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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Terry Michael Gammon on

      Purchased this blanket with the belief it would provide relief for my back issues that have kept me from working full-time or sleeping properly for more than one year. Not the first time I've been duped on Kickstarter, but the last.

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      Aaron Skogberg on

      On your website you brag about 7-10 day shipping time, that you raised 4.7 million dollars on Kickstarter and were able to “quit your day jobs”. It’s very unfortunate that so many people who apparently donated (as no products seem to be coming to us even though you are selling on your website) to you to allow you this financial freedom had hoped to receive a product to help them sleep better therefore function better at their day jobs they didn’t con people out of money to quit. You offered a way to help with mental illness and seem to be taking advantage of those who supported you and hoped to better their lives as well. This is the first bad kickstarted I’ve ever backed and it was also the one I’ve been the most excited about.

      You are doing a far worse thing than simply taking money from strangers. Many of the backers on here are struggling and saw this as an opportunity to help.

      Get your shit together and provide the product you’ve been paid in advance for.

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      Yvette Alvarez-Buylla on

      I ordered 2 blankets and haven't received either one and am now reading that the blankets are smaller than what was originally promised?? I'd like a full refund but I'm not even sure who to direct that refund request to. Someone please help!

    4. Summer Conard on

      No blanket and no tracking number. This is total bullshit. I'd like my money back

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      Amber on

      Still have not received my blanket and it has been two months without communication. I got the email thanking me for submitting my address change, but nothing after that. Still no shipping tracking number, either. What gives?? Anyone else have any answers?

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      Duy Mai on

      I still haven't received my order and out side of the email sent to me in December, zero communication. What is the latest?

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      andrea barrios on

      because I didn't get any response from John or whoever is in charge to speak with costumers.. I decided to post AGAIN my message..

      After more than 10 months of waiting, I received a notification from DHL about the arrival of the blanket in Chile. But in addition to the $ 58 US$ for shipment concept added before to my initial contribution (169US$ + 30US$ estimated for concept of shipping) now they are charging me another 110 us $ to be able to free customs from the famous blanket. I already wrote to John Fiorentino asking about the shipment in a couple of occasions and I did not receive any response. I hope that by exposing my situation in this way I will get some kind of attention from the creators. Because to the $ 257 US$ that finally involved the purchase of the blanket, now it was transformed into more than 360 US$. and for that price I would not even have bought it. I feel totally scammed by the creators of this project. and I request publicly that they contact me about the situation. The last time I wrote to them, in a private and direct message, as they suggested to me on Kickstarter, I requested the return of my contribution, and I never received any response. I never imagined that supporting a campaign on Kickstarter would be such a frustrating experience.

    8. John Mckenna on

      I'm sending a report to the BBB and suggesting a police report be filed potentially too. This is pure theft and lies. Thank you for a complete waste of time and money.

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      Karin Malm on

      I ordered two blankets...recieved NONE. It’s the middle of February.. No answers, no updates...

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      J Claire Menck on

      I finally received the blanket. The shipping update showed that my shipping had been voided, so I just sort of gave up... and then out of nowhere the box appeared on my doorstep! Here are my thoughts on the blanket: it's nicely made, very soft, and heavy. It is also really small... like not even big enough for a twin size bed. I have it across the lower third of my wueen size bed with my main comforter under it, and another blanket on top of it (so my pooch won't get it messy). And I must say, it's really nice to sleep with. It stops figgety movement and compresses on sore muscles. I work out a lot and I'm often sore. This really helps with that. It's kind of like at yoga when you are in savsana and your instructor puts weight on your feet or shoulders... it just feels really grounding. So, I like the blanket, but I wish it was the size we were actually promised when we backed the campaign. Now, the entire process for this was a disaster and won't recommend this particular company to anyone I know, but I will direct them to Etsy or a local producer of similiar products. I'm glad I finally got it, even though it's not what I signed up to get... that is the risk one takes with Kickstarter. I get it. I hope the folks behind the campaign learn from the experience and move on to a better overall customer service model. Cheers everyone!

    11. Missing avatar

      Leah on

      Hi, Haven't received the blankets nor a shipping number nor any updates. In addition, no response to messages.

