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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.
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      Dustin McCorkle on

      Terrible communication and service. My blanket was delivered months ago to the wrong address. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE PEOPLE UPDATE THEOR ADDRESSES IF UOU AREN'T GOING TO USE THEM?!?! There is no way for me to retrieve it. AVOID these people at all costs in the future. Worst campaign of all time.

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      Iris Poon on

      Still have not received any reply regarding my change of addresss and have sent multiple emails. Confused on when I will actually receive my blanket.

    3. Missing avatar

      mjccamp on

      I received both of my blankets, however one is fine and one is not. One of the blankets, the sand does not stay in the individual pockets. When I lift up the blanket, all the sand travels toward the bottom and so on. Not sure what to do at this point. I have not been home for the last 3 months and this is the first time I get to try the blankets. So far, the one that works feels quite nice.

    4. Missing avatar

      Becky Roush on

      I haven’t received my blanket. What is up?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joh on

      hi there
      i have sent a couple of emails to support and address change emails as I have not yet received my blanket. Can someone please contact me asap?

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas Frey on

      I also backed two blankets (couples pack), never received a thing. This looks more and more like a scam. I tried to get in touch one more time by email.. If I don't hear I will initiate credit card chargeback.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joan Philo on

      You should be ashamed of yourselves for deleting all the backers who have made a claim here that they are upset. You need to be out of business.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joan Philo on

      Be warned, the dozens of upset backers with complaints on this comment board looks like they have all been deleted. This is a huge problem!!. Many, many, backers have asked for refunds. The blankets were sent the completely wrong size that was posted. They are shoddy. This is a a big problem and this should be shut down. Please go report this guy to the authorities. This is unreal.

    9. Missing avatar

      LISA P WALKO on

      Hi John- I never received my two couples packs. Please let me know how I can proceed. -

    10. J.B. Soek on

      Still no blankets. (2) No tracking number.
      And I paid for $40 postage aswell. I want my money back. Asap.

    11. Missing avatar

      Belinda Caballero on

      Still have not received blanket. Tracking number is non existent as well.

    12. Leo Razumovsky on

      Dec 21 2017... February 26th today.. Damn, that's gotta have been another eight weeks.. any updates, news?

    13. Missing avatar

      Marc Girouard on

      Still haven't received my blanket and I'm starting to get a bit frustrated. Any word on when they might arrive? Haven't received updates on months which is weird because they used to be so frequent

    14. Missing avatar

      Ned Smith on

      If any of you are feeling upset, head over to the general comments section and see my email to their customer service.

      Perhaps if we get serious about a class action lawsuit things may change. This is a sham company that is taking our money. I don't tolerate that well!

      Here's the email I sent.

      Hi JD,

      I still have not heard from you regarding my refund. You can imagine this is beyond frustrating to deal with this back and forth, especially considering I have followed your company’s policies stated per GB’s website. You currently have my products in your warehouse. As I’ve already shown you, I have proof of all of this.

      Legally, your company will lose this battle. The product arrived well after both the expected shipping date, and promised delivery date. It also came in altered dimensions compared to the dimensions promised in the product page on your kickstarter website. Therefore, your kickstarter campaign had me - and thousands of others - pay for a product that was falsely advertised and shipped with a significant delay. I have made every good faith effort to follow procedures for a return, but have had consistently poor customer service regarding this.

      I’ve seen the kickstarter comments and know that several others feel they have been cheated for the same justified reasons.

      If I don’t see a refund by March 1st, 2018 I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission. I have already opened a charge dispute with my credit card company. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a class action suit against GB’s given the circumstances of taking $4.7m in revenue from cheating customers.

      Please credit my account the $338 immediately,

    15. Elaine Mary Hart on

      No blanket. No word. Bunk Tracking number from October? What's the deal?

    16. Ben MacCormack

      Hi. I have not received any tracking number or blanket and I have not changed my address. Can you help please?

    17. Jenn Lunt

      Still no word from you - still no blanket. Out hundreds of dollars and increasingly frustrated. Please advise.

    18. Missing avatar

      Karen Lottes on

      I received the wrong size blanket. What do I do? I requested queens and got twins.

    19. Andrew Rodger on

      Hi Team Gravity. I Have not received notification that the blanket is ready to be shipped nor the opportunity to change my address as I have moved since backing you. Please let me know what Need to do now.

    20. Missing avatar

      Carol Dawe on

      Please let me know when I can expect the blanket. I have no idea of where it may be. Ordered it in April/May last year! Extra cost for postage to Australia.
      No reply to my last query emailed to - on 12 January.Very frustrating, hope it's not just a con.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lori Kuiper on

      Still waiting. This is ridiculous.

