Lagoon: Land of Druids

by David Chott

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    1. Byron Campbell

      If anyone's thinking of joining BoardGameGeek to thumb those photos, take a moment to poke around the site and its various forums. It's one of the best communities on the internet, and as a board gamer, I couldn't imagine living without it.

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      JJ Lee

      David, looks amazing! Can't wait to hit $125k! One quick suggestion re the wooden druid tokens. I see what you did with the outlines vs. filled (which makes production cheaper, I'm guessing, rather than painting each side differently). They look great except for the fern -- just from the picture it looks hard to distinguish the filled fern from the fern outline. My suggestion is to either (a) rather than use outlines print a white circle around the symbol -- for all 8 sets, that is; or (b) instead of a fern frond, use a leaf so that there is more of a distinction.

    3. David Chott 2-time creator on

      Jungkeun: Thanks for the feedback! The emblems on the two sides will actually be two different colors. The exhausted side (outlines) will be gray instead of white. Between the different icon shape and the color change, I think they will work quite well. I'll talk to my graphic designer about the fern though, and we'll see if we need to take any special steps for that emblem.

    4. Kevin Brown on

      What a nice and sincere update. For me this is the best of KickStarter: helping someone realize their dream and vision. Very happy to be on board.

      Oh yah. Totems?

    5. Chad B

      This is great news!

      Just one comment/suggestion, can either the dragonfly or the stag be a different color so they are different colors instead of both purple?

      Congratulations on this achievement!

    6. Missing avatar


      Love it. The tokens look awesome, and I'm quite eager to see what awesome something we can unlock with the totems. I am curious, though. Wouldn't that extra site unbalance the forces?

    7. Jennifer Hanses on


      And we haven't even hit the critical 48 hours when all the last minute people jump on board.

    8. Jonathan Kitley on

      +1 to what Chad said about the purple.

      So excited to get this game with such amazing production quality!

    9. Wesley Kriz on

      If this game measures up to the expectations (as I expect it will), I will be happy to continue backing Three Hares Games!

    10. TheOnlyProphet on

      How do I "thumb" an image on boardgamegeek? I'm new to that site.

    11. Missing avatar


      @TheOnlyProphet: There has to be a green icon with a thumb to the left when you look at the image. You have to click that.

    12. TheOnlyProphet on

      @Referee Found it! Thank you for the info.

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      Ross Paisley on

      @David, Congrats on reaching this stretch, hopefully the next one will be fulfilled before the deadline as well. I'm just curious if the colors for the factions are finalized yet or if what's shown above are the final choices?

    14. Missing avatar


      @David: Nice job with the tokens, how it is now clear which side is refreshed and which is exhausted. I just noticed that on the home page, you say that the new promo tile--which I'm confident we'll unlock--won't be included in the base game. That's fine, but I'd like to ask that it not be KS-exclusive. Personally, I feel that gameplay elements should not be KS-exclusive. It's fine if there is some extra art or a particular token, but it's sad when there is a great game that you can't get the complete version of because part of it is exclusive and can't be reprinted without reneging on previous promises.