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      Richele Shibiya on

      I've received ZERO blanket and ZERO information. None of my correspondence has been acknowledged either... Please provide some sort of update.

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      Anne Humphrey on

      I still have not received my blanket either! My shipping information has also been voided and before it was there was absolutely no update, and it is the beginning of Feburary, still no delivery.

    14. Anthony Sikora on

      Same story as everyone else. Still have not received my blanket..bogus shipping answersto questions .
      Then to hear that the blanket changed size....not good.
      Does anyone know if kickstarter can help in anyway? I have purchased many things through KS and this the first issues I have had with a scam.

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      deb on

      i ordered TWO blankets. i only received ONE. where is
      the rest of my order that i backed this project on? do you think that giving me a partial order is good enough?
      don’t think so.

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      J Claire Menck on

      Now it says my shipping was voided. Oy... what a scam!

    17. Nils on

      Does someone know a lawyer who deals with kickstarter projects like this one?
      And be sure, this comment is respectful and polide!

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      J Claire Menck on

      Still haven't received this and it's now February. I got an email with shipping numbers from October, but like everyone else... there's no actual update indicating the blanket has shipped. I also see the ads for this on FB and Instagram and feel like I just got robbed. Had I known that I could have just bought this I would have done that. It seems to me that you would want your backers to have their product before you start selling straight to others. Why are they getting product when we haven't? Needless to say, I am angry and feel like I was taken advantage of. Right now I don't feel very good about this company or its product.

    19. Missing avatar

      NK on

      Also ordered in May of 2017. No tracking numbers, nothing.

    20. Rachel Taylor on

      So, I ordered back in May of 2017. I was hoping to have it in time for a birthday in December, but was happy to be flexible because Kickstarter is where companies work out the kinks. I eventually got a tracking number in late December/early January, only for it to consistently say generically "order processed: ready for UPS" for a whole month. Fast forward to yesterday, the status finally changes - to "Voided Information received." What is going on? This is more than ridiculous.

    21. Missing avatar

      Samantha on

      I'm backer 6,146 and I ordered 2 blankets on 5/2/17. I have not received a tracking number, shipment information, or any other information about my order. No response to email inquiries either. This is how not to run a Kickstarter.

    22. Kay Peterson on

      Another crappy kickstarter project. I have no blankets, no hope of ever seeing my blankets, and no refund. Makes me mad.

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      Denise and Jeff Knoth on

      I'm starting to feel "scammed". It is almost a year since I generously committed close to $400 to help fund your Gravity Blanket Kickstarter. My blankets were originally supposed to ship by the end of October. Then November. Then by Christmas. I have not heard any word about my blankets shipping and we are now at the end of January. I am thinking I should look into Kickstarter's Legal Dept. to help with this issue as I am not getting any response here. "Feeling Used"

    24. Missing avatar

      Marnie Dawson on

      Are there any updates on the shipping of blankets? It’s almost the end of January and I still haven’t received any word on when my blankets will be shipped. Thanks in advance.

    25. Scarlet on

      So disappointed right now. Just got a notification from UPS telling me that my package was now being returned to the sender since it was supposedly refused by the receiver. I contacted them and found that it had been sent to my previous address despite my updating my address when prompted. So what now?

    26. Imre on

      I just got my blanket and i was wondering why is it soooooo short.... i wait a long time and now i got a blanket that more 20 cm less that i ordert...this is not what i ordert...!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Yves Baggi on

      Ok, i'm coming up to one year of backing this project. I would appreciat getting an ETA for my blanket.


    28. Missing avatar

      Alicia Kusel on

      I have a tracking number, a label was created in October, and UPS has been waiting for the shipment since December 26!! A tracking number without an actual package shipping somewhere is useless. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    29. Missing avatar

      Judi Jemson on

      My two blankets measure 0" x 0".
      I paid $320 for two blankets in early May, 2017. I've never received a tracking number, let alone my blankets. I don't understand why I cannot get any responses to my email inquiries. I am sad that an "anti-anxiety" blanket has caused such anxiety for my daughter and me. We just want what I paid for... Nearly nine months ago!!!! :-/

    30. Missing avatar

      John LaCarrubba on

      Have not looked at this for a while, what is the status of the blankets being sent to eastern US?
      Looking forward to gifting this while it is still cold.
      Have not received any tracking info.

