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A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
23,805 backers pledged $4,729,263 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Holiday Update!


Hi Everyone - I wanted to provide a brief update on things based on the comments I'm seeing: 

Shipping Update: 

We are seeing all of the happy posts on social media from many of you who have received the blanket. Thank you for the love :) For those who have not yet received their product, I want to acknowledge that we are indeed running a bit behind on delivery. Approximately 50% of units have either arrived or are out for delivery, and the remaining 50% will be delivered before the end of January. This is the latest timing update we have for now. As always, your patience throughout the process of building a business from ground zero only eight months ago is so very appreciated. 

Blanket Sizing: 

Some of you have made reference to a discrepancy between the size originally listed on our Kickstarter, and the sizing listed on the blanket hang-tag. As we progressed with prototyping, our manufacturing partners recommended we move from the 48 x 78 design to 48 x 72 to better distribute the weighted pellets. This was a conscious change that we made, but unfortunately, it was not updated on the Kickstarter page until after many of you had backed. We're sorry for this, but assure you it was a purposeful design choice that was made for the betterment of the product. 

Happy holidays to you and yours, 



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    1. Imre about 4 hours ago

      I just got my blanket and i was wondering why is it soooooo short.... i wait a long time and now i got a blanket that more 20 cm less that i ordert...this is not what i ordert...!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Yves Baggi about 6 hours ago

      Ok, i'm coming up to one year of backing this project. I would appreciat getting an ETA for my blanket.


    3. Missing avatar

      Alicia Kusel 4 days ago

      I have a tracking number, a label was created in October, and UPS has been waiting for the shipment since December 26!! A tracking number without an actual package shipping somewhere is useless. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    4. Missing avatar

      Judi Jemson 4 days ago

      My two blankets measure 0" x 0".
      I paid $320 for two blankets in early May, 2017. I've never received a tracking number, let alone my blankets. I don't understand why I cannot get any responses to my email inquiries. I am sad that an "anti-anxiety" blanket has caused such anxiety for my daughter and me. We just want what I paid for... Nearly nine months ago!!!! :-/

    5. Missing avatar

      John LaCarrubba 5 days ago

      Have not looked at this for a while, what is the status of the blankets being sent to eastern US?
      Looking forward to gifting this while it is still cold.
      Have not received any tracking info.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shanna Barton 5 days ago

      It’s been almost a month since receiving an email indicating shipping had started. No shipping information. No blanket. More and better communication, please.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brooke Goulding 7 days ago

      I received an e-mail 12/27/17 with a tracking number saying shipped. Tracking Order status has no information. Please update all of us who are still waiting for information.

    8. Pamela Johnson on January 15

      still nothing.. tracking numbers that say shipped in October and no updates. No emails returned. No updates. Nothing? What gives?

    9. Missing avatar

      nicole jackson on January 14

      I'm backer 1,583. I received my blanket Jan 10, 2018. I thought I'd update since I've been fairly vocal about being sent notifications of tracking numbers issued and that my item was being shipped since October but had no movement.

      My review of the blanket is that it is nice. I love the weight on it. What I don't like is the last minute change to modify the measurements. Like everyone else, I was expecting a larger blanket as seen in the advertising. What I received is a blanket that will just cover the top of a twin-sized bed. I'm 5'6". When I lay the blanket on top of me from shoulder to foot, it just barely covers my feet. If I raise the blanket any higher my feet are exposed.

      Knowing what I know now, I would not order this blanket again.

      Since I didn't get what I was expecting and I had to experience the unprofessional service, I'm going to rate this blanket 3 out of 5 stars.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristy on January 12

      I backed this project in May 2017 but did not receive a tracking number at any point when one was promised. The remaining blankets are supposed to arrive by the end of the month which is now just a little over 2 weeks away. How likely is it that this plan is still on course?

    11. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Mercer on January 12

      I have not Received a tracking number even though it said my blanket was suppose to ship on an email dated Dec 27,2017

    12. Annie Moriyasu on January 11

      WTF. I supported you John F back in May to the tune of over $300 and I do not even have a fucking tracking number. I am past respectful and considerate!!!

    13. Cindy Waters on January 11

      Where are my blankets? I backed you guys in May. Very disappointed.

    14. David Stephens
      on January 10

      I'm beginning to wonder about my tracking number. The first I heard was that they were coming (Dec 7th), and then later that they were behind (Dec 21st), but here we are Jan 10th and I haven't heard anything at all. I backed at the 2 blanket level and apparently that means I pledged more money to be even later in the queue.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kate Sinclair on January 10

      Not that I have anything novel to say but I'm really frustrated, as many of the other backers have expressed. As one of the earlier backers having pledged my $$ in May, I've received very little information - other than a too-late notice that the size of the product was changed but the price was not. I have a tracking number that says it was issued in October but it hasn't shipped and there's no update. And now the product is available commercially before backers get it??? This is insane. Going to try to get my money back via my bank as others have suggested. Shame on you for bait-and-switching the people who invested in you early and then using our money to go wide without serving us first. This is point blank fraud.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jenni Roe on January 9

      I am backer number 10455 so within the first 50% of backers yet have not received a tracking number or my two blankets. I am so frustrated. Several emails left unreturned. Will have to declare fraud to my credit card if I do not receive even a response to my emails.

