Lagoon: Land of Druids

by David Chott

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    1. Guillaume Leclerc on

      I really like the wraparound vines on the box, gives it that solid, monolithic look.

    2. Missing avatar

      Karim Moussally on

      Any chance of a quick poll to see if maybe more people prefer the smaller seed tokens?

      I think there's real value to quickly being able to distinguish between the types of tokens, and different sizes can help with that.

      I tend to like it when components are differently sized for different purposes.

    3. Jeremy Rowland

      I know you already promised a stretch for larger seed tokens, but I think I'd actually prefer to keep them smaller. It keeps some visual variety going aesthetically and helps distinguish them from the other tokens from a practical standpoint.

      Also, have you considered having the tokens laser engraved rather than painted? It makes them less colorful of course, but it's a really classy and rustic look that I think goes well with Lagoon's theme.

    4. David Chott 2-time creator on

      The current size of the wooden seed tokens is 16mm, which is the same size as the 32 normal druid tokens. The 8 Eldrid tokens are 19mm, so upgrading the seed tokens to 19mm is actually better to help distinguish them from druid tokens.

    5. Jordan Farrell on

      Pffft no worries man, we're gonna hit 100k ;)

    6. Raging Robot

      Sounds great to me!! Thanks David!

    7. Bee on

      Amazing. I hope you had the weight of the packages in mind when adding all the wooden pieces.