    31. Missing avatar

      Shanna Barton on

      It’s been almost a month since receiving an email indicating shipping had started. No shipping information. No blanket. More and better communication, please.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brooke Goulding on

      I received an e-mail 12/27/17 with a tracking number saying shipped. Tracking Order status has no information. Please update all of us who are still waiting for information.

    33. Pamela Johnson on

      still nothing.. tracking numbers that say shipped in October and no updates. No emails returned. No updates. Nothing? What gives?

    34. Missing avatar

      nicole jackson on

      I'm backer 1,583. I received my blanket Jan 10, 2018. I thought I'd update since I've been fairly vocal about being sent notifications of tracking numbers issued and that my item was being shipped since October but had no movement.

      My review of the blanket is that it is nice. I love the weight on it. What I don't like is the last minute change to modify the measurements. Like everyone else, I was expecting a larger blanket as seen in the advertising. What I received is a blanket that will just cover the top of a twin-sized bed. I'm 5'6". When I lay the blanket on top of me from shoulder to foot, it just barely covers my feet. If I raise the blanket any higher my feet are exposed.

      Knowing what I know now, I would not order this blanket again.

      Since I didn't get what I was expecting and I had to experience the unprofessional service, I'm going to rate this blanket 3 out of 5 stars.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kristy on

      I backed this project in May 2017 but did not receive a tracking number at any point when one was promised. The remaining blankets are supposed to arrive by the end of the month which is now just a little over 2 weeks away. How likely is it that this plan is still on course?

    36. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Mercer on

      I have not Received a tracking number even though it said my blanket was suppose to ship on an email dated Dec 27,2017

    37. Annie Moriyasu on

      WTF. I supported you John F back in May to the tune of over $300 and I do not even have a fucking tracking number. I am past respectful and considerate!!!

    38. Cindy Waters on

      Where are my blankets? I backed you guys in May. Very disappointed.

    39. David Stephens

      I'm beginning to wonder about my tracking number. The first I heard was that they were coming (Dec 7th), and then later that they were behind (Dec 21st), but here we are Jan 10th and I haven't heard anything at all. I backed at the 2 blanket level and apparently that means I pledged more money to be even later in the queue.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kate Sinclair on

      Not that I have anything novel to say but I'm really frustrated, as many of the other backers have expressed. As one of the earlier backers having pledged my $$ in May, I've received very little information - other than a too-late notice that the size of the product was changed but the price was not. I have a tracking number that says it was issued in October but it hasn't shipped and there's no update. And now the product is available commercially before backers get it??? This is insane. Going to try to get my money back via my bank as others have suggested. Shame on you for bait-and-switching the people who invested in you early and then using our money to go wide without serving us first. This is point blank fraud.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jenni Roe on

      I am backer number 10455 so within the first 50% of backers yet have not received a tracking number or my two blankets. I am so frustrated. Several emails left unreturned. Will have to declare fraud to my credit card if I do not receive even a response to my emails.

    42. Amber N. Chipman on

      Where's my blanket? Still no tracking #!

    43. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on

      Still no tracking number, let alone blankets. Wish I'd just waited to buy when they're commercially available, which I gather is now, since I could have gotten them sooner that way. Or should have just gotten a different brand on amazon. Given the shenanigans I'm far from certain the blankets (if I ever receive them) will be any better than what's currently on the market. Sigh.

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthew Yatsyla on

      At least see what you are getting eventually, and how to improve it for a few dollars.

    46. Missing avatar

      Lisa Dunham on

      Call your credit card company and request a charge back. That's what I did.

    47. Missing avatar

      Christine Leigh on

      I will absolutely never do another Kickstarter project. It was my fault for even risking. I however do expect to get this blanket.

    48. Missing avatar

      Christine Leigh on

      Same on the tracking number, says it's from October. I got my hopes up.

    49. Tim Mank on

      Same here: received a tracking number a month ago; which apparently was created in Oct and no shipping action since. Still no blanket AND no response to my inquiries.....

    50. Missing avatar

      Julia Grossman on

      So, I received an email with a tracking number that was issued in October of 2017 about 3 weeks ago! Still no update as to when it will get to me. What is going on?! I was an original and still have not received this or gotten a response through email.