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This open-source device allows the Atari Jaguar controller to be used as a standard USB gamepad.
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The controller for the Atari Jaguar game console is a strange beast and doesn't map well to modern controllers (in large part due to the numeric keypad). This makes emulating games on a PC with off-the-shelf controllers, which usually mimic PlayStation or XBox layouts, somewhat cumbersome. One possible solution is to create a device which can convert the Jaguar controller's pinout and signals to a USB HID device.

All schematics and code are open-sourced and already available through my GitHub page so anybody is welcome to take those and build copies for themselves. However, it's not economical to buy PCBs and electronic components in such small batches and by pooling though a Kickstarter we can ensure everybody can get their hands on one for a pledge of $30.

When plugged into a PC the board enumerates as a USB HID gamepad which is usually serviced automatically, without additional drivers, by stock drivers. Usage has been verified as "plug-and-play" with virtualjaguar on:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Windows 7
  • MacOS X

While the project was explicitly designed with the Atari Jaguar use-case in mind this board also makes a fairly serviceable STM32F07 USB development board featuring:

  • Upstream USB
  • UART
  • Debug LED
  • Ten GPIO pins through the DB15 connector
  • ST-Link programming interface
  • Reset button
  • 8MHz crystal oscillator (which the uC can multiply up for a core clock of 48MHz)

Risks and challenges

This board is one I originally developed for my own personal usage so all the design work is already finished and tested. All that's required is to purchase more parts, assemble and program boards. Therefore, risks associated with this project are limited to schedule slippage due to unforeseen circumstances (delays in parts deliveries, unanticipated large demand, alien invasion etc).

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