    22. Jason Potter on

      Got my blanket and it is crap quality. The weighted blanket is inside of a second shell. problem is that my 20 pound inner blanket is tied at only 6 points to the outer blanket so it does not stay lined up to the outer one and after a week of use the weak inner ties holding the 20 pound inner blanket in place broke off and now its just a lump inside. No contact of course. I recommend you do a charge back. Definitely low quality and not worth the price and no customer service. Bad on kickstarter for allowing this.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike Schechter on

      Time to report these people to the better business bureau I think.
      Nothing but lies!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt Lott on

      Also an early backer. Received email with tracking number. Then it was voided. No response from multiple emails. Think it is safe to say the John Fiorentino is full of it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Paulo Romandini on

      Hi, I did not receive the track number as well.

    26. Tate Macmillan on

      Still in the same boat waiting on this one. No track number nothing. No response to emails. Backer Number: 6059

    27. peter szitarity on

      No updates for a while now, so what's happening

    28. Heather Coté on

      I have received no tracking number, no response to email, and no blanket. Starting to wonder is this a scam?

      I would appreciate a response.

    29. Daniel Tasman

      Backer #24,661 and haven't received my blanket... I have attempted to contact on 6 different platforms and gotten no responses these last 3 months. At first I thought it was my address change but now I'm seeing all the comments here - realizing everyone is experiencing the same thing.


    30. Dustin Hegwood on

      I still haven’t received a tracking number. Where does the project stand? It seems like many people are still looking for their blankets. Please provide another status update. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Savanah Garrison on

      Has anyone actually received their blanket? Starting to wonder about this one... I’ve had no news, no tracking number, nothing except a bounced email when I tried changing my address per instructions.... I opened a ticket with KickStarter support, but they just suggest trying to communicate with the project... so still trying...

    32. Missing avatar

      Ashley Martin on

      I submitted a change of address to this email, AND received confirmation of the address change two months ago, and yet my blankets were shipped to my old address. Now it's going to cost me at least $100 in shipping to get them delivered to me, because YOU didn't live up to your promise about changing addresses. Additionally, I never even received a shipping notice! Just got a text from my old roommate saying I had packages delivered, with NO notice that a shipment had been made. I regret ever backing this kickstarter!

    33. Missing avatar

      Shannon Hey on

      Come on. Where is my blanket? Seriously!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Pleunie Josseaud on

      Still waiting on my blancked! Horrible.

    35. Missing avatar

      Diana Vuilliomenet on

      This process was useless. They did not follow through on any of this. Terrible customer service if and when they do respond just feed you a bunch of bs.

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven Holden on

      So, now I see a $50 off special for valentines day?! My patience has run out! Get me my blanket! Backer # 11,645.

    37. Derek J. Balling on

      add my name to the list of "where the heck is my blanket" people.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ragsdale Ragsdale Latham on

      I’m backer 7,886 and received no information. At the point I wish I wouldn’t have been apart of this.. very disappointed

    39. Missing avatar

      Heather Kilgore on

      Finally received one blanket. Never received any tracking info. Frustrated since I ordered TWO blankets.

    40. Missing avatar

      Leah on

      Hi, Haven't received the blankets nor a shipping number nor any updates. In addition, no response to messages.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jason Behrend on

      Got my blanket and the construction is poor. Not happy. Sent photos to customer service and it has been over 9 days and no reply.

    42. Missing avatar

      Clint Moyers on

      I haven't received a blanket or a tracking number. Could i get an update? Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Hunter Eason on

      Just got my blanket yesterday! Slept with it last night and it was great. Was in the same boat as everyone else with no tracking update since October. Wish everyone the best of luck!

    44. Megan Ayers Myers on

      FYI for everyone. I was backer 23420 and received mine today. Good luck.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeff Whatntheworld Moore on

      Early backer that wants to back out at this point!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Jaques on

      Can we at least get some kind of update? Not saying anything is wayyyy worse than just telling us the truth about the progress.

    47. Missing avatar

      David Lescard on

      Received email reply yesterday regarding the cancelled tracking number, saying they were working on generating a new one. Blanket arrived this morning.

      It's helter skelter but perhaps they just need time.

    48. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Murray on

      Early backer - still no tracking number and no blanket - will never back another kick starter project because of this

    49. Missing avatar

      Esther Pettigrew on

      I just paid over $50 in fees to have my blanket shipped. I am not happy. The blanket is great. It just ended up costing much more than I wanted.