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Seven Sisters is a euro-style worker placement / hand management game for 3-6 players that takes about 60 minutes to play.
Seven Sisters is a euro-style worker placement / hand management game for 3-6 players that takes about 60 minutes to play.
179 backers pledged $12,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Promo cards and shipping update

Hi everyone!

I intended to put a slip with the promo cards to explain how to use them, but in my hurry to get them out, I totally forgot to do so.  Here is how they work:

Players may replace up to 4 wild cards in the deck with the promo cards.  If one (or more) are dealt, the player may choose to play the "Charity" card instead of influencing a sister.  The player still only plays 5 cards in a round out of the 6 he/she is dealt.  When playing a "Charity" card, instead of influencing a sister, place the card on the table, and take either 2 gold or 2 fruit from the supply.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Shipping update:  As of tomorrow morning, all $45 reward levels will have both the game and the promo cards (if you didn't get them with the game) shipped.  I am working closely with a t-shirt company to get the shirts done, and levels including a t-shirt will ship as soon as I have the shirts.  I apologize for the delay with the shirts, but I want to make sure they are done correctly and look good.  Anyone above the $45 level that doesn't include a t-shirt will have their item(s) shipped early next week.  I sincerely appreciate you patience while I get this problem addressed.


Update on shipping

Hi all,

I really appreciate your patience with the shipping.  Right now due to issues that we didn't see coming, I'm a one-man operation...but I'm moving as fast as I can to get everyone their games.

I am having communication issues with the t-shirt company, so I am trying to get those resolved so I can get the shirts printed.  I am going ahead with shipping the games and other items to those that pledged for t-shirts, and I'll ship the shirts as soon as I have them too.  This was definitely an un-foreseen issue, as the company was very communicative until I asked for a quote.

We do greatly appreciate your support, and if you have any questions, please send me a message.



A new game from Wishing Tree Games

Hi all...I just wanted to take a moment to briefly talk about Wishing Tree Games' latest project, Zombiepocalypse: NYC.  We just launched a kickstarter campaign for the game, so if you are interested, here is the link:

If you know anyone that might be interested, please forward the link to them.  If you are attending Gen Con and want to check out the prototype, stop by and visit us in booth #1939.



Update on shipping of games

Hi all,

We received a partial shipment of Seven Sisters from the printer, but are currently expecting some delay due to the typhoon in that area (printer's wording).  We will begin shipping as soon as possible, but we haven't received the promo charity cards yet...we will send those in a separate mailing where possible so that we can get the game to you sooner.

If you can pick you copy up at Gen Con (with the understanding that the promo cards will be sent separately), please comment here by midnight tomorrow night.  I know this is a short window, and I apologize for that...I'm trying to be as efficient as possible in getting the games to you.

We look forward to getting them all sent out soon, and sincerely hope you enjoy playing Seven Sisters.


Brent & Lee, Owners, Wishing Tree Games

More pictures!

Two of the tiles - 5" x 7", and 2mm thick...quite sturdy.

The deck of cards, fanned out.  These are high quality poker style cards.

Goodies just for the kickstarter backers!

The player's screen - notice the colored bar at the top and bottom of the screen to indicate player color.  I often just use the screen to teach the rules.

Close up to show the quality and thickness of the material, as well as the cut, on the fruit and gold markers.

Resource/Turn Markers

We tried to think of everything you would need in this game, even the baggies - 2 large and 6 small ones - these are in addition to the ones used for the kickstarter only rewards!