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By Kewal
$396 pledged of $1,200 goal

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The Lonely Project is moving forward!

Thanks again to all of the backers of this project, I'm grateful that so many of my friends and family are are behind me on this. Right now this project is 26% of the way to it's goal and I feel confident that I can reach it in the time that I've chosen. 

Kickstarter is a great way for artists (and yogis who like art) to generate the money to fund a project, but you will only be charged if I reach my goal. Also, I won't see any of it unless I reach my goal. I decided that this would be the best way to let the Universe decide if I should try to make this work or not; if I could clear the financial roadblocks then I would have no choice but to move forward with this project. If not, I figure it's just the Universe telling me that it's not really ready for this.

I really hope that I can do this though, I would really like to share something with the world- my point of view. A picture is worth 1000 words is what people say, and I hope that my pictures convey the keen sense of loss you can feel when you realize that something is missing. Not a sock or a glove, but something bigger. These Lonely Things are lost but I don't think anyone has cried over the loss, but I have felt lonely and I've cried. That's where this project comes from.

I'm not spelling this out in the book; I'm presenting it free of commentary both social and personal. I want someone to look at the pictures and think "wow, that's sad" and another to look at the same picture and think "that's hilarious!" 

So thank you for helping me move towards the realization of this! If you can, please share this link:


Share it with your Facebook Friends or email it to your friends, it would be greatly appreciated by me!

In Gratitude,

Kewal Hausmann

Day 1 update


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