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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Lukeeeee on

      Don't buy! I got one, it's heavy and I find it difficult to feel the "comfort" they advised in the video. I tried to get a refund but they never respond to my email.

    2. CAR on

      unbelievable. Or all TOO believable, if you know what I mean. (and I know you do...)

      Moon Pod was funded, and is now on it's way to disappointing thousands of backers, just like Gravity Blanket.

      During the campaign:

      they simply refused to answer legitimate questions about the product or the "new company" that is behind it.

      they lied about the Gravity Blanket being 100% fulfilled, and that everyone got their product or a refund of they wanted one.

      they announced "stretch goals", and then the actual stretch goal was an "opportunity" to purchase a cover for the thing in blue or rose, for an extra $39.00.

      once the thing was funded, they have issued not ONE SINGLE UPDATE (like... thank you or wow or we did it...) from Johnny ManChild or their "support bot". Nothing.

      Off to the same flipping path to frustration and regret. Let the countdown begin.

    3. CAR on

      How dare you.

      Oh, wait, I know.

      You are no longer Johnny Fio, blanket boy. You are now John Hunt Fiorentino, Moon Pod Man.
      And you think people are stupid enough to believe you.

      What you are is a shyster. A con. The worse kind of human, because you prey on others, take advantage of the most vulnerable, and actually get perverse pleasure in hurting people.

      Grow up, little man child. You may have money now. But you are nothing. And you know it.

      And no amount of money will ever make up for the fact that you know you are an empty nothing of a man child who has profited by using deceptive business practices with many, but worse yet, stealing from, lying to, and laughing at people who are emotionally and physically challenged, including children.

      That makes you not just a shyster, but a malignant POS.

      Enjoy the ride, little boy.

      Life has a way of eventually making you deal with what you have put others through.

      Karma's a bitch. With no deadline.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bryan Raab on

      A definite NOOOOOOOOO

    5. Missing avatar

      Amy Ouimette on

      LOL are you f*cking kidding me. After delivering me (and the other random percentage of backers who actually were sent *something* instead of nothing) a product that fell far short of what was promised, you actually have the nerve to hit us up again?! I cannot stop laughing. Can't wait to hear how this next scam of yours goes. By the time people get their "Moon Pod" it'll be the size of a potato. Perfect to go with the tiny "petite size only" blanket you sent.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jo Staron on

      Everyone upset about Gravity blanket let's try to shut down this project so no more people will lose their money!!! Report the project to kickstarter from this page:…

    7. Missing avatar

      Carole Kammer on

      I have still NEVER received the expensive Gravity Blanket I paid for on Kickstarter nor have I heard back after my numerous attempts to contact. DO NOT trust this guy nor Kickstarter. Kickstarter has done NOTHING to help me on this or other lost projects I have invested in -- always the most expensive ones, it seems.

    8. Patrick Foster on

      Stop sending me your bullshit.

    9. Missing avatar

      Minoo on

      After being 100% dissatisfied with the gravity blanket and the ridiculously false advertising you did, I would never in a million years support anything you do. I feel ripped off. Worse customer service I’ve ever seen in my life.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nomad on

      John, I gotta say I'm pretty goddamn tired of seeing your name pop up on one of the worst Kickstarters I've backed. We are sick of hearing from you. Go send updates to the gullible shills on your new project, and remember to stop communicating with anyone the second it's funded. I even got my blanket, months after expected with no updates, and I still feel disgusted every time I think about the process, how's that for stress relief?!

    11. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kluth on

      I want to know how to get a blanket like the one in the picture used on the bean bag!!!! The one I got (and I got mine so maybe I should be thankful) is HALF that size and doesn’t cover a 6’ tall person from their chest to their feet.

    12. Casey McBeath on

      Will it show up unexpectedly 10% smaller than advertised?

    13. Valerie Hawkins on

      Nope, not after the disastrous way you handled the blanket.

    14. Brad Dancer

      It’s a yogibo, just buy one of those

    15. Missing avatar

      Sandra Homburg on

      The fact that Kickstarter would back another one of his projects after he has scammed us says a lot about Kickstarter. No help from kickstarter only an email saying they were sorry. Actions speak louder than words Kickstarter. If you are truly sorry, don't allow Jon on to your platform and.... at the very least, force him to make good on the gravity blanket.

    16. Travis Wallach on

      I'm also waiting on my gravity blanket, and have not had any response to my queries about when it will arrive. Kickstarter needs to step up governance processes to prevent backer abuse like this happening!

    17. Missing avatar

      Ace on

      Sorry, you won't ship to Hawaii.

      For those who haven't gotten your blankets, have you contacted

      The service was more reliable than what I've gotten through kickstarter and backerkit.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marlene Leyzaola on

      Or better yet my money that you stole

    19. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ashworth on

      Stop spamming me on this tiny-person pod.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lawrence on

      F**k JHF! I'm one of the hundreds of disappointed customers who ordered the gravity blanket. I NEVER got my blanket. His campaign was a great disappointment. After repeated emails, someone finally got back to me with only a shipping # and was told to take it up with the us mail carrier.

      WARNING!!!! Stay away from this man and how he handles his business, more importantly his backers.

    21. Missing avatar


      still dont care

    22. Missing avatar

      Marlene Leyzaola on

      You’ve got to be kidding me! How about you give me my damn blanket I was owed. Corrupt company, scamming people out of money

    23. Missing avatar

      Laura Lemur Shoo on

      Considering the all the complaints and things that happened with the gravity blanket. I will not be partaking in this project. From a dissatisfied customer.