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The FireAnt is a new ultra-light, ultra-packable, multi-fuel camp stove. It may be small, but it has a bite!
The FireAnt is a new ultra-light, ultra-packable, multi-fuel camp stove. It may be small, but it has a bite!
952 backers pledged $70,256 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      anyone know how I can send out a notification to everyone who backed the fireant project? I have a new one I'm getting ready to launch this friday.

    2. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      @erik haynes, Thank you that really means alot to me.

    3. Missing avatar

      erik haynes on

      Mikhail, just completed another Kickstarter, and all I have to say is you have got all my respect for your updates, return emails, and responses. Had I not supported the fireant, I would probably never do another Kickstarter after latest one. Thank you .

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      Damon on

      Just wanted to see if these are still going out? Hopefully so as I am still waiting.

    5. Missing avatar


      I'm happy to report that my FireAnt and extra bits all arrived safely Down Under! Ironically, it was in the mailbox the day after I returned from a camping trip. I guess I'll just have to go again!

    6. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      Nevertheless we still have some kickstarter rewards to get out. Some are missing address's, some had bad address's and had been returned to us. Some just fell through the cracks. Again... if you don't have your reward don't be shy to send me a private message so I can get it fixed.

    7. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      @ spencer,
      That would be my guy Sonny and his wife. They handle almost all of the shipping from their living room. :)

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      Spencer Gwilliam on

      I'm sorry for bringing non-FireAnt related comments here, but I got the email about the FireAnt being available along with the limited edition strikers. I don't know if local Utah boys get VIP treatment, but within a half hour of ordering one of the wolf strikers I got the "order has been shipped" email with a tracking number... That's the fastest turnaround I've EVER seen or heard of with an order. I just thought I'd share with others about the fast service from Mikhail and the Merkwares crew. Thanks!

    9. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      @David Just got your address updated and will ship on Monday.
      @Daniel I still need your address to ship. The correspondance doesn't show up here since these are comments on the project as a whole. You'll have to check your Inbox for our exchange. :) I'm sending you an email here in a second as well.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Palmer on

      I'm also awaiting my issues on the patience, but I did screw up and want to make sure you received my shipping address (updated here in Kickstarter). I hope things get sorted out and finished up...thanks again for another great product!


    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel A Grohowski on

      When you first asked for an additional $5, for shipping, I complied.
      I didn't want anything EXTRA, I just wanted your project to work out.
      I STILL WANT THE FIREANT, but it still Hasn't Arrived!!!
      I'd prefer to be polite about this, but WTF???
      I've had back and forth correspondence with you TWICE over the last few weeks, outlining the problem, and STILL No FireAnt.
      You told me it was because I asked for No Reward.
      I just didn't want any ADDITIONAL Reward.
      I've noticed none of our correspondence shows in the comments below.
      What's it going to take to get my FireAnt Mikhail?

    12. Mr. Wednesday on

      Thank you for a quality product! Had it out a few times now and I really enjoy it. It works very well with a Tragia burner. I was worried about air flow for the trangia at first but my fears were alleviated moments after my first burn. Having some regular experience with an Emberlit EL Mini stove, the Fireant has put my EL out of a job. So many improvements over the mini it makes my head spin. Cooking and boiling water with the mini was a bit of a learning curve for me, being my first experience with a wood burning stove, so I eventually learned to use the Top-Down Burn method with the mini which seemed to be the most effective with that model. So on my first wood burn with the fireant I did the same method and packed it full of wood, lit the fire on top, gave it a sec to catch, sat my pot of water on top and just let it go. In the time it took my water to boil I never once had to touch the stove to rearrange sticks for air flow or even add sticks to keep the flame up. It even left a nice pile of coals to roast some marshmallows with! Yay!

      I Think you have a solid fan here of your products Mikhail, having used the mini for the last few years and now having this bad boy in my hands, I am very much looking forward to using this for years to came, and I can not wait to see what you can come up with next! Congratulations on this project, and I wish you and your family nothing but the best.Thanks Again!

    13. Missing avatar

      John Lagman on

      Have all the backers' stoves been shipped yet?

    14. Pierre Sauphar on

      Hi Mikhail, I'm still waiting for mine. Is it possible to have some informations from USPS? Cause I can't contact them for international shippings :/...

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Whay on

      Received mine....looks awesome

    16. Missing avatar


      Have most Australian backers received their rewards yet? I'm still waiting for mine. A few things have been on the slow boat recently (probably customs are having a play before sending things on!), so I'm not concerned yet, just wondering how many others are still watching the letterbox.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Whay on

      Still waiting, it's somewhere between Mikhail and me, with USPS / UK postal service!

    18. Missing avatar

      John on

      Thanks Mikhail! Got it just in time for hunting season and this thing rocks! I have the larger version and love it but this is a better size for my one cup meals!!

    19. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      It feels goooooood to be nearly done. Just a few more to go, mostly because we are missing their address and such. I'll have an update video out soon too.

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard D Wyckoff on

      Mine arrived today, definitely worth the wait, and look forward to its first firing. Thanks Mikhail, great design and execution! Cheers.

    21. Cory Titmus on

      I love it! Just got it in the mail and quickly started peeling off the plastic coating from the cutting process. After a bit of confusion as to how it's put together I quickly got started on gathering pine needles and tinder. I tried to use the striker and jute but I think it requires more patients than I had. Once the flame was lit, the FireAnt was awesome. Barely any heat was escaping out the sides and the top was amazingly hot with just the twigs I was feeding it. I wanted to see if it could hold my 10" cast iron frying pan. No problem. I'll have to try and boil some water tomorrow. But for tonight, I will go to bed with a grin. Thank you Mikhail.

