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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
3,503 backers pledged $147,762 to help bring this project to life.

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Wooden Druid Tokens Achieved!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Yesterday I demoed Lagoon with several Portland backers at Guardian Games, my friendly local game store. Roberto, one of the friendliest backers I could hope to have, brought his friend John in to play, and their friend Lee joined us at the table to watch their game. 

That's when I received an exciting text from my friend Evan letting me know Lagoon topped $60,000 and unlocked the wooden druid tokens. Roberto and friends spontaneously raised a loud cheer in the middle of the store! It totally made my day! I've spent most of this campaign alone in front of a computer, so being able to share that moment with some incredibly enthusiastic and fun backers really meant a lot to me. Thank you, guys!

Next: Painted Druid Emblems

We're less than two thousand dollars away from unlocking the screen printed upgrade! That's right, at $65,000, we ditch the stickers in favor of druid emblems painted directly onto the wooden druid tokens. After that, at $75,000, backer copies of the game will come with double the wood -- a full 8 sets of screen printed player tokens in wood of all the variant druid circles!

If the funding keeps going strong after unlocking these goals, we might see a stretch goal that upgrades the tile draw bag. There is also the possibility of adding wooden seed tokens to go with the wooden druids. I'm still gathering information from Panda, my manufacturer, to help me figure out the feasibility of these upgrades.

Rise of the Druid

Moon Gate, an Elemeen site illustration by Eduardo Garcia
Moon Gate, an Elemeen site illustration by Eduardo Garcia

I've posted four new site tiles and their stunning illustrations on BoardGameGeek. If you're a fan of the new Owl druid circle, you'll definitely want to check out one of the new illustrations!

Your fellow backer Silver Bowen suggested on the comments page: "Time to get on BGG and start thumbing everything Druid, folks." If you want to go that extra mile, clicking the 'thumbs up' button on the new tiles image and the four accompanying illustrations will help draw new backers on the BoardGameGeek website!

Also, Lagoon is gaining new momentum. Yesterday was Lagoon's biggest funding day since the first week! This is only possible because of your word of mouth support that's reaching new people and expanding our circle of druids. Thank you!

Destiny Puzzles

(If you're a new backer, go back to the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try.)

This time, puzzle master Mike reveals the solution to Saving Emilaphae and presents a new puzzle, Flaming Lotus Flambé -- both presented in the image below (click it to view a larger PDF). 

Puzzle Questions or Feedback: Mike would love to hear what you think of the puzzles! Comment on this update or tweet to Mike on Twitter: @bluedevilduke

The end of this section has a list of links to all the puzzles so you can go back and work your way through all of them if you like.

8 Druid Circles

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The poll determining two new druid circle emblems wrapped up yesterday, with Dragonfly and Turtle being voted to join the previously chosen Owl! For reasons that will become clear shortly, I decided to also accept third place finisher Moon as an eighth druid circle.

I never anticipated this level of funding, and Lagoon is improving because of it. Originally I thought a 5th druid circle would be a fun stretch goal, but your support and suggestions are inspiring changes to the world of Lagoon itself!

The Eight Ways of the Druid

I want to give each druid circle its own history and place in the lore of Lagoon. Let me share how this idea is shaping up so far.

The druids of Lagoon choose one of four paths to begin their druidic journey, and each path has two ways embodied by one of the druid circle emblems:

  • Path of Adventure: Stag, Dragonfly
  • Path of Renewal: Hare, Owl
  • Path of Presence: Fern, Turtle
  • Path of Mystery: Mushroom, Moon

These druid circles will shape the future of Lagoon. In the near term, all of the emblems will appear in some fashion in the art of Lagoon. But in the long term, my mind is buzzing with new gameplay concepts based on the eight druid circles!

You the backers have decided four of the druid circle emblems you'll receive in the game, but at the same time you've also helped shape Lagoon itself. You're influencing the future possibilities for expansions and other games in the Lagoon universe. Thank you!

