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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Leticia Armstrong on

      Any news about my missing blanket. It's been months now and nothing!!!!

    2. Raechelle McLean on

      I am still waiting for my update would be awesome.

    3. Annie Du on

      I haven't received my blanket either

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Baumgartner on

      I haven't received my blanket either...

    5. Missing avatar

      Becky Roush on

      Hi. I haven’t received m blanket. I like the moon pod but I don’t trust you since I haven’t received my blanket and you don’t give clear instructions on what to do if I didn’t get my blanket.

    6. Kevin Black on

      Hey guys, I still haven’t received my blanket.
      Can I get an update on what’s going on? It’s almost been a year,

    7. hazelstarfish on

      For two months we practically BEGGED for shipping updates, and you all were silent. Then you issued a vague nonpology in February without really addressing the issue. You sure did figure out how to reach everyone when you decided to launch a new product though, eh?

    8. Michele Vetter on

      Gravity Blanket as a company SUCKS BALLS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!

    9. Michele Vetter on

      I have NOT received my reward. I have contacted your company multiple times with address updates. No response and no blanket. Your company has given me the worst customer experience in my entire life. I hope you fail.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrius Sokolovskis on

      No blanket, no track number. What should I do?? HELLO???

    11. Missing avatar

      Hiren Bhatia on

      Still haven’t received my blanket could you please refund the money!!

    12. Missing avatar

      최현규 on

      I still haven’t received my blanket & return mail.

    13. Thaís Almeida Brito Fernandes Heder on

      Hello, just like Andrew below, I contacted about 2 of my 3 blankets that hadn't arrived and they refunded me for both.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marshall on

      How is this a good thing? I haven't gotten my blanket yet and you're shipping out to orders on demand? How is that fair?

      Also, calling shorting backers an "experience of a lifetime" comes off as a little cold to me.

    15. Raechelle McLean on

      Hi Team, I have not yet received my 2 x blankets or any tracking number.
      Can you please confirm when they will be sent.

    16. Robert Florsheim

      Any update on when my blanket will arrive?

    17. Glow on

      I still haven’t received my blanket.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anna Chai on

      I ordered a blanket in May 2017 and have not received anything. So it’s not good that you are claiming campaign completion ...

      Can you send me an ETA for my blanket? And a shipping # too?

    19. Missing avatar

      Brittany Hale on

      I haven't received my blanket or a tracking number. I ordered the blanket almost a year ago. I would like a refund. This is ridiculous.

    20. Jaimee Driscoll on

      Still no blanket, 2 months later. Is there a phone number I can call?

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Whatntheworld Moore on

      Can I have my money back

    22. Missing avatar

      Caroline Winters on

      Like everyone else, I need an update on my order.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rob van Gestel on

      Is this a fraud??!

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob van Gestel on

      I have not received mine... wtf get back to me

    25. Hollyann Wood

      I have not received my blanket. I reached out through ZenDesk and have not heard anything back. Please update me on the shipping date / tracking information ASAP. Thank you.

    26. Kelli Murphy

      I have not received my blanket.

    27. Thaís Almeida Brito Fernandes Heder on

      I'm just gonna add to the voices below. I haven't received 2 of my 3 blankets. And the one I received had to be thrown away because my cat peed on it and I had no way of cleaning the inside blanket.

    28. Hollyann Wood

      I haven’t received my blanket either. Could we please get another update?

    29. Summer Conard on

      Same as everyone else...never got blanket or answers..

    30. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Dahlman on

      Well, I do not know how it can be completed when I did not receive the blanket!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ted Marshall on

      I bought my blanket in May 2016 and have not received it nor do I have any tracking information. It is April 4, expected delivery was October 2016. Im moving in a few weeks. Please help

    32. Missing avatar

      Lynette Goh on

      I have not received my blanket one year later.

    33. Miriam Barlow on

      No blankets, no tracking number. Why not?

    34. Missing avatar

      Laura Lemur Shoo on

      I haven’t received my blanket yet! I’ve gone through address change but still no word let alone a tracking number!!

    35. Emily Rhoades on

      I'm still waiting for my blanket. Is there a tracking number or anything I can use to know that I will still be getting my blanket?

