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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
3,503 backers pledged $147,762 to help bring this project to life.

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Two New Stretch Goals!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The number crunching is complete. I'm delighted to lay out a two phase roadmap for adding the wooden seed tokens we all want! 

Eleventh Stretch Goal - $90,000


This goal will add 36 wooden seed tokens with screen-printed seed designs on both sides. This is in addition to the 40 wooden druid tokens unlocked previously, tricking out your copy of Lagoon with a grand total of 76 wooden tokens! This will complete the upgrade of all tokens from punchboard to painted wood.

Several things to note about these tokens:

  • They will NOT be added to the base game of Lagoon sold at retail, making them a nice non-exclusive perk for backing Lagoon on Kickstarter! 
  • The game will still include all the punchboard seed tokens. 
  • These seed tokens (16mm) are smaller than the punchboard seed tokens (19mm). If that saddens you, please take a look at the next stretch goal. 
  • This goal provides 12 wooden seed tokens in each energy, whereas there are 16 punchboard seed tokens in each energy. Twelve tokens is actually the number all prototypes of Lagoon have used, which is plenty. We're doing more punchboard seeds because having extras may be handy and we have space for them. 

Twelfth Stretch Goal - $100,000


This goal will upgrade all 36 wooden seed tokens from 16mm to 19mm. The larger size is the same as the punchboard seed tokens.

This would truly make Lagoon more beautiful than I ever imagined possible, with full credit to backers for the idea!

More Art to Share

Drakinymph, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Eduardo Garcia
Drakinymph, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Eduardo Garcia

If you didn't click through to BoardGameGeek last update to see all the new illustrations, here's a closer look at the Drakinymph

Click here to see Deonium Arch and other recent illustrations, and please thumb them! 

You need a BoardGameGeek account to thumb the images (green button to the left), but it only takes a few moments to set one up.

Catching Back Up

Laying the ground work for the seed token stretch goals took way more time than I expected, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait! 

As a result though, I've fallen a bit behind in thanking new backers (welcome!), responding to backer messages (sorry!), and laying out new Destiny Puzzles. But sleep is another thing I've fallen behind on, and at this point catching up on that needs to be my top priority. Once I've rested, I'll get back into the usual crazy swing of things!

New backers, visit update eighteen if you're curious about the Lagoon Destiny Puzzles!

Wallpapers Unlocked, Next Steps

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Congratulations, we've unlocked the 3-pack of Lagoon art wallpapers! Funding has exceeded $80,000, and Lagoon: Land of Druids now has more than 2000 backers!

Download Gruu's Refuge wallpaper: Standard (4:3) | Widescreen (16:9)

Download Overlook Free House wallpaper: Standard (4:3) | Widescreen (16:9)

 Download Roots of Creation wallpaper: Standard (4:3) | Widescreen (16:9)

Incoming Stretch Goal!

I'm pleased to announce that I just got some new and updated quotes from Panda, my manufacturer! It will take me a decent bit of time to crunch the numbers and run through all the possible stretch goal scenarios. However, I anticipate announcing a WOODEN SEED TOKEN stretch goal before the day is out!!!

Phenomenal New Art

I've added three new illustrations to BoardGameGeek.

Ancestral Garden, an Elemeen sanctum illustrated by Eduardo Garcia
Ancestral Garden, an Elemeen sanctum illustrated by Eduardo Garcia

Check out the other new illustrations here, and please thumb them! You need a BoardGameGeek account to thumb the images (green button to the left), but it only takes a few moments to set one up. Thumbing the images boosts them on the site, and attract new backers to help unlock the upcoming wooden seed token stretch goal!

Lagoon VASSAL Module!

A VASSAL module for Lagoon was created by BGG user Morganus, who very kindly reached out to share it with me. VASSAL is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games. It allows you to play live on the Internet or by email. VASSAL is free, open-source software that runs on many platforms.

Download the latest version of the VASSAL engine here.

Download the Lagoon VASSAL module here.

