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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.


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      Brian Tickes on

      BEWARE*. FRAUD. Same person who scammed everyone using to order mass GRAVITY BLANKETS and relabel in “JERSEY”. And sell at high prices. Expect 7-12 month delivery so you can not get money back from CREDIT CARDS. - want more info: message me direct.

    2. Bruno Deschênes on


    3. Missing avatar

      Nina on

      Ummmm ... no. Gravity blanket was over six months late and not as advertised. If he was in Australia, he would have been required to refund backers. Do not back this. Do not.

    4. Missing avatar


      And delivery to Germany?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sandra Homburg on

      John is a con artist. Kickstarter did not stand behind the backers and now is allowing him another campaign. Says a lot about them. Like minds find each other. They are both after your money.

    6. Missing avatar

      D Fizzard on

      John Floritine - You. Are. A. FRAUD.
      I cannot believe you are using your previous platform to push and promote a new UNRELATED project. STOP.
      --- You used mis-information, and slight-of-hand salesmanship to rip-off thousands of people. You made MILLIONS selling a shoddy product. DESIST.

    7. Missing avatar


      Dont care. Let this project be now. stupid ads

    8. Rachel Gelsomini on

      Nice try! Not a hope in hell tho! I will get one of the original ones from Yogibo... the product you are ripping off... and charging more for! Are you trying to raise funds for when they sue you? 🤔

    9. Colin Doyle on

      Stop spamming me. I made the mistake of buying your blanket that was hot garbage and I have no intention of buying your garbage moon pod. Shove it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Meesh Tabchouri on

      John Fiorentino,
      You are a perfect representation of everything disgusting in this world:
      1. You repeatedly ignored providing updates about problems with your blanket Kickstarter
      2. You confirmed the closure of your blanket project while some of us (me included) had not received the product yet
      3. The exact same product you kickstarted was being sold on Ali Baba months prior to anything coming out of your project, at a much much much lower price tag.
      4. You never sent any apology letter to disgruntled customer and chose to clearly ignore any criticism or request for information.
      5. You dare keep spamming your already disgruntled backers

      You can go fuck yourself on your moonpod and I hope you suffocate under your fucking blankets.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jessica Washburn on

      Nice to see the founders are scamming consumers again with another shoddy product made in china and sold on is kickstarter still allowing this? I spent $200 on the garbage gravity blanket that I threw away after it fell apart the first time I used it...never got my refund either.

    12. Darcy Gale on

      Received my blankets almost 6 months after promised delivery. Denied refund... Never, Never, Never backing anything on Kickstarter again. Major Scam Artists!!!! No Transparency in operations, changed sizes without notifying backers, faulty workmanship, VERY DISSATISFIED BACKER!!!!!!

    13. Tony Morris on

      You’ve got to be joking, I never received my blanket, after many complaints and never getting any replies. Please please don’t do it.. major scam artist

    14. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kluth on

      Agreed. This kickstarter project was the worst. Nothing but lies piled on top of lies. I’m lucky to have received the blanket so I feel bad to be bitching about the fact that it wasn’t built as promised. As a taller person the blanket was promised to fit me mostly. When they shortened it due to “production issues” it’s basically useless to me.... I’d never back another one of your projects and would appreciate being left alone. We all back the blanket and don’t care about your Pod so stop using one Kickstarter to promote another....

    15. Leo Razumovsky on

      This was, by far, my worst Kickstarter experience. Definitely won’t back another one of your projects.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ace on

      Sorry, but you won't ship to Hawaii

    17. Carsten Nilsson on

      Stop fucking spamming u fucking scammer

    18. Missing avatar

      Frederick P Su on

      Why am I receiving this? Stop spamming. I never signed up to receiving any updates from you or your scamming company.

    19. Holly Dowell on

      Hi Gravity, I love my blanket, but I’d prefer to be left off these MoonPod updates. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Steven Holden on

      Where was this level of transparency and communication for the thousands of people who still hadn’t received their blankets months after you officially considered that project complete? 😏