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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
3,503 backers pledged $147,762 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping and Promo Tile

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

This update includes the latest news on shipping, and details about the promo tile included in every Kickstarter copy of Lagoon! 

As games start shipping out, remember you can learn to play Lagoon by watching a professional tutorial video created by Rodney Smith of Watch it Played.

Shipping Updates

The quick summary is that games have already started going out to EU backers, games will go out to Canadian backers next week, and with a little luck games will hopefully start going out to US and other international backers sometime next week as well. I've been working overtime to speed things up as much as possible.

Again, I appreciate your continued patience as I hustle to get your games shipped! Even the big publishers get delayed by the same kinds of bumps I have, as an article about WizKids revealed this week. Similarly, I relate to Tuesday's blog post by game manufacturer AdMagic talking about the inevitability of surprise problems in manufacturing and fulfillment.

United States

My fulfillment partner requires appointments for freight deliveries at their warehouses, and this morning I learned the earliest appointment my freight folks were able to get is next Tuesday. It's disappointing, but I'm glad to have concrete news to share finally. I don't know how long it will take Amazon to process 11 pallets worth of games and make them available for fulfillment, but I'll be standing by next week to dispatch them to all of you as soon as they show up in Amazon's system.


The games arrived yesterday in Buffalo, NY, as scheduled. My fulfillment partner Snakes & Lattes expects their freight forwarder to deliver the games across the border to their warehouse in Toronto on Monday. Snakes & Lattes advises they should be able to ship all of the games out next week. Shipping notifications should go out by email from Snakes & Lattes.

European Union and Vicinity 

Many of you have begun receiving shipping notification emails from Spiral Galaxy, my fulfillment partner in Europe. They started shipping games out on Thursday, and tell me they hope to be finished by Wednesday of next week at the latest.

Other International

4PX handed me off to a new account manager on Friday, and fortunately he's been a lot more responsive than my previous one. Still, I've run into lots of glitches in their online system and the documentation they provided was inaccurate for many steps of the process, requiring significant back and forth with my account manager. We've exchanged more than 40 emails since Monday alone, and I've been staying up very late each night this week to be online during their business hours in Hong Kong. It's been interesting.

Fortunately, this morning around 4am, my account manager and I finally coaxed their system into generating the necessary labels and documentation to enable my manufacturer Panda to prepare the games for pickup and processing by 4PX. I've asked Panda to expedite this work, and offered to pay extra for them to get it done ASAP. In theory, 4PX should pick them up early next week. Hopefully, they are able to process them and ship them out fairly quickly after that. Fingers crossed.

Promo Tile Unveiled - Special Rules Explained!

The promo tile included in every Kickstarter copy of Lagoon introduces a few new rules, which are explained below. It is strongly recommended that the promo tile not be used in a game until everyone playing has played Lagoon several times. Guidelines for including the promo tile in a game of Lagoon are given at the end.

Kickstarter promo tile
Kickstarter promo tile

The above photo shows the two sides of the promo tile. It was the last stretch goal we achieved, and I didn't have the details fully worked out until after the Kickstarter campaign. Since it's a promo item, I approached it as a design experiment. How can adding a single tile to a game of Lagoon be interesting? How do you add a single tile to the game without unbalancing the even site distribution of the three energies? My solution to the first problem is a new site type that keeps its site tile in play the entire game. My solution to the second problem is introducing a strange new astral energy that is above the fray, and hence not in contention for the destiny of Lagoon.

Totem Site Rules

Both Cosmic Plow and Astral Slide are totem sites, designated by a tower-shaped icon. 

When a totem site is unraveled, its tile is not removed from play like all other sites. Instead, when a totem site is unraveled, flip that site tile over to the site on the other side. The new site occupies the same position on the board as the original site. Additionally, all druids on the original site, including the unraveling druid, are transferred to the new site exhausted. The unraveling druid is not returned to its owner's supply.

Astral Energy Rules

Both Cosmic Plow and Astral Slide are sites of the astral energy, identified by purple seed icons having a crystalline shape as well as a purple tile border. The astral energy is cosmic in nature -- powerful, mysterious, and beyond human understanding.

The energy provided by occupying an astral site cannot be used to unravel any other site. However, an astral site can be unraveled. The required energy to unravel an astral site is three of any other single energy -- either three yellow, three red, or three blue.

