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Lead a circle of magical druids, explore a mystical world, and bend its destiny! A board game for 1-4 players.
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New Reward Tiers Added

Posted by David Chott (Creator)

Welcome new backers! If you're so new that you didn't receive update twenty one that I sent earlier today, please go back and give it a quick read to catch up on where this project is at and where it is headed!

Two Copy Bundles

For all the backers requesting a way to buy multiple copies of Lagoon: Land of Druids, I have just added three new reward tiers. Each offers TWO COPIES with a shipping discount:


Five More ADVANCE DRUID Rewards

I received many messages expressing disappointment that all the ADVANCE DRUID reward tiers were sold out. So I've added a third ADVANCE DRUID tier, with target delivery in early April. It takes a long time to hand craft every prototype copy included in these tiers, but it is possible we hit a groove and these rewards will go out in March shortly after the earlier tiers are fulfilled.

The earlier tiers sold out very quickly, so move fast if you're interested. I wanted to get word to backers before the 48 hour reminder emails are sent to everyone who favorited this project, because I wanted you all to get first crack at these!

Thank you!


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    1. Roberto Suarez on

      Congratulations, David!, on such a successful Lagoon campaign!

    2. Ryan Brooks on

      How many did you add? All gone. I would gladly wait for it if you made a tier with wooden game since all the tokens are now wooden. Or maybe just a add-on upgrade to wooden tiles but later ship date would also work. I think this will be a awesome game and would really like to get one with the wooden tiles.

    3. Kevin Brown on

      I believe the previous 2 advance Druid levels will ship in March. Base game still slated for August or so.

    4. The Dungeon Rat on

      March or April delivery? Does that mean that the base game will be shipped out earlier than August?

      I can wait until August for such a great game, but an earlier arrival is always welcome ;)

    5. Brandon W Lane

      Really.... I literallly had no update, went to the gym and when i get back, they are all gone. Laaaaaaaaame. Awesome game though, waiting till august is going to suck.

    6. Brian Laing on

      You lucky dogs saw this 30 minutes after the post and they were all gone

    7. Richard Mulholland

      Rats, woke up at 6am, saw the update. Alas, all the prototypes sold out. Well played nimble fingered ones, well played.

    8. Bryan Abichandani on

      Thank you! I was hoping you would add another one of these tiers. :)

    9. Jonathan Venezian

      Heh, those lasted... three minutes.

    10. Szienceman

      Thanks David. Woke up with an inkling you may have posted these. Reading your blog was really inspiring, and I'll be proud to get one of these limited editions to play around my birthday. And most of all, I want to be able to support your dream.

    11. Benjamin Tieman

      Thank you David!