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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
3,503 backers pledged $147,762 to help bring this project to life.

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Lagoon is Reality

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The Lagoon: Land of Druids campaign ended about 8 hours ago. For those of you who watched the last minutes roll down in real time with me, you know it was exciting to the end! In the last hours, the pace of funding had been surging and was trending to finish above $150,000. Then an hour or so before the finish, the funding slowed down as the east coast of the U.S. went to bed. It became clear our chances of hitting that last stretch goal went to bed with them. (Don't worry though.) 

But then all of us hanging out on the comments page realized a different milestone WAS within sight: 3,500 backers! Everyone got into refocusing on this goal, cheering for new backers and refreshing the page while counting off the minutes and then the seconds remaining in the campaign. But it was a stretch, for sure, and I wasn't certain we would make it. At least not until a bunch of new backers all jumped in at the same time in the last minute!

The final backer count: 3,503. 

We all went nuts on the comments page at this photo finish! After 30 days of running a strong campaign with all of you, I watched the last seconds count down: 4... 3... 2... 1... 0. And it just stayed on 0. I stared at that 0 for a long time and enjoyed a sense of stillness inside. Until this unfamiliar green bar popped up from out of nowhere at the top of the page and read: "Funded! This project was successfully funded 1 minute ago."

The final funding total: $147,762. 

We fell short of $150,000, sure. But the final day of the campaign still raised a staggering $21,889! To put that in perspective, remember my initial funding goal was $20,000. We did really well!

The Lore of Lagoon

Although we didn't achieve the final stretch goal, you didn't think I'd leave you empty handed did you? I will not hold myself to a weekly schedule, but regardless l need to get all the ideas in my head into writing. Once I have enough of the core elements documented and harmonizing appropriately with each other, I know it will become clear to me how and in what sequence to share the lore of Lagoon with you. And share I will.

Lagoon is Reality

So yeah, this game Lagoon: Land of Druids is gonna be a real thing now! And that's thanks to every single one of you! I have learned a ridiculous amount over the course of this campaign. But more important than any of the skills I've built along the way, is what I've learned about people.

Thirty days ago, I was a guy with a dream. Today, I'm a board game publisher with the capital necessary to manufacture my first game design to an exceptional standard of quality. That's a hugely dramatic before and after! Who waved that magic wand? You did.

And I don't mean the collective you! I mean you there with your eyeballs on this word, you waved your magic wand and made my dream reality, thank you! 

That's what you taught me, that every one of us has a magic wand. If first one person, then another, and then more believe in something, it can become reality. I'm sure I accepted this intellectually before, but now I've seen the magic close up. This is bigger than a board game, and bigger than my dream. This experience has changed me, and I thank you!

With gratitude,


Lagoon Soars!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

We've done it! Lagoon has $125,000 in funding, and an unbelievable 3000 backers!

I can't believe it, someone pinch me. This druid can't tell if he's in the waking world or somewhere else.

Time and again, my expectations get blown out of the water by all of you! Thank you. From the first day backers all the way to backer number 3000 in Singapore, you have taken my dream and put it on its feet. You are the ones who breathed life into Lagoon and made it rise. 

This is a big deal for me. Not all of you may know that I quit my job in October to put most of my time and energy into Lagoon. It was a leap of faith. And now I see a future where I can continue working on Lagoon, rolling back the ancient mists to reveal more of its secrets! I'm wildly excited about this world, and its destiny.

Enter the Totem!

By reaching $125,000, you have unlocked the mystery site tile! 

Being a mystery though, the specifics on this tile remain hazy. But I will tease some details! 

A totem site cannot be unraveled and removed from the board. Instead, when a totem is unraveled, the site tile is simply flipped over. This mechanic enables many interesting possibilities. 

One possibility is, what happens if both sides of a site tile are totems? And what if they each change the rules of the world in some way? Now players have a choice between two worlds, and can switch between them for tactical and strategic advantage. That's what you'll get with this mystery tile!

$150,000: Weekly Lagoon Lore!