Astral sites also have the Astral keyword appearing in italics at the bottom of their text boxes. Whenever a player summons a druid, if any sites with the Astral keyword are on the board, they may choose for the summoned druid to enter play on a site with the Astral keyword instead of on a haven site. Sites with the Astral keyword do not count as havens in any way, however.

Playing with the Promo Tile 

Example setup for 2 players with promo tile
Example setup for 2 players with promo tile

To use the promo tile in a game of Lagoon, setup the game in the normal way. Then add the promo tile to the starting tile setup, adjacent to the two non-haven sites as shown above. Either side of the promo tile can begin face up.

The Astral Slide site has two magic powers, and druid circles occupying the site gain access to both of them. The phrase "this site" refers to Astral Slide.

Four astral seed tokens are included in the game, but have no game purpose at this time. Expansions may introduce mechanics that use them.

Shipping Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

My most recent shipping estimate was mid-October, but unfortunately it's looking more like late October now. Games are scheduled to ship in the EU next week, but a few hiccups with fulfillment in other regions leave me without hard ship dates yet. Full details by region are below.

I appreciate you understanding that my estimates are my best guesses made in good faith. Thank you for your patience as I navigate the complexities of global logistics for the first time! 

United States and Canada

I learned on Monday that the container carrying the retail copies of Lagoon had arrived at my distribution partner's warehouse. I was expecting the pallets of the Kickstarter copies of the game to be arriving at my fulfillment partners ( and Snakes & Lattes) about the same time. 

Unfortunately, when I emailed my freight broker for an update I was disappointed to learn the pallets are still in Chicago. I was told earlier that pallets take 2-3 days more to process than do full containers, but for some reason in this case it has taken much longer and I don't know why I wasn't informed of the delay earlier. It's frustrating, but I've expressed how important it is to get these moving ASAP and I anticipate having an ETA from my freight broker soon.

Also, to be clear, I've given firm instructions to my distribution partner that Lagoon cannot hit retail shelves until backer copies have shipped.

Bottom Line: I anticipate the games will probably arrive at my fulfillment partners next week and begin shipping shortly thereafter. I would be very surprised if they don't ship before the end of the month.

European Union and Vicinity

Spiral Galaxy was not able to ship these before heading to the Essen game fair in Germany that's happening right now, but will next week.

Bottom Line: Spiral Galaxy plans to commence shipping on Wednesday, October 22.

Other International

I continue to be frustrated by the slow communication with my fulfillment partner 4PX. They setup an account for me to upload all the fulfillment details a week ago, but the login didn't work. I've sent multiple emails pushing to resolve this issue and they tell me they're working on it. I just sent another message imploring them to fix my account before the weekend so we can get on with fulfillment.

Bottom Line: I'm escalating my pressure on 4PX, and am still optimistic we can get your games shipped in October.

Final Address Changes, Shipping Update

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Your games are getting closer to delivery time! Full details are below, but in brief I currently expect all rewards to ship out to backers in mid-October.

Final Address Changes

This is last call for address changes! If you need to update your address, please send me a message with your new address through the Kickstarter website by Wednesday, October 8.

Shipping Update in Detail

United States and Canada

Fortunately the delays at the port in Long Beach were minimal. The games are now due to arrive by train in Chicago on October 7. It will take a few days to reload the games onto separate trucks. One is headed to an warehouse in Tennessee for fulfillment to U.S. backers, and the other is headed towards Canada for fulfillment by Snakes & Lattes. I still expect games to begin shipping to backers in mid-October, hopefully arriving in your hands before November.

European Union and Vicinity

The games have arrived in the UK, and will soon be transferred to my fulfillment partner, Spiral Galaxy. However, Spiral Galaxy advised me that their staff will be attending the Essen game fair in Germany next week, so there's a decent chance they won't be able to ship the games until the following week. I'll send an update once they know for sure when the games will ship.

Other International

I'm glad to report that communication with 4PX (my fulfillment partner) resumed late last week. They provided some of the answers I needed, and I'm hoping they'll be able to pick up the games from the factory this week. My contact at 4PX is in the Hong Kong office, and I suspect the political unrest there may be contributing to the communication delays. I'm sorry the details on timing are still uncertain here, but I'm doing all I can to move things forward. I'll let you know once I have better information. For now, I anticipate these games will ship by mid-October.

Shipping, Reviews and Rules

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

This update includes the latest news on shipping, links to two new reviews of Lagoon, and a link to the final rulebook. I'm very excited for all of you to receive your games soon!


