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Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
Now, you can drink all of your local favorites without leaving the comfort of your couch. Support the craft beer revolution!
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A few more clarifications!

Posted by Steve Young (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Again, we apologize for the late response time on many of your comments. We have thousands of messages that have come in over the past few days and we are working frantically to get all of them answered as quickly as possible. We know that there is a group of Kickstarter backers who are rightfully frustrated by the big design changes, but the inflow really has been exceedingly positive. There are also several vocal dissenters that to our surprise, were not even full unit backers (or even customers at all!). We have had breweries reaching out to us, a crazy number of pre-orders, and tons of other exciting opportunities.

We did want to address a few major common things that have come up:

Bags price: Much earlier (long before the Kickstarter began), we mentioned prices for the bags as high as $5 but since we were able to put in a high volume order, we drastically reduced the cost and passed the savings on to you. The bags will cost $1-$2 depending on the volume size of the order. They will be available for order through our website, many local breweries, and some other beer related stores (homebrew shops, growler filling stations, etc.).

Design: It’s extremely common for a prototype to look different from the final production unit due to specific factory efficiencies (slimmer, more metal, different colors available). The model you saw in the video and on the website was handmade by our engineers. Keep the feedback coming! We’re in the final stretch and we would love to hear the details about exactly what you liked from original prototype and what you don't like about the latest design to

Brewers: We have heard several comments questioning the need for breweries to be so involved with the design details. The importance here is simple, if breweries don’t fill, then SYNEK doesn’t exist. Your ability to get SYNEK filled anywhere is our greatest concern. Brewers work hard to make great beer and we want to be respectful of the way it’s captured, preserved, and served.

Launch: We will begin rolling out through US cities in spring (around our promised launch date) with everyone receiving their SYNEK by early summer. Regardless of your city, you will have the opportunity to attend any launch party and pick up your SYNEK there. We are rolling out on a city basis to maintain high quality control – make sure that all of the brewers understand and have the necessary tools to fill. By launching in each city, alongside brewers, in your local brewery, we have the opportunity to make partnerships that will ensure the long term success of the craft industry.

Pre-order benefits: We wanted to confirm that all Kickstarter backers are getting additional benefits not available to current pre-order customers. This includes: 10 additional bags, priority preference for the launch parties all across the United States, extra goodies at the launch party, and we’re partnering with brewers to get exclusive gear/beer that will be available to our Kickstarter backers before any other customers.

Money-back guarantee: We are on the verge of turning this vision into a reality. There are a lot of brewers who are depending on SYNEK or some other solution working. They need it. We understand that there are a lot of changes going on with the product, and we appreciate your support to date. We ask that you let us invite you to our launch parties, personally hand you your SYNEK, and cheers you for your support. If you aren’t interested in supporting us anymore, we hold to our promised 100% money-back guarantee anytime up and through the shipping date. Just email and he will get back to you in the next several days.

Thanks again for everyone’s amazing support!

- The SYNEK team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Chambers on

      I agree with Phil Anderson on the design, otherwise please disclose how much (dollar wise) they have invested in this product.

    2. Björn Endre

      And again .... international backers? When?

    3. Vien on

      Please post a launch schedule of cities you'll be stopping in as soon as possible. What about backers who can't make it to the location, how do they get their Synek?

      Bag prices are still a little vague, how many exactly do you have to order to get it to $1 per bag?

    4. Phil Anderson on

      This last update addresses all of my concerns minus one. I do not see why the opinion of brewers is more important than the opinion of those that will actually buy the unit. If I am a brewer, I want bags of high quality at a low price that are easy for me to fill with my present equipment. But if I am a small brewer, I have exactly no interest in what the countertop unit looks like because I am never going to use one in my brewery. As a brewer, I care that it takes good care of my beer, and nothing more.

      That said, I look forward to picking up my Synek at the DC rollout. That IS your first stop, is it not?

    5. B Alan Eisen on

      When are you coming to PIttsburgh? Don't even think that Philthydelphia is anywhere close enough for us. Ever! I don't know about this city thing. How many of us will you piss off by only going to the cities that many of us avoid?

    6. Jeff Black on

      Oh yeah, I like the Black/brushed metal finish idea someone mentioned...

    7. Jeff Black on

      I just want to know the Launch party date at Cigar city Brewing (hint, hint!). :-) :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Carsten Andersen on

      I find the new design beautiful and simple much better than the first showed. And It is a god idea to hide the function you don't use every day.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryan Follis

      I expected change. One I would like to propose is an option at least for a larger drip pan. I love the idea but can imagine that one slightly larger might be more practical.

    10. Steve Gibson on

      Love the new design and I absolutely agree with the idea that the brewers need to be onboard. Otherwise, this is just something else to dust on the counter, like the juicer I bought. Who knew I had to clean the thing after EVERY juicing? By the way, there's no pulp left over after I finish a bag o'beer in my SYNEK, is there?

    11. Björn Endre

      Love the new design. Must say I am surprised people actually are thinking of getting a refund just because it doesn't look like the prototype. Isn't the function the main feature here? Not if you can see the temp on the front or not?

      You mention rolling out in the US with launch-parties. What about us International backers? I noticed us Swedes being the third or fourth largest backer group and am of course curious when I might see my Synec-system. Me and my father are brewing a lot of beer this spring and it would be wonderfull to be able to fill some of it in a Synec bag later this summer.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brent M. on

      Forgot to say, the black and brushed stainless will go great with my entertainment center in my loft, hope that is an option for me.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brent M. on

      Glad you have responded. Out of being curious, is there a list of cities and locations for the roll out parties? Come on out to Las Vegas, great party town.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stuart Rudolph on

      Great work! I like the new design. Not sure why more people don't understand the need to make well considered design changes from prototype to production. I support having the temp controls inside the unit. Looking forward to the launch parties!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ian Carswell on

      Thanks for the updates, keep up the good work!

    16. Arland Woodham III on

      "We’re in the final stretch and we would love to hear the details about exactly what you liked from original prototype and what you don't like about the latest design"

      Does this mean there will be one more final design iteration or not? I'm hesitating on pulling the refund trigger. I want to give you guys a chance to make things right with what you sold us on and bring back some of the soul the original had instead of just giving up on the project.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ron B. on

      Philly Beer Week is May 29 - June 7 - it would be awesome if you're able to hold a launch party here during that time!

    18. Richard Anderson on

      I miss having the current temperature visible on the front of the dispenser. Is that the intent with the final design?

    19. Craig R. Simpson on

      Awesome stuff Eric. Don't forget us when you are rich and famous!

    20. Missing avatar

      Wael on

      Where can I get the list of the launch parties?

    21. Missing avatar

      Terry Hudson on

      To all of us who cannot attend a launch party (It looks like the closest from me will be 3 hours away) how do we get our Synek? Will they be shipped to us directly? Because of this will we be the last to get ours? Thanks for the info.

    22. Jason Thomson on

      You guys are running a clinic on how to communicate a Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much for all of the involvement and insight. You going to come to Toronto to do one of those kickoff events? (BTW -- I think the unit looks smashing).

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Synek - Great job on the finished product and this is absolutely thrilling. Happy to support you all and thanks again for the constant updates.