Destiny Puzzles

I'm focusing my time and energy on preparing the next stretch goal right now, so please pardon the brief puzzle hiatus! Mike has several on deck, but it's fairly time consuming to build the puzzle graphics so they're on hold until I finish crunching stretch goal numbers.

However, all eleven puzzles so far are linked below! New backers, visit the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try. The solution for each puzzle is given on the next puzzle in the sequence.

Puzzle Questions or Feedback: Mike would love to hear what you think of the puzzles! Comment on this update or tweet to Mike on Twitter: @bluedevilduke

8 Wooden Druid Circles!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Today I woke to see $75,000 in funding for Lagoon, and it jolted me to attention! 

This campaign has been intense, and my mind is constantly running with the long and growing list of tasks I must see to. It's hard to maintain proper appreciation for the bigger picture when I'm focusing my attention like a laser on one task, then another, and another.

But today you brought my whirring mind to a full stop! All of you together delivered an absolutely stunning milestone for Lagoon -- a whopping $75,000 in funding -- which fills me with gratitude! Thank you for pushing Lagoon to this dizzying height! This is a level of funding I never imagined my very first board game project could reach. We've topped 1900 backers and are moving steadily towards 2000, a number that blows my mind.

And of course we've also unlocked ALL of the wooden druid tokens! Every backed copy of Lagoon will now come with a total of 40 beautifully screen-painted wooden druid tokens, a full set for each of the eight emblems: Dragonfly, Fern, Hare, Moon, Mushroom, Stag, Owl, Turtle. This is in addition to the full eight sets that will be included in punchboard, since the wooden tokens will not be included with the standard retail version of the game.

I've never been more excited about Lagoon, and thanks to you I'm able to see a future now where I can continue working in this world I love! My vision is to craft new ways for you to immerse yourself in the world of Lagoon. That includes free rules that let you play your copy of Lagoon in new ways, expansion tiles that add new mechanics, as well as entirely new games that expand what we know about the world of Lagoon and tell more of its story. 

The realization of my dream is materializing before my eyes, and I thank each and every one of you for making this dream come true!

Coming Stretch Goals

The next stretch goal arrives at $80,000, and will unlock a 3-pack of Lagoon wallpapers. If you're a new backer, I also made a high-resolution wallpaper of Cairn Colossus available for download in update sixteen

For the next stretch goal, I would very much like to offer wooden seed tokens! That's overwhelmingly the most popular suggestion from all of you, and it would trick out your copy of Lagoon to the max! 

However, I cannot set this stretch goal for the campaign just yet. Although I requested a quote for these components on Monday, it takes time for Panda, my manufacturer, to determine the cost for new components. My representative at Panda is incredibly responsive and understands how critical getting this information is to me, and for this campaign. The good folks at Panda have expedited my quote request and are doing all they can to produce it as quickly as possible. I don't have a current ETA on this, but it is possible it could come at any time. Once it does, I will crunch the numbers and report back to you ASAP. Without doubt, there will be a wooden seed token stretch goal!

As I explained in update thirteen, I realize Lagoon's progression of stretch goals may not seem the most natural in retrospect. The amazing level of funding you all have provided Lagoon has truly surpassed my expectations! I'm doing my best to keep pace with the growth of the campaign, and I hope I have done right by backers so far in offering thicker components, additional site tiles, a wide selection of druid circles, premium wooden druid tokens, and the addition of a solo mode. With more than a week left in the campaign, we're certainly not done yet!

Unpub Live Play of Lagoon: Land of Druids

Here is the video from last night's Lagoon Live Play, hosted by Unpub. Learn how to play Lagoon and watch a three player game from start to finish! There's also lots of discussion about the tactics and strategy of the game.

Eye of the Forest

I wanted to get this update out to you as quickly as I can, so I'm sorry this update will not include a Lagoon destiny puzzle! However, I will leave you with something else very cool instead: a demonstration of the creative process that goes into each Lagoon illustration. 

Eye of the Forest is a new illustration created by Eduardo Garcia, and below you can see the incredible progression from sketch to color test to final illustration. Enjoy!