    17. Amber N. Chipman on January 8

      Where's my blanket? Still no tracking #!

    18. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on January 7

      Still no tracking number, let alone blankets. Wish I'd just waited to buy when they're commercially available, which I gather is now, since I could have gotten them sooner that way. Or should have just gotten a different brand on amazon. Given the shenanigans I'm far from certain the blankets (if I ever receive them) will be any better than what's currently on the market. Sigh.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeannah Ho on January 7

      I too have emailed several times regarding the status of my blanket with no response. While I understand you are a startup and may have limited staff, it is unacceptable to not address questions and concerns to your backers - even if it’s a general update via Kickstarter. I was disappointed to hear that the size changed, but even more, I was disheartened to see that blankets were seeded to celebs and influencers for the holidays to help promote the brand before getting product out to those who actually funded the project. It bad business.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Yatsyla on January 6

      At least see what you are getting eventually, and how to improve it for a few dollars.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lisa Dunham on January 5

      Call your credit card company and request a charge back. That's what I did.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christine Leigh on January 5

      I will absolutely never do another Kickstarter project. It was my fault for even risking. I however do expect to get this blanket.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christine Leigh on January 5

      Same on the tracking number, says it's from October. I got my hopes up.

    24. Tim Mank on January 5

      Same here: received a tracking number a month ago; which apparently was created in Oct and no shipping action since. Still no blanket AND no response to my inquiries.....

    25. Missing avatar

      Julia Grossman on January 5

      So, I received an email with a tracking number that was issued in October of 2017 about 3 weeks ago! Still no update as to when it will get to me. What is going on?! I was an original and still have not received this or gotten a response through email.

    26. Mark Sloan on January 4

      I, like many others who supported this project, would like more details about when our blankets will be shipped. Communication to supporters is highly desired and valued.

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan Grayson on January 3

      Hi I just was wondering how long will I get the Gravity blanket.

    28. Nathan Chaney on January 1

      If you are tired of being pushed around by this scam, please join our group:
      (We are protecting identities because Mike has stalked group members and their team behaves "differently" if they know you are part of the group.

      We are protecting identities due to one of Gravity’s representatives following certain members on multiple platforms making them very uncomfortable.

    29. J. Rossi on December 31

      I'm bummed. I'd like a real tally of how many people got a blanket already. I get the kickstarter backing thing but everyone is kind of got the money..update us weekly at this point. Please.

    30. Missing avatar

      Kristina Keane on December 30

      Is there a way to verify the status of the product delivery? (2 blankets) I haven't received a shipping number yet. What's the best way to track when I might receive the packages. Very excited, and patient... yet hoping to know when to expect them. Thanks!

    31. Nicole Ches on December 30

      Can someone explain why people who ordered blankets in Oct and Nov received theirs before Christmas when those of us who ordered as early as May have heard nothing?!

    32. Missing avatar

      tammi on December 29

      I have sent several messages asking where I am in the list of people getting blanket shipped. As a purchaser of a so,he blanket, I should be among the first group, and have not received a shipping number. I would be doing better if I could get a quick reply on timing for me...

    33. CAR on December 28

      We did not back the process of building a business.

      "Kickstarter has never been about long-term funding; it's supposed to facilitate the asking for and giving of support for single, one-off ideas, says Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen"

      Your campaign clearly states:

      "We’re a team of designers, engineers, and operational experts. We understand what goes into making this product and we've done it in the past.

      "Our factory partners are ready to go. We have already produced a small sample run – and some of our lucky friends are already enjoying them.

      "With Gravity, I am also working with a team of people who have deep expertise in launching and building companies, including hitting the Inc. 500 list three separate times and successfully taking companies to IPO.

      Thus, based on your own campaign press kit, asking for patience as you "build your business from ground zero" is not really what we should be expected to do for you.

      We, as backers, are willingly involved in the creative process of the Gravity Blanket, and delays with creative projects are to be expected. I think you will find that many of your backers are quite familiar with the process of crowdfunding (and Kickstarter), and accept delays without much angst.

      What you may be finding, however, is the frustration people feel over the lack of clear communication, and the inconsistencies in statements being made and information being given. Kickstarter backers tend to be a very understanding and forgiving lot - but they are also pretty savvy about due diligence and ferreting out "alternative facts".

      That you have "happy people" is always a good thing. I believe that you would have a lot more of them if you adjusted your methods of delivering both information, rewards, and respect to the people who supported you with their trust and their money when you were, as you say, at ground zero eight months ago.