Fork of Destiny, a Deonin sanctum illustrated by Chase Velarde
Fork of Destiny, a Deonin sanctum illustrated by Chase Velarde

As the above illustration suggests, there are many paths we can go from here. And fortunately, they all look very rosy! Lagoon is already a success. But this druid circle has never contented itself with standing still. By taking the path of the bold, we can achieve this goal! 

If we reach $150,000, I will lovingly write and share with you a new chapter of Lagoon's lore and history once a week until the game goes out to backers.

The first chapter would be delivered by the first week of April, so we're talking at least 18 chapters! Each chapter would profile a new character, give background on a significant location, or cover some overarching topic in the world of Lagoon. We're not talking book sized chapters, but there'll be enough meat on these bones to flesh the world out.

Path of the Bold

Yesterday was Lagoon's biggest day, raising $18,169. That's astounding. Today would have to be bigger, but it is still within our grasp. Please share Lagoon with friends and family if you're comfortable doing so. Maybe you know someone who would smile if they discovered Lagoon! Or you wouldn't mind sharing this project on your Facebook page. Every little bit helps.

More and More Art

Musing Kinoko, a Deonin trove illustrated by Chase Velarde
Musing Kinoko, a Deonin trove illustrated by Chase Velarde

Musing Kinoko is a mushroom associated with Deonin, and each energy has one. Likewise, there is an idol statuette linked with each of them. 

View all SIX sites on BoardGameGeek, and please thumb them.

Elkibou Herd, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Chase Velarde
Elkibou Herd, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Chase Velarde

Oh yeah, don't forget the Elkibou Herd! And did you know Lagoon has its own mystical circus? They're called the Cirqus Laguun, and you probably should check them out.

This has been an amazingly fun ride we've shared! Let's enjoy the last day, and see what it brings for Lagoon. No matter where we land, I'm going to rest very easy tonight!

Thank you!


New Reward Tiers Added

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Welcome new backers! If you're so new that you didn't receive update twenty one that I sent earlier today, please go back and give it a quick read to catch up on where this project is at and where it is headed!

Two Copy Bundles

For all the backers requesting a way to buy multiple copies of Lagoon: Land of Druids, I have just added three new reward tiers. Each offers TWO COPIES with a shipping discount:


Five More ADVANCE DRUID Rewards

I received many messages expressing disappointment that all the ADVANCE DRUID reward tiers were sold out. So I've added a third ADVANCE DRUID tier, with target delivery in early April. It takes a long time to hand craft every prototype copy included in these tiers, but it is possible we hit a groove and these rewards will go out in March shortly after the earlier tiers are fulfilled.

The earlier tiers sold out very quickly, so move fast if you're interested. I wanted to get word to backers before the 48 hour reminder emails are sent to everyone who favorited this project, because I wanted you all to get first crack at these!

Thank you!


Lagoon Breaks $100,000!!!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

This achievement upgrades the 36 wooden seed tokens from 16mm to 19mm.

Backed copies now offer the full deluxe wooden experience!

Your full complement of 76 wooden tokens also includes 40 wooden druid tokens in 8 different factions, shown above. These wooden tokens are NOT included in the base retail version of the game.

This elevates Lagoon to a STUNNING level, beyond anything I imagined!

I've got the most amazing backers a druid daydreamer could hope to have. You all have catapulted Lagoon hurtling past my initial stretch goals. Then you said, we can dream bigger, let's make our druids out of wood! I scrambled to lay out a plan for them, and then you dreamed up wooden seed tokens. I was skeptical at first, but you all proved me wrong!

It feels so good to be challenged by backers who have helped guide Lagoon to the best possible place -- truly better than I could imagine on my own. Only now do I fully understand how Kickstarter is supposed to work. Someone like me, with an idea, connects with friendly people like you, who place their faith in me and offer a mountain of insight and encouragement to elevate that idea to its pinnacle. I'm so grateful for your input, because together we've collaborated to make Lagoon as exquisite as can be. Thank you!

$125,000: Something Awesome.

If Lagoon achieves $125,000 in funding, each backed copy of Lagoon will include a bonus site tile! This promotional tile will introduce a new site type to Lagoon, the totem. Totems are game changing sites that don't behave like the others. Just one totem can completely change the feel of a game, so this bonus site will pack a punch!