Lagoon Digital Wallpapers

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

We're only about $2500 away from unlocking the second 4 sets of screen-printed wooden druid tokens! And then, after that...

Wallpaper 3-Pack Unlocked at $80,000!

Many among you have been asking to get some of Lagoon's wonderful art to use as digital wallpaper. At $80,000 in funding, three digital wallpapers of Lagoon art will be unlocked! To tide you over until then though, please enjoy the above wallpaper today! 

Download Cairn Colossus wallpaper: Standard (4:3) | Widescreen (16:9)

Cairn Colossus will always have a special place in my heart. This is the very first art Eduardo Garcia created for Lagoon. It was actually a test illustration, to see if we understood each other well enough in terms of style to work together on this project. 

When I got this art in my email and opened it up, I saw Lagoon for the first time! Eduardo nailed it. Whenever I receive a new illustration, it's a highlight of my day to catch one more glimpse of Lagoon, the world of my imagination, brought to life in gorgeous detail. I couldn't be happier with the results, and am delighted to share them with you!

Live Play of Lagoon Tonight @ 9pm EST!

The Unpublished Games Network, aka Unpub, will be streaming a 3 player game of Lagoon LIVE ON THE INTERNETS! Join us tonight at 9pm EST. You'll be able to ask me questions in realtime as we all watch three druids duke it out to forge the destiny of Lagoon!

Please Join Us at 9pm EST: Lagoon Live Play 

Sacred Trees of Lagoon

Ancient Elemeen embodies the spirit energy of Lagoon
Ancient Elemeen embodies the spirit energy of Lagoon

The trees of Lagoon are revered, but three sacred trees embody the competing energies of the world and play a central role in Lagoon's history. The names for each energy are actually taken from the trees themselves. Above is Ancient Elemeen, the tree that embodies the energy of the spirit.

Click to view Ancient Vowelon and Ancient Deonin.

The seeds of the sacred trees are treasured for their incredible spiritual power. When you explore a new site in Lagoon, you are rewarded with a seed token that matches the energy of the site you put into the world.

Lagoon Avatars

If you'd like to use a Lagoon avatar here on Kickstarter or elsewhere, did you know there are three beautiful choices?

Go to the "Kickstarter Avatars" section near the very bottom of the main page and choose the one you like best. Using one of these avatars helps raise awareness of Lagoon among other Kickstarter users, who will hopefully be lured by their beauty to come back Lagoon!

Lagoon Demos in Portland and Seattle

Do you live near Portland or Seattle? Come out and play Lagoon! 

Portland: Sunday, February 23 @ Noon -- Guardian Games (345 SE Taylor St)

I'll be hosting this event, and should have at least two prototype copies of Lagoon on hand. I plan to be at Guardian Games at least through 4pm.

Seattle: Monday, February 24 @ 6:30 PM -- Raygun Lounge (501 E Pine St)

This event is kindly hosted by backers Jake and Marguerite, who will have one prototype copy of Lagoon and one print and play copy on hand for you to check out! Be aware the venue is a 21+ only establishment.

Solo Rules Released Later Today

Mike and I will be releasing the solo rules later today! We'll post them in the Lagoon: Land of Druids forums on BoardGameGeek. Once they're live, you can find a link to them near the bottom of this BGG thread. We should get them up before 5pm EST.

Destiny Puzzles

(If you're a new backer, go back to the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try.)

This time, puzzle master Mike reveals the solution to In the Balance: Last Gasp and presents a new puzzle, Harness Chaos -- both presented in the image below (click it to view a larger PDF).

Puzzle Questions or Feedback: Mike would love to hear what you think of the puzzles! Comment on this update or tweet to Mike on Twitter: @bluedevilduke

The end of this section has a list of links to all the puzzles so you can go back and work your way through all of them if you like.

Fancy Druids Arrive!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Goodbye stickers, we've unlocked screen-printed druid tokens! This means the 4 unlocked sets of druid tokens will have their druid emblems painted directly on them. I'm currently expecting the wooden discs to be entirely painted in the color of that druid circle, with the emblems painted in black on one side (refreshed) and gray on the other (exhausted).