More Wooden Druid Tokens

Drawing on backer feedback, I'm adding a stretch goal at $75,000 that provides a set of wooden tokens for all the druid circle emblems. Here then are the current stretch goals:

  • $60,000: Four sets of wooden druid tokens using stickers 
  • $65,000: Wooden tokens upgraded from stickers to screen printing
  • $75,000: Total of eight sets of screen printed wooden druid tokens

Many of you were disappointed that the $60,000 stretch goal only provided four sets of wooden druid tokens. Like most of you, I would like all of the druid circles to be available to backers in wood. But they do not come particularly cheaply. Four sets is the minimum to allow all four players to use components of the same quality level, and that's why we started there. But we don't have to end there!

Lagoon's progression of stretch goals may not have been the most natural in retrospect. I didn't expect wooden druid tokens would emerge as the top backer-requested enhancement. Likewise, I didn't anticipate the incredible level of funding you all have provided Lagoon! I've done my best to adapt to unfolding events while staying true to the philosophy I disclosed on the main project page for stretch goals: "they should make the game better without jeopardizing the schedule or the ultimate success of the game."

The Path Ahead

I'm optimistic we can achieve the three stretch goals above, and hopefully at least one more. Since unlocking the "advanced sites" stretch goal at $50,000 yesterday, we're already almost halfway to $60,000 -- which will unlock the first wooden druid tokens!

I believe we can achieve that and quite a bit more with the 16 days remaining in the campaign. Please continue sharing Lagoon with the people in your life who will find it interesting! 

Thank you,


Advanced Sites Achieved. Next?!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

We've done it -- Lagoon has crossed the $50,000 line! That's 250% of the initial goal, and I'm beside myself at reaching this milestone! This was about as far as I dared hope for Lagoon to come. 

Thank you to all 1250 of you for throwing your support behind me, believing in Lagoon, and embracing this curious forest world of magic and mystery. It gives me a boost when I'm sending thank you messages to new backers, and one of your smiling faces pops up with your profile! I love catching a glimpse of the folks who are lifting Lagoon up, and it's amazing to me that there are so many of you breathing life into Lagoon. Thank you, I'm walking in the clouds!

Advanced Sites Added to Lagoon

I'm very pleased to be adding the six advanced sites to the base game of Lagoon! I shared a preview of Flaming Lotus and Chaos Manifold with backers in update nine. Now here's a sneak peak at Breath of Lagoon. (Click on the image if you want to thumb it on BGG!).

These additions bring the total number of site tiles to 27. The standard game of Lagoon calls for 24 tiles, so you could swap other tiles out for the advanced ones to mix things up. Or play with all 27 tiles if you want a slightly longer game. I plan to expand Lagoon in the future with more site tiles, so you can eventually expect an incredibly healthy variety of Lagoon experiences to sample.

Wooden Druid Tokens at $60,000!

The number one requested enhancement from backers almost from the beginning has been wooden druid tokens. This was not a stretch goal I had originally envisioned, but right away I started talking with Panda, my game manufacturer, about getting quotes for them. 

And now I'm incredibly happy to fulfill your requests by offering FOUR player sets of wooden druid tokens to be included with every backed copy of Lagoon: Land of Druids if the funding reaches $60,000. That's 20 total druids, which is the full complement for the largest player count of 4. The tokens will be 4mm thick wooden discs, 1mm thicker than the punchboard druid tokens. Also included will be emblem stickers to label the members of each circle of druids.

These wooden tokens will not be added to the base game of Lagoon sold at retail, making them a nice non-exclusive perk for backing Lagoon on Kickstarter. I want to keep the retail price of the game as affordable as possible, and that's why these wooden components will not be standard equipment in the retail version of the game. They won't be exclusive to Kickstarter backers, but they will be free to you.

Screen-Printed Wooden Druid Tokens at $65,000

Wooden druid tokens are better than no wooden druid tokens. But best of all are those with their emblems painted directly on them! More attractive and durable than stickers, screen-printed wooden druid tokens will make a classy and refined addition to Lagoon. 

