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Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
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GABF 2015, tap adapters, and more!

Posted by Steve Young (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We just got back from a tremendously successful week at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado. For those that aren't familiar, GABF is one of the largest craft beer events in the world with 60,000+ attendees, 750+ breweries, and thousands of beers available.

Check out the highlights:

Tap adapter update: We have over 1,200 SYNEK Pioneers all over the world, who have signed up to personally train breweries and fill stations. These Pioneers believe that everyone deserves better access to beer and right now, they are preparing to hand deliver hundreds of Tap Adapters all across the US (international coming!) 

We have over 2,000 locations that are partnered with SYNEK and are waiting for their Tap Adapter. Within the next 10 days, a total of 446 partners will have received their tap adapter and be properly trained how to fill. Click here to see the full list

Product update: We're currently shipping out units and you will be emailed shortly before your area ships. When your SYNEK leaves our warehouse, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Additionally, all replacement parts and pieces that were queued up will be on their way in the next 24 hours. 

Thanks again for everyone's patience and support! We're almost there. 


The SYNEK Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Randy Davis on

      My unit was missing the tap/spout adapter and it's like pulling teeth communicating with these people. I've texted Erik directly and he responds every few days. Literally, every few days after I have to initiate the conversation about an issue that they are supposed to resolve. This is a freaking joke and I 100% regret it.

      Synek, it seriously looks bad when you guys put on the persona that you are out partying, marketing, or as you say trying to get more brewers on board but behind the scenes you are not making your backers and those with units who actually will end up doing most of the "grunt work" for you by going to different breweries/taverns to spread the word. How are we supposed to do that when we get this type of treatment to where it honestly feels like you guys could care less? You guys are failing in customer service at an alarming rate and need to fix every single issue versus touting what all events you just finished having.

      It just seems that you guys have seriously damaged the relationship you were supposed to establish with the ones that helped you get to this point and for a lot of people, when a relationship is damaged, they move on and don't look back. It's just indicative of what to expect in the future when dealing with entities that exhibit actions that turn one off.

    2. Missing avatar

      grepdashv on

      I have emailed everyone possible, and posted here, but I have still not received a Synek nor a refund. It is starting to look like that this is a complete fraud.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Boyd

      I sure hope replacement parts are shipping? The CO2 in on my cap broke, and I have had an expensive paperweight on my counter for weeks now.

      No responses to Emails - but I can see why they are off partying at GABF.

      Guys - how about paying less attention to marketing and more to supporting your current customers - including fixing your supply chain problems.