Jason J 3 days ago

      and so it should be. I've not played Gloomhaven but I can't imagine it's better. For sure CS deserves its place amongst the very best.

    14. Onus Bray 3 days ago

      Core space is now ranked higher than gloomhaven

    15. Drewbag
      5 days ago

      Keep an eye out for new images on Core Space's BGG page.

    16. Drewbag
      5 days ago

      It was the standard map we played. Same again last night, although Colin and I focused on the demo game we'll be showcasing at UK Games Expo next week. I won't give away too much but players will certainly get a chance to do some exploring, some shooting and see the games AI in full flow. It's a thing of beauty.

      If anyone's heading to Birmingham next month be sure to come and check Core Space out. As backers you'll know more about the game than your general passer-by so you can test me on some or the more advanced rules we'll be throwing in ;-)

      I made sure to take plenty of photos this time around too so expect them to be uploaded to BGG and the Battlesystems Facebook group later today.

    17. Jason J 6 days ago

      probably the standard 60x60 mat @Cepparian - that's what BS have been running demos and testing on mostly.

    18. The Cepparian
      6 days ago

      @Drewbag TY for the report! Did you play in the 60x60cm map size or bigger?

    19. Drewbag
      7 days ago

      @MikeR I've yet to play Gloomhaven. I fully expect when I do I'll love it but there's so many on my wishlist I don't know when I'll actually get round to buying it!

    20. Gregg R. 7 days ago

      At the moment, I am thinking to name the ship "Seeker" sounds forthcoming...

    21. MikeR 7 days ago

      @ Drewbag -
      I was thinking of naming a custom ship "Gloomhaven" for that favorite game of mine.

      I cannot wait for Core Space to arrive !! So excited !!

    22. George Adsett-Knutsen 7 days ago

      @Jason J Sounds very cool! I’ve not played the alpha bit a similar experience to Vampire Hunters. Played 4 hunts and last night was the first time the Hunters got out alive. Team play and thinking most definitely required.

    23. thothkins on May 12

      I see that Jason J mentioned the BPRD game.…

      So, lots of mad scientist labs and the like. From the comics, I think the minis/theme would go extremely well with the BS Fantasy range too, and offer the chance to combine it with Core Space.

      I'm just glad I spotted it. It's only the BS campaigns that usually get me peeking into KS.

    24. Drewbag
      on May 11

      I'm naming my custom ship the "Omphalos" as a little tribute to my current - and come November, second favourite game, Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

    25. Phil & Amy Atherton on May 11

      Talking about crews FF have just announced the rest of Phoenix Squad from Star Wars Rebels (for Imperial Assault) so I've got my custom crew coming and should have the painted up for the arrival of CS.

    26. Jason J on May 11

      You got out alive, albeit dragging a downed crew member - the other week I left two crew on the board and chanced my luck with the teleport. It was very very clear that unless you have a fully functional and heavily armed crew, it's not wise to stand toe to toe with live ones and annihilators. Running away may sound like a cowardly cop out, but in some ways that's very much the point of this game - you cannot beat everything the game will most certainly throw at you. The trick therefore is in recognising risk versus reward and knowing when to run like your life depends on it (because it likely does). I like that concept - it totally changes your mindset when gaming.
      I know of no other game that plays quite like Corespace. It was tense - I mean seriously tense, trying to work out whether you could risk running through a room to open up a crate that just might contain the ship part or financial/equipment reward you were seeking. I suspect, when the between rounds trading game is included and so crew development and ship integrity become a contributing factor, that risk/reward gamble becomes even more prevalent. We only played one game, a small snapshot of a larger campaign, and it didn't matter whether our crews survived or not, or whether they achieved their objectives, and yet even then it became important to us.
      I just love how Colin has designed the game. It draws you in to the CS universe so well. You become the characters you are playing.

    27. Drewbag
      on May 10

      @Jason J Yes, we started off somewhat kitted out but the hostility tracker was equally more increased and boy did it show! Had this have been a campaign I would have considered my efforts a failure as we pretty much dashed in, got hounded then ran away with our tails between our legs but for a one-off experience it was perfect for showing off some of the new advanced rules.

    28. Jason J on May 10

      @Drew - great report. I'm sure you played with a levelled up crew similar to the ones Hypnocat and I used a couple of weeks ago, and the resultant game seems to have been yet another humdinger. This game has real character. It's sooo much fun to play.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Brown on May 10

      Awesome Battle Report! :)

    30. Drewbag
      on May 10

      So last night I was given an opportunity to play Core Space as part of playtesting. I have to say the hype is real, guys. The game is SO much fun.

      Drama was had on all sides of the table when the Live One ambushed my crew at the first opportunity of one arriving! Along with the Live One, Jace, Mac and Roykirk had to face off against two Harvestors and a Devastator. Mac pummelled a Harvestor into oblivion and Jace swerved a reactionary attack from the other Harvestor to shoot the Live One dead before it almost certainly killed poor Roykirk who was pinned down by it.

      Having weathered the storm, my guys saw fit to retreat back to their ship as Colin’s crew of Arianna, Gak and Lars had taken advantage of the situation and claimed the main objective – freeing a captured civilian from his cell, and was already making their way back to their ship. Then it happened...

      Arianna, her crew and escort were ambushed by another Live One, and Assassin, a Devastator… and an Annihilator. The Annihator made mincemeat of the poor civilian nearby but before it could do any more damage, Roykirk used his last skill point to disable the Annihilator to allow Arianna just enough time to drag a downed Gak back aboard their ship.

