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The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!
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    1. Kevin H 7 minutes ago

      I have all the Blake 7 characters including the bad guys the federation.
      They are the crooked dice ones and looking forward to adding them to this game

    2. Drewbacca
      about 12 hours ago

      Bonus points for Scutter miniatures!

    3. Drewbacca
      about 12 hours ago

      I need a Red Dwarf crew in my life.

    4. Jack Briggs-Miller about 13 hours ago

      Will have to custom special rules for “not rimmer” can’t deal damage but can ignore walls for moment purposes. Maybe good to draw fire and search for items just can’t pick them up or just go hard-light.

    5. Jack Briggs-Miller about 13 hours ago

      Just started to paint my red sector minis. Can’t wait to create a custom crew for them. Got my old star-bug playse has had several legs snap off. perfect for a escape, salvage and find way off planet/space station mission.

    6. Gregg R. 2 days ago

      Thanks for the replies. Yup have extra Purge and can add in other mini's if needed . I have the SCI FI KS from before plus Titan plus more so was thinking when it comes setting up on the pool table a huge all day "run" some snowy day. plus teleporting to another table if needed

    7. Jason J 2 days ago

      although I might yet find funds - will the pledge manager be reopened for a quick top up before fulfilment starts or do we have to come knocking at the door of BS Towers ?

    8. Jason J 2 days ago

      I'm assuming you'll have boxsets of Purge and other minis at the very least in blisters at UKGE next year (along with SECRET and REDACTED).

    9. Drewbacca
      2 days ago

      Already ordered, Wayne. As well as a handful of extra civilians and guards!

      Colin and I have so far been play-testing missions for the core game but we did discuss doing another large map game too. Also, I can advise that multi-level setups play really well too and add a (wait for it) whole other level of action!

    10. George Adsett-Knutsen 2 days ago

      @Jason & @Drewbacca thanks for that...

    11. Battle Systems Ltd - Wayne Collaborator 2 days ago

      We've played with the Titan setup (actually the core space prototype wedged up to a Gothic Crawler), plays great. Would recommend that peeps with Titans consider getting an extra set of Purge to fill the space up. You can totally get away with one set of Purge but we don't want you to have an easy time!

    12. Gregg R. 2 days ago

      has anyone that is playtesting tried to do a LARGE scale adventure map? If so what did you think?

    13. Drewbacca
      3 days ago

      That’s the one. I’ll definitely check a few of those out. Obviously balance may be an issue, as with loading item crates but once every has their hands on the game they can be ironed out.

    14. Jason J 3 days ago

      of course they don't have maps just yet, but you can bet they'll have them soon enough, and likely find their way onto any official forum/repository.

    15. Drewbacca
      3 days ago

      In fact, I know there’s a forum around somewhere where well over a dozen or more backer-made missions have been listed.

      Is that right or am I mixing my Kickstarters up!?

    16. Drewbacca
      3 days ago

      George I’m exactly the same. I own a couple of Zombicides and am forever depending on premade setups and missions!

      That being said I have been getting ideas on how to include some smaller side missions for Core Space to play between main missions. Jailbreak ones in particular if a downed Trader gets captured/arrested by Gangs or G-Corps.

    17. George Adsett-Knutsen 3 days ago

      ... challenged...

    18. George Adsett-Knutsen 3 days ago

      @Jason thanks. Good news for the imaginatively or engineeringly challenges such as I! :D

    19. Drewbacca
      3 days ago

      Pretty much everything Jason said.

    20. Jason J 3 days ago

      and the implication is that there will also be a resource area on the Battle Systems website where further missions, both official and "fan" created will be uploaded.

    21. Jason J 3 days ago

      @George - see pg 15 of the beta rules (link on the campaign page). We haven't seen a mission log yet, but yes, it does appear that at least some of what you're after will be provided.

    22. Jason J 3 days ago

      @George - I'm pretty sure I read or was perhaps told that each mission in the rulebook will have layout instructions. Whether they'll be so detailed as to show how many of each clip is needed I don't know, but assuming they have something like a top down view of the layout, it ought to be pretty intuitive anyways. I agree though, a list of required components for each setup will be useful.

