Lagoon: Land of Druids

by David Chott

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    1. Richard Mulholland

      Legend! :)

    2. Thomas S Darragh

      Congrats and keep us informed of any new games you might make. Cheers

    3. Benjamin Tieman

      When people laugh about kickstarter changing lives, I'll smile and think of you, David, and Lagoon. I'm glad to be part of this enchanting journey, and proud to have helped you reach your dream. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us all be part of your vision.

    4. will dennis on

      Amazing story & your eloquent post is really inspiring. Congrats on making your dreams come true. I only got involved yesterday but so glad I made it under the wire! Looking forward to more!! Peace

    5. Josh Cole on

      David, it's well deserved. I can say I am incredibly excited to be a part of this and look forward to putting some Lagoon: Land of Druids in play. Congratulations and cheers!

    6. Urebril Sener on

      Congratulations David and thanks for showing us that leaps of faith can and do become rewarding. You are an inspiration to those who are afraid to take chances. Best of luck to all your future endeavors.

    7. Jason Tagmire

      Congratulations David! I'm so happy to see the results of your hard work. This campaign is incredibly inspiring as a gamer, designer, and small-time publisher.

    8. Pha3drus on

      David! You have a magic way with words! A true Druid. Thank you! The experience of participating, watching, and becoming emotionally invested has really had an impact on me too. As I waved my magic wand along with everyone else, I felt we were bringing some beautiful into existence. What an amazing first Kickstarter campaign this was for me. Thanks for that opportunity! :-)

    9. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      This is a campaign with passion and heart ! You are the conductor of this orchestra...there will be no harmony without you..

    10. Chad D. Ackerman on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to add this beauty to my small, yet meticulously chosen collection of fine board games! I believe in you and this project! Good luck! I wish you the best with the production! May things all go as smoothly as planned!

    11. Red Island Games on

      Very well said David and congratulations on a very successful Kickstarter campaign. I know you feel this may be magical but I feel a LOT of hard work, dedication and blood and sweat went into this game and campaign. Your passion for it showed throughout and that's the magic that came across. Congrats again and I'm looking forward to gracing our game tables with Lagoon! Cheers!

    12. Andrea D. on

      Congrats David! An amazing result :) Can't wait to discover the next installments in this enchanting world :) Enjoy your moment, and then keep up the good work! We need great games!

    13. Randy R. on

      Congratulations! I'm thrilled at how far the campaign was able to go, and I look forward to having my very own copy in my hands.

    14. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Congratulations on a successful campaign.
      Looking forward to anything related to the game on the coming months.

    15. Missing avatar


      Congratulations, David! And to all us backers as well, who are the beneficiaries of this campaign. In a way, I'm glad that you aren't forced into making weekly updates with lore, since I prefer that you put things out when you are ready, and I would be sad if trying to adhere to a weekly lore schedule got in the way of producing the actual game. Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing more about your development of the world as you are ready to reveal it. Though I imagine that right now, a day or two off to recover from the intensity of the last month is in order.

    16. Alixe on

      Congrats! It's been an exciting journey with a very much deserved price for you. As for me... I love my price the most: wooden tokens, chunky tiles, and an amazingly illustrated land to get lost in! :)

    17. Sami Khan on

      Congratulations David! It was an honor to be a part of this journey with you. Every time I read your project updates and saw how enthusiastic you were just made my day. I'm so happy for you and for all the backers who pushed forward to fund this campaign because now the game you thought of has not only become a reality but is even bigger and better than we had imagined. Best of luck on this and all your future endeavors!

    18. Aslan Silva on

      Congrats David, on the very successful campaign! It's fantastic to see something like this come together - by someone fuelled with so much passion. It's all very well deserved! I'm looking forward so much to watching the progress here :)

    19. Wilfredo Santos Jr on

      Congrats David! You enthusiasm and heart felt thanks made my eyes water a bit. Thank you for bringing such a fantastic and beautifully imaginative game to the limelight. It was my pleasure putting my 2 cents in to help bring it to life. Congrats again and good luck in all your future endeavors!

    20. Juan Carlos Valdivia on

      David, congratulations on thus magnificent feat! Thank you so much for introducing and sharing your world of Lagoon for us to experience! I'm extremely great flu to have found this project! Thank you!

    21. Charles on

      Congratulations! I'm looking forward to hearing your progress.