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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
3,503 backers pledged $147,762 to help bring this project to life.

Lagoon Soars!

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

We've done it! Lagoon has $125,000 in funding, and an unbelievable 3000 backers!

I can't believe it, someone pinch me. This druid can't tell if he's in the waking world or somewhere else.

Time and again, my expectations get blown out of the water by all of you! Thank you. From the first day backers all the way to backer number 3000 in Singapore, you have taken my dream and put it on its feet. You are the ones who breathed life into Lagoon and made it rise. 

This is a big deal for me. Not all of you may know that I quit my job in October to put most of my time and energy into Lagoon. It was a leap of faith. And now I see a future where I can continue working on Lagoon, rolling back the ancient mists to reveal more of its secrets! I'm wildly excited about this world, and its destiny.

Enter the Totem!

By reaching $125,000, you have unlocked the mystery site tile! 

Being a mystery though, the specifics on this tile remain hazy. But I will tease some details! 

A totem site cannot be unraveled and removed from the board. Instead, when a totem is unraveled, the site tile is simply flipped over. This mechanic enables many interesting possibilities. 

One possibility is, what happens if both sides of a site tile are totems? And what if they each change the rules of the world in some way? Now players have a choice between two worlds, and can switch between them for tactical and strategic advantage. That's what you'll get with this mystery tile!

$150,000: Weekly Lagoon Lore!

Fork of Destiny, a Deonin sanctum illustrated by Chase Velarde
Fork of Destiny, a Deonin sanctum illustrated by Chase Velarde

As the above illustration suggests, there are many paths we can go from here. And fortunately, they all look very rosy! Lagoon is already a success. But this druid circle has never contented itself with standing still. By taking the path of the bold, we can achieve this goal! 

If we reach $150,000, I will lovingly write and share with you a new chapter of Lagoon's lore and history once a week until the game goes out to backers.

The first chapter would be delivered by the first week of April, so we're talking at least 18 chapters! Each chapter would profile a new character, give background on a significant location, or cover some overarching topic in the world of Lagoon. We're not talking book sized chapters, but there'll be enough meat on these bones to flesh the world out.

Path of the Bold

Yesterday was Lagoon's biggest day, raising $18,169. That's astounding. Today would have to be bigger, but it is still within our grasp. Please share Lagoon with friends and family if you're comfortable doing so. Maybe you know someone who would smile if they discovered Lagoon! Or you wouldn't mind sharing this project on your Facebook page. Every little bit helps.

More and More Art

Musing Kinoko, a Deonin trove illustrated by Chase Velarde
Musing Kinoko, a Deonin trove illustrated by Chase Velarde

Musing Kinoko is a mushroom associated with Deonin, and each energy has one. Likewise, there is an idol statuette linked with each of them. 

View all SIX sites on BoardGameGeek, and please thumb them.

Elkibou Herd, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Chase Velarde
Elkibou Herd, a Vowelon trove illustrated by Chase Velarde

Oh yeah, don't forget the Elkibou Herd! And did you know Lagoon has its own mystical circus? They're called the Cirqus Laguun, and you probably should check them out.

This has been an amazingly fun ride we've shared! Let's enjoy the last day, and see what it brings for Lagoon. No matter where we land, I'm going to rest very easy tonight!

Thank you!


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    1. A Mandible on

      Congratulations on how well the campaign is doing! I don't usually back games without trying a PnP these days, but I enjoyed the puzzles so much that I decided to take a flyer on it.

      Once a week until the game ships is pretty ambitious! I'm curious about the lore, but wouldn't want writing it to become a chore.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barton

      Congrats and hooray!

    3. Sylvia L Armitstead on

      I sure hope we hit the 150, would love to see weekly lore about the world. I love world creation and really getting to know the universe that one is playing around in with these games :D
      Additionally I just have to say again and again that all of the art on this game is truly splendid.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Stanley on

      Congrats on everything so far: beautiful game that has a lot of potential. I hope it is as balanced and varied from game to game as it seems like it could be. My one request is a small box: just big enough to hold the actual components. I game this attractive and about Druids ought to be highly portable so it can be played out in nature.

    5. Christoph Scott Williams on

      So is this the start of your board game career? Will the name David Chott become a new name in the game industry up there with William Attia and Uwe Rosenberg? I hope so!

    6. Gary T. on

      Well done! I'm sure many of us will wait with baited breath for your next project. Enjoy the success! We're all very happy backers :-)

    7. Urebril Sener on

      Well done! Congrats on a successful leap of faith.

    8. Hamstray on

      Just a question about the mystery tile. Since it doesn't get removed when it's unraveled, do druids on it still get exiled, or do they "move" to the site on the other side?

    9. TheOnlyProphet on

      Congratulations! Great stuff that this project has taken off! Grabbed the PNP and will be occupying our nights with that until all my wooden goodness gets here.

    10. Jennifer Hanses on

      I'm glad this has taken off for you. I did read that you'd quit your job to pursue your dream.

      I'm backing because this particular idea seems to be very good. I can't think of too many games about chaining actions. The only two that come to mind are Chess and Shadows Over the Empire. The way you've implemented it in this game provide a lot of variety, and should mean that even people who become old pros at it will still have fresh challenges with new players rather than dominating every game. It seems well-balanced.

      And it helps that you picked eye-catching art that suits the style of the game (classic). I first saw this game on boardgamegeek before the Kickstarter campaign began. I said "That's beautiful. I wonder what it's about and when it came out because I haven't seen it." Then I clicked the link and read about the game. I decided it was just the sort of thing that I liked, and the fact that it seemed it would play well with three people put it on my absolutely must-haves list, since I most often play with three. The fact that it can be played with 2 or in teams with 4 is also appealing. Lots of variety. So I put it on my wish list and kept my eyes open, waiting for the campaign I knew was coming.

      I'm sure you'll have both good ideas and bad ideas, but this was definitely a good one, and I think it fills a niche that few other games do. I also think there's a very good chance that it can sustain a company as you experiment with other ideas and plot expansions and new games.