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Fantasy Dungeon terrain for 28mm tabletop games. This is pre-punched card that is easy to assemble with no painting required.
Fantasy Dungeon terrain for 28mm tabletop games. This is pre-punched card that is easy to assemble with no painting required.
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The Future of the Battle Systems Dungeon

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hey everyone

Long-time no speak!

It's been nearly five years since we launched this project, and since then we've seen our dungeons popping up across the globe. We are incredibly grateful for the support you gave that's kept us going five years later.

In those five years we've launched an urban range, a new and improved sci-fi range, and even a miniatures game, and we're starting to worry that we've left our fantasy fans behind for a bit too long. This year we're going to take everything we've learnt and all the excellent suggestions we've had from our fans over the years, and delve back into the dungeon. We're only in the early stages at the moment so there's nothing to show just yet, but this time next year our new dungeon will be ready. We'll be improving the strength of the Dungeon in line with our newer ranges, adding new sets and rooms that we couldn't fit in first time around, and removing the ramps so we can get even more stuff onto the sheets! We may even find time to write a new game to bring life to the setting... ;-)

Clearance Sale

We are nearing the end of our latest print run, but an impending redesign means we won't be reprinting the original Dungeon despite its popularity. The remaining stock can be found on our website:

We increased a few prices this year, but the Dungeon range is unaffected so you can still pick everything up at the original prices. If that wasn't enough, all of the add-ons are available at a further 20% off, while stocks last.

If you need a few extra bits to complete your gaming table, head over to the store and pick them up while you can.

Battle Systems Newsletter - Win £50!

That's right, it's giveaway time! We want to make sure that nobody misses out on the latest news as we develop the new dungeon range this year. We send out a newsletter every few weeks - you can see our latest one HERE.

If you're not signed up yet, sign up now! Everyone that's subscribed by 5pm GMT on Friday will be entered into a draw to win £50 of credit on our webstore - perfect for picking up the last few Dungeon bits or trying out one of our other ranges.

You can subscribe using the form HERE.

A final thought - not all of our new fantasy stuff has to be inside a dungeon...

Happy gaming!

Colin, Wayne and Stew


Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

Hi, guys, our new Kickstarter campaign is but a few days away! On Friday 17th November at 8pm GMT (UK time) we are launching our campaign for Core Space, our first sci-fi skirmish game.  


Core Space is a new venture for us, jumping from cool terrain to a full on game. It will come with 32mm minis, a tonne of game components and new cyberpunk related terrain, completely compatible with our current terrain.  

The core set is designed for two players playing against the game but can also be played solo or with up to 6 players. The game has been featured twice on Beasts of War, first a teaser:  

Then on this week's Weekender video (about 48 minutes in):

There's also pics on our Facebook page: and our latest blog:  

Anyway, we hope to see you on Kickstarter, we'll be there for 30 days. Jump in, have a chat, sell your spare kidney and support us!  

Cheers :)  

Wayne and Colin.

Webshop and Game Testing

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)

We're very pleased to announce that our Sci-fi II Kickstarter terrain is now available directly from our webshop :)  

Nearly all of the items from the Kickstarter are available so if you missed the campaign due to a poor alignment of the planets or are missing a precious item due to your dog eating your wallet you can now jump in and feast on the cardboardy goodness! No need to push and shove or use those specially sharpened elbows we've plenty of stock for everyone :)  

We also have three Urban Apocalypse items that were previously only available with the core sets: Street items, Furniture and Shanty Accessories Each gives you a tonne of cool war-torn scatter, they'll shabby up your terrain a treat!  


As you may know we've been working on a full game for our next Kickstarter. We've kept it close to our chest during development but we can now confirm the following; it will be a Sci-fi tabletop skirmisher with miniatures, card terrain, dice, cards, a game mat, the lot. The core pledge will be a complete game in itself with a load of cool expansions available.  

The game is set in the same universe as our Sci-fi II terrain and will be compatible with our previous terrain, especially Sci-fi II, so if you want to mix and match or expand on the game you can. The new terrain has a more run down cyberpunk feel ideal for rain washed streets on alien worlds or derelict hulks in deep space.  

Set in the fringes of Human space your heroes will need to learn how to adapt and survive, allocate resources, plan campaigns and team up with other players when needed - being handy with a gun is only part of the game.  

Threat level: high!
Threat level: high!


Anyway, here's a pic to whet your appetite, this is one of the Purge, a species of machine that wants nothing more than to break you down into useful components! We'll let you know more about the game in later updates. In the meantime...  


We've been doing closed beta testing with our prototype for a while now and want to widen our test audience; that means we're inviting you good folks to join in. If you're within travelling distance to Redditch in the West Midlands, UK, and are available in October we'd like you to join us, to either play the game or just spectate. The specific date(s) and venue will depend on the numbers attending.  

So the plan is:  

  • Either a full or half day event, depending on numbers  
  • Beta testing of the game  
  • Sneak peaks of artwork and miniatures  
  • Hands on of some finished sculpts and new terrain  
  • Some terrain special offer deals for those that attend  
  • Other terrain set ups with games ready to play  
  • Drinks and snacks provided... while snacks last!  

If this sounds like something you're keen to attend then email us at  

We'll get back to you with specific dates so you can confirm your attendance.  

Thanks for your time guys and happy gaming :)  

Wayne and Colin.

A few days to go!

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)
Hi, guys, here's the latest blog showing our Sci-fi II Kickstarter progress. We've only a few days to go and we've got some cracking add-ons to show you :)

Outposts and Arrival Bay!

Posted by Battle Systems Ltd (Creator)
Hi, guys, here's the latest blog all about the Arrival Bay and Outposts, the most recent add-ons unlocked :) 


It's a whopper!
It's a whopper!

Cheers :)

Wayne and Colin.