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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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Shipping Update and Video Tutorial

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

The following topics are covered in this update:

  • Shipping Update
  • Address Changes
  • Lagoon Video Tutorial
  • Alliance Open House

Shipping Update

Container ships loaded with Lagoon cargo set sail last week from Shenzhen, China bound for the US and the UK (click links to track the ships). My current estimates for when games will ship to backers are given below, by geography. I'll continue to send additional shipping updates to backers as I get more precise information!

United States and Canada

The North America shipment is currently scheduled to arrive in Chicago on October 3. There the shipment will be unloaded and divided for trucking, which could take a week or so. Games for US backers will be trucked to an warehouse in Tennessee and fulfilled from there. Games for Canadian backers will be trucked to Buffalo, NY, where fulfillment partner Snakes & Lattes will import them into Canada for distribution to Canadian backers.

I'm not sure yet how long it takes for games to be shipped to backers once they are delivered to Amazon and Snakes & Lattes. I imagine shipments will begin by mid-October, and hopefully will wrap up before the end of the month.

European Union and Vicinity

The Europe shipment is currently scheduled to arrive in the UK on October 1. At least a week should be allowed for games to be unloaded, clear customs, and trucked to fulfillment partner Spiral Galaxy. I'm not sure yet how long it will take them to send out games to backers, but imagine shipments will begin by mid-October as well.

Other International

International backers not covered above will have their games shipped by fulfillment partner 4PX in China. I'm scheduling a Skype chat now to work through the final details on that. I expect 4PX will receive the games no later than next week, and I'll share their estimated shipping times once they give me that information.

Address Changes

Although you can no longer update your shipping address through the Kickstarter survey for Lagoon, I am still accepting address changes up until I have to send them to my fulfillment partners. If you need to update your address, please send me a message through the Kickstarter website ASAP!

Lagoon Video Tutorial

Rodney Smith teaches Lagoon: Land of Druids
Rodney Smith teaches Lagoon: Land of Druids

Would you like to learn how to play Lagoon by watching a video instead of reading the rulebook? I'm thrilled to announce that Rodney Smith of Watch It Played has created an outstanding video tutorial for Lagoon:

The cover of the Lagoon rulebook will also feature a quick link to this video. In the next update, I'll include a link to a PDF of the final Lagoon rulebook for those who want to get a head start with the written rules!

Alliance Open House

Lagoon demo at Alliance Open House
Lagoon demo at Alliance Open House

A week ago, I was at the open house of board game distributor Alliance. This event focuses on retailers, with hundreds of them in attendance. It was an incredible opportunity for me to talk with them about Lagoon and demo the game, as well as learn more about their side of the industry and what it's like to run a hobby game store.

It went very well, and I was tickled the last day when a few retailers approached me because they heard good things about Lagoon from their peers! I also got to meet with the buyer at Alliance who will be handling Lagoon, who asked for a demo and really enjoyed the game. 

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    1. David Philomath

      She's getting ready to arrive in port.

    2. David Chott 2-time creator on

      I hope everyone enjoyed Rodney's video if you had time to watch it! Thanks for the encouraging words.

      Daniel: I am planning to use tracking for packages shipped with 4PX, but I don't know how easily I'll be able to share tracking numbers with each backer. I don't have some fancy system setup to automatically do this, and I'm not sure if sending a separate email to each backer will be feasible for me to handle on my own. I have a few ideas for automating it, but I need to research it further.

    3. Daniel C. Martinez on

      Will we have a tracking number for packages shipping from 4PX?

    4. Jamie Drakos on

      Can't wait! As soon as I know my arrival date, I'm planning a party to play Lagoon - all my friends will be jealous that I have the original kickstarter copy. Congratulations, David on your success at the Alliance Open House - so exciting. :)

    5. John Favaro

      This update is just filled with awesome!
      Can't wait to watch the video by Rodney, he always does a good job.
      And it's really great to be able to see a blip in the ocean knowing it's got my copy!

    6. Geraint Evans on

      Thanks for the ship tracking, I'm a huge nerd for that kind of thing :) can't wait to get my hands on the final product!

    7. Chad D. Ackerman on

      Seeing Rodney's video was really encouraging. Looks to be just as great as I was hoping for when I backed it. Congratulations on a fantastic game and successful kickstarter!

    8. Hamstray on

      Alright, it's great to know that all them boxes are on the move!

      I saw Rodney's video and really enjoyed seeing all the great components in action, plus getting the refresher course on how the game works was really nice.

      I'm also really happy for you that things seem to be going so well. Hopefully it won't be too long from now when I see your game in stores. :)

    9. Never Bored Wes on

      I love Rodney smiths videos!