    36. Denis Chamas on

      Where the hell is my blanket??? You haven't gave us any satisfaction and are entering pre-sale mode? Are you serious!?

    37. Miriam Barlow on

      My blanket has not come yet. I have received no communication or tracking code or responses to emails.

    38. Virginia Dicken on

      I'm usually a patient, understanding customer, but in this case, I'm with the others who have comment about having not received anything. Emails and Facebook conversations have consisted solely of form-letter responses, and nobody has been willing to allow me to speak with a person directly. The first several emails said the blanket was still being sent. Then a new person told me it was already delivered last December to New York (I do not live in New York) and I should "look around the property" (as if I am going to find it laying around somewhere I don't live months after it was supposedly delivered). I told the representative that this was unacceptable, and I was sent another form letter telling me I would be contacted by somebody higher up. This was a couple months ago, and I have still not received this promised contact. It was simply a tactic to get me to go away. This company has behaved unethically from the beginning and continues to do so, as they are now claiming all orders have been filled. Mistakes are acceptable, but this company has not learned from theirs. They continue to dismiss and delay. If anybody has experience pursuing legal options for dealing with this company, please get in touch with me.

    39. Missing avatar

      Steven Holden on

      I was promised mine in 10 days at the beginning of Feb, assured I'd have it by end of Feb, and 2 weeks ago reassured I'd have it by end of March. Well, still no sign of it, 2 days to go I guess... :-)

    40. Robert Johnson on

      I am still waiting for my blanket also. Your last post even says that all the Kickstarter blankets have been sent out and that was a month ago. I want my order. You can email me if you need to

    41. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Meerholz on

      I have yet to receive my blanket which was ordered/backed in May 2017. Multiple emails/Facebook messages/Kickstarter messages have gone without response. This is a fraud.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeff Stirland on

      Still no sign of my blanket...

    43. Missing avatar

      Stacy Saar on

      Take heart everyone! I was a backer in May. I’d ordered two. The first one arrived February 2. The second one finally arrived today. They are coming.

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Orth on


    45. Missing avatar

      Diana Vuilliomenet on

      And so, for those of you who have issues with your order/delivery - either you received only part of your order, or it was delivered to the wrong address - we're focusing the next few weeks on rectifying those issues for you, and we will certainly make things right. STILL WAITING FOR ANY KIND OF RECTIFYING OF ISSUES

    46. Missing avatar

      Susan Grayson on

      I am still waiting for my order. If I don't get my order sooner or REFUND MY MONEY, then I will file a complaint with Better Business Bureau because I don't know if you are telling the truth or robbing our money.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Slocum on

      I hate the fact there is a request to "Be respectful and considerate" when Posting comments, John has STILL not learned anything despite thousands of unhappy supporters. I ordered my Blanket in May of last year (2017), received a FAKE shipping confirmation in Oct. 2017, and am one of the lucky ones who received their blanket in March 2018. I feel very strongly John was more concerned for production of Gravity Blankets to sell, than to fill the orders he already committed to. This is completely obvious as one can order blankets to be shipped within 3 days now, and yet he has hundreds of orders not filled from people who helped him get his business running.
      I would also recommend all of you who have not received your blankets, look into other weighted blankets. I am not overly impressed with mine, yes the cover zips off for easy washing, however the cover and weighted blanket are not attached to each other, this means the weighted part slips off in the night and you have to redistribute the weighted portion. Other blankets do not have this issue. I'm not sure how to fix this, but then again, I didnt design them nor am I going to pretend I'm anything but an upset customer.

    48. Missing avatar

      Steven Holden on

      Backer #11,645. No blanket or tracking number. Just a string of empty promises from “Stephanie”...

    49. Missing avatar

      Steven Holden on

      Still no blanket / package / tracking number for me... backer #11,645. Just empty assurances from ‘Stephanie’ that it will ship early Feb, by the end of Feb... then I see this and it’s already mid-March.

    50. Missing avatar

      kimberlee telford on

      If you can ship blankets in 3-5 days now, can you ship new blankets to all of us that were supposed to get them last October but still haven’t? If I receive mine this week I can still use it before it gets too hot outside.