    23. Gregg R. 4 days ago

      @Drewbacca - thanks

    24. Drewbacca
      4 days ago

      Gregg, the mats are 24” x 24”.

    25. Gregg R. 4 days ago

      What is the average size of the game board (for scenarios included in core set)?

    26. George Adsett-Knutsen 5 days ago

      @BS Will you be including some “how to build” set up guides either in pdf or a supplement for more complex setups? E.g you need 10x walls, 50 T clips etc

    27. Drewbacca
      5 days ago

      I've uploaded a handful of new photos to Core Space's BGG page. Not a whole lot, just some snaps from last week's play-testing.

    28. Drewbacca
      6 days ago

      The landing bay is available on their website right now for £20. It’s listed under the sci-fi terrain section as the arrival bay. Just saying... ;-)

    29. Ralphco 6 days ago

      @Onus Bray
      Right?! Where was stuff like this before I had so much responsibility.

    30. Onus Bray 6 days ago

      I'd didn't manage to get any shuttles, spider mechs or the landing bay,plus I went on there site and saw the med bay

    31. Onus Bray 6 days ago

      I've hit my allowed limit on board games for this year,so gotta wait till January, or the wife start reminding me of boring things like rent,storage,and apparently my son needs school shoes

    32. Drewbacca
      6 days ago

      Yea, it’s worth dropping them an email to check.

    33. Jason J 6 days ago

      needing to top up on the KS stuff already? If you have the money and want earlier delivery, you might find you can email BS and have them add stuff to your current KS order - you know how they love to shake us by the ankles until the loose change drops out.

    34. Onus Bray 7 days ago

      Thanks mate, best start saving

    35. Jason J on

      @Onus - usually shortly after they've completed KS delivery. So in this case, likely Christmas or early in the new year.

    36. Onus Bray on

      Hi guys quick question, when will core space products be available from the web store,

    37. Jeff La Belle

      OMG I read that fast as bladerunner said meepo meep

    38. Drewbacca

      I believe Roadrunner said it best: “Meep Meep!”

    39. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Drewbacca - Agreed, He dodged the first shot, but the second took hime down.
      Now normally I'd be surprised of the Live One falling so easily, but a Havoc pistol to the face with two shots fired is a pretty hard thing to survive. 4 dice attack and Arianna was using the Laser Target equipment token so also got to re-roll one dice... it was dead the moment it stood next to her...
      Of course later when we were both a crew member down, low on heath, out of skill points and just a couple of rounds in the chambers... we both ran like a couple of babies as soon as its replacement entered the mission... boy did we run... :oD

    40. Drewbacca

      @Colin You shouldn’t complain, you took the first one out with relative ease (or a Havok pistol to the face) and reaped the rewards!

      It was the second one that proved difficult. I think it had a vendetta. I still don’t know how Lars got out alive.

    41. Drewbacca

      @Jason I’ve got an Outlands set I need to get round to penning. At the moment it’s not really getting any use - except the mat for small-scale Gaslands bouts. I’m considering using Outlands as a little side scavenging mission I can play in between main missions to help grind some of my traders up a level or two.

    42. Drewbacca

      @Gregg That sounds great. It could be a mass brawl and your crew have to get in and out without alerting the gangs to your presence.

    43. Gregg R. on

      I'm here in the Black Hills (it is Sturgis Rally time) where a town of 5,000 grows to 600,000 bikers. I was just thinking... need more gang figures just incase a scenario calls for you to escape in the middle of a gang fight (war) between gangs. Or was that here?

    44. Jason J on

      I'm finally getting round to penning a set - frontier for starters. sooo much to do (and more sets plus extras of course), but boy do I like how it looks, definitely worth the effort.
      Now hurry up and make it November(ish) already!

    45. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Thomas Penn - Glad you sorted it :)

    46. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      I think because we are experienced players Draw and I are really pushing each mission... have said that we did play it pretty straightforward, but Drew is no longer allowed to role for Live ones as he just pulls one into the game every sodding time. lol

    47. Jason J on

      are your pants no longer purple Drew?

    48. Drewbacca

      More play-testing last night. I feel like there needs to be a more extreme term for “tense” - I’m going with megatense.

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