    22. Missing avatar

      Antibacterial on

      Mine arrived in Australia friday , works great , burned it in a few times and tried it with a trangia , works great Thank You : )

    23. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      Thank you Everyone for being so patient.. We're in the final stages of shipping and correcting mistakes.

    24. Tyler von Oy on

      Got mine a few days ago, The shipping estimate provided by the shipping company was a little off so I had to wait an extra day or 2, but no big deal. I am THRILLED with the quality and design. I will likely get a chance to test it this week, and can't wait! just in time for some beautiful Fall camping.

    25. Alicia on

      Must be one of the final 30 ... still waiting.

    26. Michael Myers on


      I found it! Envelop was damage and the stove had slipped out. It was lying at the back of my mail box. It's awesome! Sorry to bother you.

    27. Michael Myers on

      Mikhail, I just received my package and everything was there except the actual stove. I was a $100 backer so you sent me a tinder box and the burner but no FireAnt stove! Please contact me.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Whay on

      @Mikhail.... Can you tell me if mine has shipped, not had a tracking number...thanks. Mike

    29. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      Thank you so much Daniel. That really means alot to me. Wait till you see what I have in mind for gen 3 of the larger stoves.

    30. Daniel A Byerly on

      Burning my new Fire Ant; I can see that some major mojo went into the engineering of this little guy. It burns better than the original size Emberlit stove. I am very pleased with this "upgrade". The stove is much smaller and lighter than the original, and burns even better. This is perfect for backpacking. I will reserve my original Emberlit UL for car camping when I want to use the cast iron Dutch Oven for Peach Cobbler!!

    31. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      @Enrique... Yeah some come out awfully sharp. I'll have to talk with my tool maker to see what can be done.

    32. Missing avatar

      Enrique on

      I received mine yesterday (in Australia), thanks Mikhail. It's a fantastic little stove, just the right size for my billy. One bit of feedback - is it possible to make the edges less sharp before shipping? At the moment they're razor sharp and I'll sand them down when I get a moment.

    33. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      I know. I've been a bit of a slacker getting that video up... Figure the small panel is for solid fuels. It fits into the trangia slots, either diagonal or straight across. your choice. Other than that you have 4 sides and a bottom. Install the side with the big feed hole last. It is the key.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Thorne on

      Got my stove and it looks awesome, going out of town on a hiking/packing trip this weekend, perfect timing. Now I just have to figure out how everything works. haha

    35. Jon Lugenbell on

      Okay thank you for the update. Sorry to hear about the emergency. I hope everything is alright.

    36. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      Hi Everyone! I had an unexpected emergency last week that took me out of town. Just getting back into the saddle. We have less than 120 backer rewards to ship out. I had hoped to get those gone last week but couldn't do much while I was gone. We'll get that last bit in the mail within a day or two.

    37. Missing avatar

      lspark on

      Jon: I just got a shipping notification like ten minutes ago, so they're definitely still going out.

    38. Jon Lugenbell on

      I have not received my fire ant nor a notification or email as to if it has shipped. If you are still working on them please let us know i don't mind waiting for mine. I would just like to know its whereabouts.

    39. Charles Young on

      @Mikhail Merkurieff can you send me a message letting me know or send me a tracking number to let me know if mine has been shipped.

    40. Missing avatar

      bdmason on

      I played around with my fireant the other day. I was walking through a park and noticed a lot of pinecones on the ground. I just happened to have my stove with me but had no intention of using it. But I got to thinking and used nothing but dry pine needles and pinecones and got some amazing embers out of them! The trick to feeding the stove properly was to stomp on the pinecones to compress them down enough to fit through the feedport.

      I didn't cook anything on it, just burned pinecones for like 90 minutes. Unfortunately, I was initially a little reckless in my thinking and the fireant bit me. I've got quite the welt on my thumb. :o

      This stove rocks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Flash Grundelore on

      Well, the KickStarter is over, it looks like almost all the stoves have gone out to the backers, and this comment chain is probably going to peter out and die.
      Before it goes, I just want to say:
      Here's to Mikhail. Thank you for a great product, a fun process, and super communication. May your next endeavor be just as successful!

    42. Jason Centen on

      Backer #95, early bird special. Just got shipping notice this morning to Canada, so hopefully it will find its way here soon! Fingers crossed as usual!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mike Whay on

      Mikhail, do you know if all the UK ones have been dispatched, not seen mine yet,thanks

    44. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      @james, your's is already in the mail. :)

    45. James Bailey

      Ditto, I was in the first 150 but haven't seen it yet? Did they go out in backer order, or USA orders first (I'm in Australia)?

    46. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone.. We are rapidly approaching the end. I had no idea the time it would take just to print labels. We are averaging about 20 per hour. The international labels really slow things down. There are 154 rewards left to ship out. Figure after I print labels we still have to pack the envelopes. We started at the smallest reward tier and worked our way up. Unfortunately that means the 100 tier has had to wait the longest. Next time I'll see if we can have kickstarter organize the backers according to when they pledged to make things a bit more fair.

    47. Jonathan Gorman

      I thought I was a very early backer at 100 and I've seen nothing.

    48. Missing avatar

      James Tucker on

      Then my fingers are crossed then for a speedy delivery as I was on the $100 tier.
      This weekend's camping trip looks like it will be antless though :-(

    49. Mikhail Merkurieff 4-time creator on

      We are on the last bit of the $100 tier. We ran out of jute for the kits while I was out of town. But they are being shipped as I type this.

    50. Missing avatar

      Brian Richardson on

      Received mine yesterday! Great bit of kit. Even my wife was impressed with it. From West Texas.

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