If this stretch goal is achieved, the four wooden sets of druid tokens added previously will be upgraded from stickers to screen-printing. And as before, these tokens will not be added to the base game of Lagoon sold at retail.

Destiny Puzzles

(If you're a new backer, go back to the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try.)

This time, puzzle master Mike reveals the solution to Loco Kinoko and presents a new puzzle, Saving Emilaphae -- both presented in the image below (click it to view a larger PDF).

The end of this section has a list of links to all the puzzles so you can go back and work your way through all of them if you like.

Owls, EU Friendliness, Art!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Owl Be Darned

Here's what the new Owl Druids look like (recently chosen by backers):

The final poll to choose the designs for the 6th and 7th druid circles is now live. Cast your vote here! Runs Feb. 12 and 13. (Voting is via BoardGameGeek poll, which requires an account. Signup is free and only takes a few moments.)

EU Friendliness Achieved!

Lagoon: Land of Druids is now EU friendly! 

I've worked out the details so that EU backers will have their games shipped to them from the UK. I hope this is welcome news to EU backers, and will be newsworthy for you to share with your EU friends! If they were on the fence before, I hope this will now entice them to join our druid circle!

Artist Spotlight: Eduardo Garcia

One glance at Lagoon's art, and you'll see how lucky we are to have Eduardo Garcia as the primary artist for Lagoon: Land of Druids! 

(Click an illustration to view its related site tile on BoardGameGeek, and please thumb!)

Chaos Manifold, an advanced Deonin site that will unlock at $50,000.
Chaos Manifold, an advanced Deonin site that will unlock at $50,000.

From the very first illustration I shared publicly, the response to Eduardo's art has been tremendous! Anytime I receive an email from Eduardo with progress on new illustrations, I get giddy with excitement.

Gossamer Caves, a Vowelon site.
Gossamer Caves, a Vowelon site.

Eduardo's range is incredible, whether crafting a mesmerizing underground scene with phosphorescent mushrooms or painting a noble portrait of an ancient forest lord.

Grizznant, ancient forest lord.
Grizznant, ancient forest lord.

No matter what crazy illustration concept I throw at Eduardo, he delivers and takes it up a notch.

Roots of Creation, a Deonin haven.
Roots of Creation, a Deonin haven.

I look forward to sharing a handful of brand new illustrations from Eduardo very soon!

The next update will bring back Destiny Puzzles, and present a Lagoon puzzle with a new twist! If you're a new backer, you can learn about these puzzles in the second update and try your hand at the previous seven of them!

Thank you!


Druid Emblem Poll

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The polls are open for YOU to decide which of 35 nature-themed emblems will represent the 6th and 7th Druid Circles! Nominations of marine life were filtered out because Lagoon is a forest world.

Time to Vote!

Voting takes place via a BoardGameGeek poll, and requires that you have a BoardGameGeek account. It's free to create a profile and only takes a few moments to sign up.

Cast your vote here! - (Poll runs Feb. 9 and 10)

This is the first round of voting to narrow down the pool of choices to the top 10. More details are on the poll page itself.

Lagoon Press and Reviews

I had a blast yesterday doing a video interview with Back It! -- a series started by the DFW Nerd Nighters. I talked with JR and Phillip about Lagoon, Kickstarting, and other board gaming topics.

Also, I wanted to share some of the great reviews and press coming in for Lagoon. The first two reviews below are from backers who tried the Lagoon print and play:

Closing Comments

Yesterday Lagoon gained its 1000th backer! It also reached 200% of its initial funding goal. I'm floored to have reached both of these milestones. It made a very snowy and beautiful day here in Portland all the sweeter. Thank you for all the support and encouragement! I'm fantastically grateful for all your help sharing Lagoon with people who might appreciate it.

Lastly, I want to share Scoville, a clever game designed by my friend Ed Marriott and published by my friend Michael Mindes. Scoville is a challenging and fun Euro game about growing and cross-breeding hot peppers. If you like Euros, you should check it out!