Fabulous New Art!

Songbird of Paradise, illustrated by Chase Velarde
Songbird of Paradise, illustrated by Chase Velarde

The Songbird of Paradise above is just one of SIX new illustrations posted on BoardGameGeek!

You can help propel Lagoon past the next stretch goal. 

Please thumb each of the following images on the BoardGameGeek website. You'll need an account, but it only takes a moment to setup. Thumbing raises Lagoon's profile and draws new backers!

Sharing Lagoon

Please consider sharing a link to the Lagoon Kickstarter ( with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and via smoke signals. I think the first two work best, but wherever you feel comfortable sharing Lagoon will be helpful.

I want to grow the world of Lagoon, and share more of its mysteries with you. There is a story behind every character you see in the art, and the following figures each play a major role in the history and lore of Lagoon: Elixona, Grizznant, Gruu, JokulmasSylphina, and Sylvant. They're all part of an overarching vision I have for Lagoon, a world whose destiny is forged by the making and unmaking of its enchanted lands.

I would love to create expansions to this game as well as new games set in the same rich world of Lagoon! And fortunately, the more successful this campaign becomes, the better footing I'll have to build Three Hares Games into an incredible publisher that can deliver more of the awesome you deserve to expect! I will try my best, anyway. :-)

Backing Multiple Copies

This has been a very frequent backer request! Once I hit send on this update, I'll be buckling down to figure out how I can make this happen. With luck, I will sort it out today. Watch for a quick update when I do. At the same time, I may make another ADVANCE DRUID reward tier available, as many of you have been asking for this. Stay tuned in druid land!

Wooden Seed Tokens!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

WE DID IT! All of us will now get a 16mm set of 36 wooden seed tokens with every backed copy of Lagoon: Land of Druids. I can't tell you how thrilled I will be to use these myself in a game!

The funny thing is when backer Silver first suggested wooden seed tokens two weeks ago, I honestly laughed out loud at how implausible that seemed to me. It is surreal where you amazing backers are taking Lagoon! Here is what I wrote that backer:

"That would be a very tough stretch though, since there are 36 seed tokens in the game compared with only 20 druid tokens. If we somehow blow past all the planned stretch goals, this might be possible with a lot of overfunding. But the odds are not high, I'll be honest."


$100,000: Larger Wooden Seeds!

Upgrade all 36 wooden seed tokens from 16mm to 19mm. This larger size is the same as the punchboard seed tokens. 

Just a reminder that the wooden components will NOT be added to the base game of Lagoon sold at retail, making them a nice non-exclusive perk for backing Lagoon on Kickstarter! For all the details on the wooden seed tokens, see update nineteen.

$125,000: Something Awesome!

Adding more awesome to your backer copies of Lagoon: Land of Druids has gotten trickier as the total cost of enhancements has risen. The unit cost of the 76 wooden tokens added to Lagoon is fixed, and doesn't decrease as we add new backers. So there's very little wiggle room.

But if you keep telling the world why you're backing Lagoon and we expand the circle wide enough, I think we can still squeeze one more bonus in! There are several remaining enhancements I'm investigating. They're nowhere near as ambitious as a baggie full of wooden tokens, they're still very nice!

Beautiful Box Rendering

This is a wonderful 3D rendering of the game box designed by Lagoon's graphic designer, Peter Wocken. If you have a moment, please go thumb this box image on BoardGameGeek to help maintain our steady draw of BGG backers!

While you're at it, please thumb the HOTTEST and 2ND HOTTEST images on BoardGameGeek right now!

Destiny Puzzles

(If you're a new backer, go back to the second update and read the Destiny Puzzles section there for an introduction explaining what these puzzles are and what you need to know in order to give them a try.)

This time, puzzle master Mike reveals the solution to Harness Chaos and presents a new puzzle, Stall & Score -- both presented in the image below (click it to view a larger PDF).

Puzzle Questions or Feedback: Mike would love to hear what you think of the puzzles! Comment on this update or tweet to Mike on Twitter: @bluedevilduke

The end of this section has a list of links to all the puzzles so you can go back and work your way through all of them if you like.