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Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
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We need your approval on the design!

Posted by Steve Young (Creator)

Hi there!

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on our latest design. We categorized every comment that came in through email, Kickstarter, and social media so that we could make the last few tweaks as directly responsive and optimal as possible!

Three primary comments came up much more frequently than the rest: 1) the size, 2) the temperature screen, and 3) the metal exterior. We have been working closely with our manufacturers since then and have successfully negotiated these into the final production run. The changes are tested and ready to go…

Before we make those changes, we want to get your approval.

We’re flying to put in the final order with our manufacturers this Saturday, so we will need your responses by Friday at noon CT.


The SYNEK team

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    1. MickAv8r on

      I appreciate the redesign effort but I can't answer the survey because its worded in such a way and without the ability to comment that its an either/or survey. Since my vote is none of the above, you won't be getting a survey from me.

      Don't make us choose between plastic doors and a plastic case. I also am concerned about the long term reliability/point of failure of running the tap through the door. How is this going to stand up over time and opening/closings of the door and any feed hoses? I know you haven't had the time to prototype that let alone reliability test it.

      I am a full backer.

    2. Jason Mitchell on

      Great campaign? It's totally NOT what the initial prototype and pictures looked like! I wanted something small like a large toaster, not bigger than a toaster oven. Still love the concept and can't wait to get some of my home-brewing friends to fill bags up for me. However, I'm VASTLY disappointed by the redesign as well as their proposed changes compared to the original design.

    3. Missing avatar

      MattG on

      This update shows how great the campaign is. You guys listen. This is so refreshing compared to other Kickstarter campaigns I have backed. The survey was great idea and very well put together. I am excited to hear the voice of the other backers and come up with a community that was able to give their opinion.

    4. Aaron Hurt on

      Great idea guys! Thank you for giving us an additional opportunity to weigh in here.