Double Your Druids

Next in our sights is $75,000 in funding, which will unlock the addition of the remaining 4 druid circles as wooden tokens for backers. If achieved, every backed copy of Lagoon would include a total of 40 wooden druid tokens with beautifully painted druid circle emblems: Dragonfly, Fern, Hare, Moon, Mushroom, Owl, Stag, Turtle.

What lies beyond this stretch goal is still unknown. There could be wooden seed tokens. Perhaps an enhancement to the tile draw bag. Maybe some other surprises. I'm awaiting more information on production costs from Panda, my manufacturer. I'll do my best to place future stretch goals within reach, but it's starting to get trickier to add more fancy upgrades. Fingers crossed we get good news from Panda!

Lagoon Hotness Initiative

Solitude's Nest, a Vowelon haven illustration by Eduardo Garcia
Solitude's Nest, a Vowelon haven illustration by Eduardo Garcia

BoardGameGeek is the website where veteran board gamers go by the thousands to learn about new board games they might want to buy. The site features a prominent hotness list of board games that are attracting lots of attention. Lagoon has been on that list since launching, but has dropped to position 15 from a high of 2. Being high on the hotness attracts new backers!

The most effective way to raise Lagoon's hotness is by visiting the game's webpage, and thumbing lots of images related to the game. Lagoon currently has the 2nd and 3rd hottest 'game' images, and all four of the hottest spots on the 'creative' ranking! The 'game' category is more important, and I'd love for us to earn the top spot there. 

You can help! Please visit and thumb the following images if you have a few spare moments:

You'll need a BoardGameGeek account, which takes a minute to setup. Then look for the green "thumb" button in the column to the left of each image.

Lagoon Press

There's a new video review for Lagoon: Land of Druids! Seattle-based Marguerite Cottrell gives a great 10 minute review of Lagoon.

Also, I was recently interviewed by Darrell Louder of Unpub fame! The production values of this news segment are incredible, impaired only by the subpar microphone on my laptop. Darrell and I talk for more than 15 minutes about Lagoon, Three Hares Games, self publishing, and more. The interview begins at 2:30.

Solo Play

It has been awesome to see how many of you are interested in the solo play mode of Lagoon: Land of Druids! The very capable Mike Mullins is the lead developer of the solo mode, but the delay in sharing information is all my fault. I wanted to personally play the latest rules several times before sharing them, and yesterday I finally got the time to sit down and play four solo games. 

Those tests yielded a small tweak, which helped make my last game incredibly tense and challenging! We're writing up the solo rules now for the first few difficulty levels. Curious folks can find a teaser hereI expect we'll have those rules ready to share on Thursday or Friday!

Backer Interviews

If you haven't visited the comments page for this project, we've got more than 500 posts of discussion about Lagoon! 

Something cool began last night, with backer Rose initiating a series of "backer interviews". Backers answer a few questions about themselves and explain why they backed Lagoon: Land of Druids. It's awesome reading these. I love knowing more about you wonderful people! I joined in too, and posted a "creator" interview. Visit the comments and post your own backer interview

Destiny Puzzles

(If you're a new backer, go back to the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try.)

This time, puzzle master Mike reveals the solution to Flaming Lotus Flambé and presents a new puzzle, In the Balance: Last Gasp -- both presented in the image below (click it to view a larger PDF).

Quick Errata: We're sorry to say we made an error in the earlier puzzle named Loco Kinoko. The layout should have shown all five druids refreshed! A huge thanks to backer Veenickz for discovering the mistake and bringing it to our attention. The solution provided for this puzzle works as written, however Veenickz asserts there is a more efficient solution. Can you find it?

Puzzle Questions or Feedback: Mike would love to hear what you think of the puzzles! Comment on this update or tweet to Mike on Twitter: @bluedevilduke

The end of this section has a list of links to all the puzzles so you can go back and work your way through all of them if you like.