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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Manufacturing Samples

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

I'm pleased to report that pre-production on Lagoon is almost complete, and before long we'll begin manufacturing in earnest! Everything is still on track for on-time delivery of your games.

Wooden Token and Bag Samples

I've received a full set of wooden token samples as well as a few rounds of tile draw bag samples, which you can see in the photo below.

I hope you're all as excited as me to see this nice big pile of beautiful wooden tokens! Although they're mighty pretty already, the clarity of the screen printing fell somewhat short of my expectations. Additionally, a few colors we specified didn't come out quite how I expected. Fortunately, my manufacturer Panda has been very cooperative and assures me the next round of token samples will be sharp. I've also worked with my graphic designer to adjust a few colors. Once I get the final samples, I'll send an update with some close up photos of all the tokens.

I've also been working closely with Panda to refine the tile draw bag design to meet my standards. The fabric has a velvet finish on the outside and the drawstring cord has a nice silky feel to it, so I'm very pleased with the materials. But I noticed several issues with the construction and seams of the bag in the first few rounds of samples. I've done quite a bit of sewing making canvas yurt covers, but I never thought my sewing experience would be useful in board game publishing! Fortunately, Panda has cheerfully iterated the bag several times to make them as durable as possible, with multiple rows of stitches in high stress areas.

Proof Sign-off

Earlier this week, Panda sent me digital proofs for all the printed components of the game. I spent a full day reviewing everything, and after a small change signed off on them. The next step will be a hardcopy proof. I'm very excited to see it, and will certainly share a full rundown of photos once it arrives!

Play Lagoon at Origins and GenCon!

The summer board game convention season is fast approaching. Although I won't have a booth at either Origins or GenCon, I'm attending both conventions and will bring a bunch of Lagoon copies. I'm still figuring out my plans for Origins, but I'll be running four Lagoon tournaments at GenCon, the last of which is a team event!

Here's the GenCon schedule of Lagoon events, which you can register for at the GenCon website starting Sunday, May 18:

  • BGM1460134: Lagoon Tournament - Thursday 1pm 
  • BGM1460135: Lagoon Tournament - Friday 1pm
  • BGM1460137: Lagoon Tournament - Saturday 1pm
  • BGM1460146: Lagoon Team Tournament - Saturday 7pm

Besides these official events, I'll do informal demos of Lagoon at other times.

Manufacturing Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

All the print files for Lagoon: Land of Druids were handed off to Panda, my manufacturer, a few weeks ago. This week they asked for several small technical changes, and I believe as of yesterday that all outstanding issues have been resolved. This is all part of the preproduction phase, which should culminate soon in Panda delivering proofs for my approval! Everything is still on schedule for August delivery.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Peter Wocken, Lagoon's graphic designer, for his diligence in getting the game to this point and making himself available at odd hours over the past month to implement edits and technical fixes, often on short notice! Beyond the technical aspects, Peter has also contributed heavily to the aesthetic look and feel of the game. He created the tile border art, the seed designs, druid emblems, game logo, rulebook design, box design, and more. He's done a beautiful job, which isn't surprising given his pedigree as a former Fantasy Flight Games employee and freelancer with Plaid Hat Games and other publishers. We're lucky to have him on the Lagoon team!

Thank you also to all the backers who offered feedback on the draft rulebook I shared in the previous update! It was invaluable having so many additional eyes on the rules, and I adopted a ton of your suggestions to improve it.

With the manufacturing process in motion, I am really looking forward to taking some time off soon! After this long-anticipated break, I'm excited to get back in creative mode developing Lagoon lore and planning what's next.

Many thanks!


Lagoon Draft Rulebook

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

I've been working hard to get Lagoon: Land of Druids ready for handoff to Panda for manufacturing, and it looks like that may happen as soon as tomorrow now! 

The biggest part of this job has been writing and preparing the rulebook, which ended up being much more time-consuming than I anticipated. Fortunately, I've had the assistance of professional game editor Joshua Yearsley, whose help has been extremely valuable.

I invite you to download and read the latest draft. The strategy tips and FAQ sections have very rough placeholder text at the moment, so I'm already aware they need work. But everything else should be fairly polished. If you want to offer feedback, please do so in the comments to this update. Final edits will probably be made tomorrow, so time is short if you want to help review the content.

If all goes well, I will handoff the digital files to Panda tomorrow and we will begin the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this phase of the project has taken longer than I had planned. I included buffers in the schedule knowing unexpected delays would occur, so I am still on schedule to deliver the published game to all of you on time! 

But this delay has put me almost a week behind in delivering prototype copies to the first two Advance Druid tier backers. I am sorry for that, and will think of a way to make it up those backers!



Art Preview and Pre-Orders

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

First off, I want to thank you for all the thoughtful feedback on how to do Lagoon: Land of Druid pre-orders! It has been enlightening to read all the opinions and suggestions so many of you generously shared with me, and I appreciate the time it took to do that.

Most backers who responded offered encouragement to do pre-orders, but a smaller percentage of you expressed varying degrees of reservations about making the Kickstarter version of the game available for pre-order. So I've decided not to do it. 

I may still take conventional pre-orders for the retail version of the game, and offer the option to buy the non-exclusive wooden tokens at additional cost. I need to research that further, but I won't do that until manufacturing is safely underway. 

And lastly, the promo tile added by the final unlocked stretch goal will not be offered. I'm printing only a very limited additional quantity of these tiles, and it doesn't look especially likely they'll be reprinted anytime soon. And speaking of which . . .

Promo Art Preview!

Astral Slide, promo tile illustration by Eduardo Garcia
Astral Slide, promo tile illustration by Eduardo Garcia

Here's a sneak peek at the art for Astral Slide. This is one of the two sites on the promo tile that will be included with every Kickstarter version of Lagoon: Land of Druids. Astral Slide is a totem site that, curiously, is not aligned with any of the three energies! How did such an artifact come to be in Lagoon, and what is its purpose? Equally mysterious is the figure emerging from the astral mist, who may hold the answers. What do you think?

Pre-Production Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

I'm writing with an update on progress since last week. The short version: we're on schedule!

All the illustrations are finished and in hand. Graphic design is about 95% complete. The back of the box and final rulebook formatting are the largest remaining pieces there. The biggest work remaining overall is finalizing the text of the rulebook itself. I'm close to handing off a restructured edit of the rulebook to an experienced game editor. Once major editing is complete, I plan to share a work-in-progress draft with backers.

On the manufacturing front, I received a package from Panda earlier this week with several samples of Lagoon's custom tile draw bag. They look even better than the bag I provided as a model! The design has a round bottom and fairly stiff fabric so it stands open and upright on the table, which makes drawing tiles and passing the bag around the table much more pleasant. This drawstring bag is also large enough to carry all the game tiles and tokens you need to play the game. I've taken Lagoon backpacking and played on the forest floor, so it's very portable!


Starting immediately after the campaign ended, I've received quite a few messages from people who were sad to miss it. Most of them are asking if I will let them join via pre-order. This is not something I'd really thought about until the requests started rolling in. I have also heard from some backers who would like additional copies of the game.

So I've considered offering something to meet this demand, but would like your feedback on the idea. If I were to accept pre-orders for the Kickstarter version of the game, I would expect to raise the price slightly in deference to backers who supported the project on the original schedule. If I were to do this, I also envision making the offer available for only 1-2 days.

Doing a limited pre-order sale of Kickstarter versions of the game would bring additional revenue. It would also require overhead to setup and coordinate. I'm not predisposed one way or the other, honestly, and would be happy to do it or not. If you have opinions on this subject, please feel free to share them in the comments for this update.

Thank you!