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When I see something that's been lost or thrown away, I feel bad and I document it's sadness with a picture and sometimes a story.

Have you ever seen something on the sidewalk that just didn't belong there? Like a shoe, or a glove, or someone's lipstick? I saw a glove one day while walking home from work and thought "how sad, that glove lost it's mate. And all it ever wanted to do was warm a hand. Poor Garry the Glove must be terribly sad to lose his job, and very lonely without dear Gertrude, his mate." So I snapped a picture with Instagram and shared it with my friends on Facebook.

And then the next day I found another glove near my house. Another story popped up in my head, not quite the same (very tragic love triangle involving a lace glove from the 80s. Slut.) and so I took a picture and shared it.

Now I see these things everywhere! Gloves, scarves, hats, cosmetics, and other random items (a lampshade??). Some of it might be litter, but I think most of it is just the byproduct of our busy lives...we drop things out of our pockets and bags without even noticing it. Some of them were probably dropped by young kids in strollers; I know we've all seen a kid with just one shoe on. Some of it is just people getting rid of things; I once found a sweater in my front yard.

The book that comes from this will fall into the coffee table book category; lots of pictures and stories that come along with them. On the surface it's about how our consumer driven society uses things up and replaces them constantly and has no concern for an item once it's outlived it's perceived usefulness. Underneath it tells a story about loneliness and the search for purpose. That's my story, and I find that the things I find have a story similar to something I've lived and worked through.

I manipulate the images to make the colors brighter, or the shadows darker, but I don't manipulate the objects themselves. I take their picture exactly as I find them, and in the event that the item is still usable, I try to find a home for it (I find a lot of clothes).

I'm doing this all with my phone, and I would like to be able to take better pictures as I tend to get a bit blurry and I want to have a sharper, grittier look. Please help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. Wait, you're not Obi Wan? I wore my hair like this for nothing?? Oh well, please help me make art!


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