Battle Systems™ Sci-fi II Terrain

by Battle Systems Ltd

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    1. Mandalore on

      Yes,, yes, yes, This is exactly what i wanted. thank you so much!!!

    2. Jason J on

      Wow. just wow.

    3. Missing avatar

      James on

      I LOVE IT!!!

    4. Timo Lemburg


    5. Craig McCallum on

      Well that'll definitely help my Galactic set up cover more table area... wow.

    6. MidnightBlue

      I love mean I love the Star Wars setups and the docking bay.



    7. Missing avatar

      Randy and Christy Lofton

      Struts are a bit intrusive on the bay area as is the stairway...but then again it is big.

    8. Drew ' Voyage of the Damned' Dockerty on

      That's the great thing about it. You not required to use the struts, ladders, cargo hauler if you don't want.

      Can't wait to do a few catwalk fighting duel above a Molten river within an industrial zone.

    9. Jason J on

      you don't have to use the struts, and if you wanted to you could always extend the front entrance sideways by a wall width either side before building the rest of the bay giving you way more space. (table area permitting)
      might be cool to do exactly that if you created a game scenario that revolved around a battle in the docking area.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Whelan on

      That looks fantastic! Wondering where the mini, with the gun slung over it's right shoulder, is from? Does anyone know?

    11. Drew ' Voyage of the Damned' Dockerty on

      Guessing infinity or Mantic :/ seen a couple like thous in dif ranges

    12. Doug Winters on

      Wonderful add-on!

    13. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Minis is Mantic, yes you can remove the bottom part of the strut... or just turn it upside-down it clips in the same either way :o)

    14. Ross P on

      I'm going to print out a really good star field, attach it to card and stick it to the outside of the bay door opening so that it looks like the flight deck of a death star or something.

      But I would also HAPPILY buy such an insert/add-on were it to appear on the kickstarter. Just saying ;)

      Lovely work!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Gething on

      Is there any chance of adding some sort of ramp to make the bottom of the entrance flush with the floor (inside & out), so it could function as a garage/hanger in a surface facility?

    16. Capt. Dan on

      Nice stuff but are we going to have enough 45 degre clips to fix all the big windows and do the regular stuff the is shown in the pictures ? or are we better get more of those 45 degre clips ? and can we get only those 45 degre one ?

    17. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      lol. I used 3 of those clips they are the same ones from the Urban range 130 degree or 135 I can never remember. Yep you will have plenty :o)

    18. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      Small ramp maybe, can't fit it on that tool, but maybe on a future add-on it could have multi uses so I'll keep it in mind :o)

    19. Battle Systems Ltd 5-time creator on

      How about a star field mat, you could use it in other games too then. I'm using the Shanty Town mat in the pictures, just stuck a box under it to make a hill :o)

    20. Koen on

      Does anybody know which company sells those shuttles? :p :p :p

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Whelan on

      Thanks Drew & Battlesystems for the reply, definately going to add this to pledge.

    22. Paul Wilko on

      Wow, looks great. I am wondering how many of these I might need. Do I spy some other items that have not yet been 'released' such as the large hangar door opening?

    23. Zenon Berg

      Is there an itemized list, or am I missing something. Knowing me, it's in the next update and I'm jumping the gun....

    24. Robert Mills


    25. Missing avatar


      i would totaly buy a pack of those 45° windows without the windows, like walls, and some more "upper" struts to make.. coridors, monorail stations, stuffs, ...

    26. Jason J on

      @Zenon - it's on the campaign page.

    27. Jason J on

      @Paul - you mean the "doorway" at the top of the stairs? I'm pretty sure that's just a wide hatchway.