United States and Canada

The ship carrying a full container of Lagoon for North America just docked in Long Beach yesterday! However, my shipping agent reports:

"Currently we are facing extreme congestion in LA, so the ETA is unstable at this point, once it is on the rail, it should arrive in Chicago in about 5-7 days. We will continue to check on these and let you know when its due into Chicago, once its been placed on the rail."

Normally, it might take a week or more for the games to clear customs. Unfortunately, it sounds like the conditions at the port are going to extend that for an unknown length of time. As soon as I get an update from my shipping agent, I'll share it with you. If the delay is no more than a week or so, I still expect packages to ship out to US and Canadian backers in October.

European Union and Vicinity

The ship is still on schedule for arrival in the UK on October 1. Packages should start shipping by mid-October.

Other International

Working with my fulfillment partner 4PX is moving more slowly than I hoped. I had a Skype call with my account rep and another 4PX employee last Thursday so I could ask a few important questions, and am still waiting for answers. I've reached out several times since then, and hope to hear from them by next week. I think my account rep didn't know the answers to some of the questions, and we're waiting for another employee to provide the missing information. 

Once this is settled, it sounded like it would take no more than a week to pickup the games from the factory and ship them out to backers. I'll keep you posted once I get better information.


Joel Eddy reviews Lagoon
Joel Eddy reviews Lagoon

Earlier this week, a really solid video review of Lagoon was posted by Joel Eddy from DriveThruVideos.

And a thoughtful written review was also posted this week by Daniel DeMars, who demoed Lagoon several times at GenCon and had some wonderful things to say about it!

Final Rulebook

If you'd like to read the final rules before your game arrives, I've posted a PDF version you can download here.

Shipping Update and Video Tutorial

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The following topics are covered in this update:

  • Shipping Update
  • Address Changes
  • Lagoon Video Tutorial
  • Alliance Open House

Shipping Update

Container ships loaded with Lagoon cargo set sail last week from Shenzhen, China bound for the US and the UK (click links to track the ships). My current estimates for when games will ship to backers are given below, by geography. I'll continue to send additional shipping updates to backers as I get more precise information!

United States and Canada

The North America shipment is currently scheduled to arrive in Chicago on October 3. There the shipment will be unloaded and divided for trucking, which could take a week or so. Games for US backers will be trucked to an warehouse in Tennessee and fulfilled from there. Games for Canadian backers will be trucked to Buffalo, NY, where fulfillment partner Snakes & Lattes will import them into Canada for distribution to Canadian backers.

I'm not sure yet how long it takes for games to be shipped to backers once they are delivered to Amazon and Snakes & Lattes. I imagine shipments will begin by mid-October, and hopefully will wrap up before the end of the month.

European Union and Vicinity

The Europe shipment is currently scheduled to arrive in the UK on October 1. At least a week should be allowed for games to be unloaded, clear customs, and trucked to fulfillment partner Spiral Galaxy. I'm not sure yet how long it will take them to send out games to backers, but imagine shipments will begin by mid-October as well.

Other International

International backers not covered above will have their games shipped by fulfillment partner 4PX in China. I'm scheduling a Skype chat now to work through the final details on that. I expect 4PX will receive the games no later than next week, and I'll share their estimated shipping times once they give me that information.

Address Changes

Although you can no longer update your shipping address through the Kickstarter survey for Lagoon, I am still accepting address changes up until I have to send them to my fulfillment partners. If you need to update your address, please send me a message through the Kickstarter website ASAP!

Lagoon Video Tutorial

Rodney Smith teaches Lagoon: Land of Druids
Rodney Smith teaches Lagoon: Land of Druids

Would you like to learn how to play Lagoon by watching a video instead of reading the rulebook? I'm thrilled to announce that Rodney Smith of Watch It Played has created an outstanding video tutorial for Lagoon:

The cover of the Lagoon rulebook will also feature a quick link to this video. In the next update, I'll include a link to a PDF of the final Lagoon rulebook for those who want to get a head start with the written rules!

Alliance Open House

Lagoon demo at Alliance Open House
Lagoon demo at Alliance Open House

A week ago, I was at the open house of board game distributor Alliance. This event focuses on retailers, with hundreds of them in attendance. It was an incredible opportunity for me to talk with them about Lagoon and demo the game, as well as learn more about their side of the industry and what it's like to run a hobby game store.

It went very well, and I was tickled the last day when a few retailers approached me because they heard good things about Lagoon from their peers! I also got to meet with the buyer at Alliance who will be handling Lagoon, who asked for a demo and really enjoyed the game.