      How the six of us all came out alive, I don't know but it was a hell of a way to be introduced to the game!

      Already looking forward to the next playtest – and next time I'll make sure I take some photos to upload to the Battlesystems Facebook page/BGG for everyone to see.

    31. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on May 9

      oh er... scale talk... this is always a tough one. So ours are 32mm and thats from top of the base to eye level. I've got Zombicide 1 and 2 ... or 1 and 3 can never remember. Zombicide classic standing zombie male walker is exactly 32mm from top of base to eye so will be the same size as ours and they are realistic sculpts (more or less) like our approach. Jace is quiet a tall chap and he's 32mm TOBTE and next to CMON Zombie they are the same height. Gak is 36mm TOBTE Harvester 33mm TOBTE Mac & Dev's are 38.5mm TOBTE Arianna is 29.5mm TOBTE... just some measurements to help you choose. We are really have been trying to nail the heights so that they all scale correctly :) hope that all helps.

    32. Jason J on May 9

      28 and 32 are often the same when it comes to miniatures scale - it depends on whether you're measuring to the eyes or the top of the head, and even when the reference point is the same, it's pretty clear that different sculptors have vastly different rulers if the final results are anything to go by. Don't count alternate minis out until you've done a side by side comparison.

    33. Juanti Lourens
      on May 9

      @Drewbag I'm in the same boat as you. Just couldn't pull the trigger on the game (although shipping is my major concern)

      If I get the game I personally won't be using the invader heroes for Core Space. Zombicide scale is 28mm while Core is 32mm. In real life that's a whole run maneuver shorter! The proportions will just look weird when mixed in with the base traders. I do want to say that I'll definitely be using Human Interface minis for gangers and security.

    34. Drewbag
      on May 8

      @Kontuz Yep, they were both add-ons for about $15 if I remember rightly. I probably wasn't going to pick them up but now I'm considering it. I'm currently only in for $1 on Invader as I've had the Core Space and Human Interface: Be A Better Human pledge managers close recently but I fully intend to up the pledge when the PM opens.

    35. kontuz on May 8

      Invader didn't do it for me, especially for it's price tag. Both the Kabuki and Orphans were add-ons, right?

      Now the Overruners, I may have to dip into that one. :)

    36. Drewbag
      on May 8

      @MikeR Yes! They would make a fantastic standalone crew or gang to encounter. The Orphans too would make a great gang of rogues. The possibilities for this game are almost endless.

    37. MikeR on May 8

      @ Drewbag -
      I thought exactly the same thing about Falconer. In fact, I pledged for Invader mostly to populate my games of Core Space. While I thought the Kabuki gang didn't make sense in Invader I think it will make perfect sense in Core Space. A special engagement show at Zed's ? General ganger activity ? A custom crew ?

    38. Justin D. on May 7

      I first saw the folded game mat dice tray in your videos on Battlesystems tutorials. People noticed the cool hat/dice trays and asked about them. Now I'm noticing them on all kinds of gaming videos and even as an add on in the Hellboy Kickstarter. Do you get credit for creating this trend? I'd like to think so. I think it'd be nice if some small game mats/mouse pads with Core Space art and buttons on the corners make it into the Battlesystems store some day. I'm looking for a proper walking dead comics mat to put buttons in and use for my walking dead games.

    39. Laurent on May 6

      @BS: I imagine, yes :-)

    40. Jeff La Belle
      on May 5

      I have amassed so much BS card terrain I have built a tower out of the pit

    41. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on May 5

      Hey Jack just email us! (Snigger) - Okay I'll email you from our end and hopefully your reply will work that way. If not message us back here and we can arrange to string to plastic cups together and pull them tight :)
      nsmaree, its all being arranged now so its in pieces, so its not quite ready :)
      who let Jeff out the pit???
      Drewbag, that will work :)
      Laurent - Yep you and about 80% of the crews here :)

    42. Jack Briggs-Miller on May 5

      Hey, I've tried emailing but keeps saying it won't sent to you as it looks like spam. I'm in Essex but would love the chance to demo for you. I'm 3 years into my own game design and would love to learn for the next stage when I'm ready for big demos etc

    43. Missing avatar

      nsmaree on May 5

      Hi chaps. Any chance of an updated rulebook? Thanks

    44. Drewbag
      on May 5

      Any Zombicide: Invader backers see the Doctor Falconer (Prof. Stephen Hawkins) survivor and instantly think there needs to be an escort/rescue mission for Core Space home-brewed? I did... Then I saw the full sculpt. Rescue? That dude controls controls the Purge!

    45. Jeff La Belle
      on May 5

      Col if you want to send one to the usa... I will demo it

    46. Laurent on May 5

      Super eager to play the game and to show it to other people, but i live in the wrong country :-D

    47. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on May 5

      lol. I'm sure we mentioned it Jack... just probably got lost in the comments :) Loved designing and drawing the artwork for that building as it meant I got to play the game for a weekend too... you know... research.. cough!! ;)

    48. Jack Briggs-Miller on May 5

      Just seen your team up for the fallout red rocket set, why haven't we heard about this on here!!!

    49. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on May 4

      Ross - No worries we have replied to your email :) - The reason we have to lock down is so we can calculate the print numbers and place the orders for all the components... otherwise we would be happy to keep the BK open forever. lol

    50. Kevin H on May 4

      Ross dont stress, battle systems have to be the most approachable company ever on Kickstarter and will sort things out for you. Also after the KS is delivered we will be able to buy core space goodies from there online store so dont worry
      Best kev

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