      Selling and delivering your project to retail outlets and customers before you fulfill your reward fulfillment to backers is a sure way of frustrating your supporters and garnering negative feedback. Delivering a product substantially different in size without prior disclosure is certain to initiate complains and demands for refunds. Withdrawing medical claims after accepting pledges, and not disclosing those retractions may result in accusations of deceptive practices.

      I respectfully ask that you look at the large number of negative comments and take them to heart without defensive reactions. Please consider simply addressing the issues openly and honestly and with respect for those who support(ed) you. I sincerely believe that you can turn this around quickly if you take the time to actively show the same respect and appreciation for your backers that you are asking for yourself and your business.

    34. Missing avatar

      Wendi Russell on December 27

      Still waiting on tracking number and blanket!

    35. Missing avatar

      Wayne Barber
      on December 26

      Why was the change in blanket size not communicated when the decision to change it happened during production? This is now not the product we ordered and I am also reading comments from those that received the blanket that its actually shorter, 68" inches. What are you going to do to refund those of us that needed the promised size? Some of us are tall and needed the promised blanket length.

    36. Missing avatar

      on December 24

      And f*** grammar I'm angry.

    37. Missing avatar

      on December 24

      No I don't have my blanked now, but if the sice change from about 10" is true I wouldn't have bought it. That's more than 25cm, wtf.

    38. Missing avatar

      on December 24

      Unbelievable. I can't think about a single way to tell you my opinion without my account getting banned.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ami Steiner on December 24

      Soon it will be a year (!!!) since you charged my CC for the product AND then asked to charge extra for delivery outside the US. So far - no product on site, not even delivery status. Never imagined this site' and the companies using it can behave this way. I understand many other backers got the wrong size of blankets. Hope I will not have to demand refund or lawsuit for this unpleasant experience.

      This was supposed to be a birthday gift for my wife. Instead, it gives us only sorrow.
      I will not use this site to support any other product if such a behavior is acceptable here.

    40. Michele Vetter on December 24

      Since I’m not getting what I originally ordered (feels like bait and switch) what kind of refund do you plan on offering. I’d contact customer set but NOBODY ever responds. As a customer I truly feel like my business doesn’t matter to you at all. With all of the delays and lack of personal touch I can promise you that this will be the only purchase made and a few of my friends who were considering buying this I’ve told them about your greed instead of getting product out to your customers. I mean, really? I can go into a Sleep Number store and get the product I paid money for in May and am still waiting for. Where’s my voucher to get mine from Sleep Number since you apparently can’t have them send me one or maybe you should have cared a little more about your backers who helped you reach your dream. At this point I’m doubtful that anyone in your company even reads the comments. Up to this point you’ve shown quite a few of us how little you care about us and are more interested in bragging about your trips and redecorating your new apartment in Brooklyn on social media than maybe responding to a few emails even if it’s just to say sorry or even acknowledge the email request with a “done” response. Because one thing I can promise you, John Fiorentino, I will never back one of your projects again. I no longer trust you. You are not a man of your word. I’m disappointed to say the least.

    41. Lauren Landrum on December 24

      We are compiling information. Join us here. We've been robbed.

    42. Missing avatar

      Wendi Russell on December 24

      Christmas Eve. Still waiting on the blanket I ordered as a gift!! Still don’t have a tracking number. I am glad that you were able to supply Sleep Number with their blankets so that they can provide Christmas gifts on time! Such a disappointment!!

    43. Christopher Jones on December 24

      I am not entirely thrilled to hear about the size change. The new size isn't even as tall as I am. Not great.

    44. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Emerson on December 24

      Hello here it is Christmas Eve and I havent rec. any emails from you = ( I understand you got overloaded with orders but wish there was more communication on my items.

    45. JCR on December 24

      To those of you feeling shorted--The Kickstarter page STILL says the blankets are 78" long.
      Mine is not even the 72", it's more like 68". This is a direct violation of the KS rules, and needs to be reported.

      Go to:

      scroll to the bottom and “Report this project to Kickstarter” for breaking the Kickstarter rules

    46. JCR on December 24

      The change in size is unacceptable--it was done for cost savings and no other reason.
      Mine does not even measure the full 72", it's closer to 68", so that's a full 10" lost.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kamal Shah on December 24

      It's not 72" its 68" and if you stand by your product and if the product is selling for $299 I would take back the products from the backers and sell them for more money.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kerry Lynn on December 24

      Thanks for the update! I am super excited about snugging under my blanket, 72 or 78, makes no difference to me. Merry Christmas! Looking forward tracking number soon.

    49. Missing avatar

      Arvid Rijke on December 24

      Size reduction- means price reduction.

      It perfectly fitted, my bed. Now, it does not.

    50. Michele Vetter on December 23

      Ok, so if there’s a size reduction then I think we should see a price reduction. How is this not bait and switch?